Rotations: What I'm Excited For

Rotations: What I'm Excited For


i want poole and wiseman will take moody thrown in with steph because MM is the closest of all the young guys to be tossed into a real lineup and just do what he is expected to do IMO


I want Iguodala


They looked good together in limited minutes last year


Said it before but I'm hyped for an OPJ/Draymond frontcourt. Poole/Wiseman is also something I want to see more of.


I think JTA/Klay can be deadly. We saw how good the fake handoff was before and now we can do it with two separate pairs of players (assuming Klay is healthy.) I really like the chemistry Looney and Poole were building as well. Can't wait to see what Baby Curry will do this year. And I already see Moody as a far better corner shooter than Bazemore.


Prefer not to have Looney play much with Poole because he’s a horrible PnR partner for any player that isn’t the godlike entity Steph is. He offers zero rim pressure on the roll or verticality as a lob threat. If Wiseman can keep from hemorrhage points by the end of the season or at least outweigh his defensive woes with his offensive production play him primarily with Poole. He needs to learn to act as a DHO hub, dive man, pick-and-roll & pick-and-pop threat and maybe some short roll passing eventually.


> Prefer not to have Looney play much with Poole because he’s a horrible PnR partner for any player that isn’t the godlike entity Steph is. Is this true? Do you have a stat link for that? I'm not great with pulling stats myself so I don't know if there's a way to filter PnR numbers while excluding a certain player as the pick-man, but I have a hard time believing that someone in the [>92nd percentile](https://www.nba.com/stats/players/roll-man/?SeasonType=Regular%20Season&sort=PPP&dir=1) in PPP as the roller in PnRs is solely there because of the ball handler.


> Is this true? Do you have a stat link for that? Definitely more of an eye test thing. I spend way too much time looking at Poole’s clips on Synergy and the amount of times he would hit Looney, in stride, through extremely tight windows, only to end up with 3 pump-fakes and shot with no chance of dropping 2 feet from the basket were astounding. > but I have a hard time believing that someone in the >92nd percentile in PPP as the roller in PnRs is solely there because of the ball handler. A lot of his minutes are tethered to Steph and the amount of possessions he actually acts as the roll man is tiny - **0.3** a game. He sets a screen and gets a clean roll to the basket when Steph is on the floor due to the amount of attention he demands.


>Definitely more of an eye test thing. Not the perfect stat, but I just wanted to add this to the convo: [On Off Splits of a Steph/Poole/Wiggins/Draymond/Looney lineup](http://www.pbpstats.com/lineup-subunits/nba?LineupId=1626172-1629673-201939-203110-203952&TeamId=1610612744&Season=2020-21&SeasonType=Regular%2BSeason&SubUnitSize=2) Looney/Poole was a +4.45 Net Rating, which is pretty good but not amazing. A sample size of 380 minutes. ​ Side note, I noticed that Steph and Poole were at the top so I tested out Poole with other players. That led to me testing JTA's splits. [JTA's on off numbers are SHOCKINGLY fantastic.](http://www.pbpstats.com/lineup-subunits/nba?LineupId=1627814-1629308-201939-203110-203952&TeamId=1610612744&Season=2020-21&SeasonType=Regular%2BSeason&SubUnitSize=2) JTA/Steph is still notably below Steph/Poole but JTA's net ratings are consistently high. Little things.


Steph/Klay/Wiggins (if available)/OPJ/Bjelicia A 5 out shooting line-up. I run this on 2K all the time, complete 3-Point cheese.


shooters shoot lineup: Steph/Poole/Klay/OPJ/Belly


This is a classic D’Antoni lineup lol


I also like this line up


I would love to see a Poole, Moody, Kuminga, Wiseman group together for an extended period of time


Wouldn't it be great if those 4 become a solid squad, and then you mix in Steph/Klay in limited minutes as they wind down their careers...


That's what I'm hoping for. I think Poole can run point and we can fit JTA at the 3


Wiseman needs to come out with a vengeance. This dude is a stud and just needs that swagger. If he’s on kill mode he’s unstoppable, no question


Poole, Moody, JTA, Kuminga, Wiseman when the Warriors starters slap the Kings and are up 30 after 3 quarters.


The Draymond / Bjelica front line combo, assuming we see that. A Death Lineup with Iggy. Maybe Steph / Klay / Poole / Iggy / Dray. A lineup featuring Wiggins at home games or no lineup anywhere with Wiggins in a Warriors uniform. Preferably the latter. Any lineup, ANY lineup, ANY LINEUP, just **ANY FUCKING LINEUP** with a fully healthy Klay Thompson. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.


So you.. want Wiggins off the team? Who do you think we'll get in return?


If the other team isn't turned off by his recent behavior, his market value is roughly his on-court value (\~$20 million) minus the premium above that he must be paid (\~$10 million). So, all other things being equal, a mid-career player who is paid $10 million and is worth that. Or we get a better than $10 million player, but who also has an inflated contract. Or we throw in more and get more, but an fairly-paid $10 million player is what he's worth on the court. That's the best we can expect. The worst is nothing, meaning we just waive him, and if that's the best we can do, that's what we should do. I consider him toxic at this point, and as we've seen many times in many team sports, even a STAR isn't worth it if he's toxic. And Wiggs certainly isn't a star.


The best players worth ~10 million not on a rookie contract are like, jusuf nurkic and Reggie Jackson. Both players not worth Wiggins. Also, that approach to Wiggins's value seems very strange. Imagine a general manager waived a 20 ppg scorer on good efficiency and good defense lmfao. The fanbase would riot. Your suggestions are ridiculous. He's also had one instance of toxicity during his entire 2 year tenure here. He plays every game, has no issues with being a third option as a first overall pick, and delayed his child's birth to play a regular season game for us. He's an idiot, yes, but he's a warrior.


This is why, before the current drama, I indicated that we should KEEP Wiggins. His bloated contract decreases his value in a trade, but because we are over the salary cap even if we unloaded his salary, losing him wouldn't let us put even his actual value on the court via other players, let along the full value of his contract. But in a trade, the other team WILL look not only at his on-court value, but at what they have to PAY for him, and that DOES decrease his value. Moot point now, since Wiggins seems to have come to what passes for his senses. But I'd trade an unvaccinated Wiggins for Nurkic in a heartbeat.


True that


While Klay is out I’m curious to see what a combo of Steph / Draymond / Andre / Poole / JTA can do


I like this but swap Toscano with Kuminga this line up will be a force to reckon with


Agreed, I feel like JTA and Draymond play the same role, tough to play them together


Klay + 4 players. I miss my Ganja God.


Poole, Klay, Iggy, JTA, Wiseman is the 2Q lineup I’m interested in seeing. Might start the season seeing Wiggins in the Klay role though.


Replace Toscano with Bjelica or OPJ this will be a solid 2nd stringers


We’ll see what happens, I’d love for the other forwards on the team to be better than JTA, and Iggy for that matter, but it’s a lot yet to be seen on that. I think Porter is going to be used more with the starters (if he’s legit). Probably sub in for Wiggins halfway through the first and the third and used as a small ball 4 in the fourth. Klay, Wiggins, Wiseman, and Poole will more than likely be the offensive punch in that 2nd quarter, 4th quarter bench lineup. Putting some facilitator/utility guys in their with them will probably work better than another scorer in my opinion. We’ll see.


I want to see Draymond and Curry on the floor with Moody and Kuminga.


Poole and Wiseman/Kuminga PnR


If Wiseman can play serviceable D he unlocks a lot. The guy can dunk off vert from the dotted line/outside they key with two hands. That’s video games ish!


We got depth!