I love our ownership BUT we can’t pretend like Lacob’s kid picking Smiley isn’t impacting our roster.

I love our ownership BUT we can’t pretend like Lacob’s kid picking Smiley isn’t impacting our roster.


I think people might be putting a little too much emphasis on the 14th man when less than 11 guys usually get minutes lol


I do agree though I am still a bit sad of his progress. If report is true on GSW want to make him into Davis Bertans then it is really bad. The guy isnt a sharpshooter. What we know is he does have a good touch so raising his 3p% to 35-37 wont be too unexpected. We saw he is really smooth at handling and dribbling the ball for a 6-11 guy. If he pulls down the rebound, he can be a 1 man transition offense. Hopefully he will get all the g-league mins he needs this year. I want him to hit 33% from 3 in G-league(he has been average 29%) and get a lot better at help D.


I think you guys underestimating this covid season. Every roster spot we have is valuable. And wasting that spot on a project whom we can just give a 2way and stash in gleague is sus. Wasting 2 picks for him ain't worth it too, by the looks of it. He's way too green and needs 3 more years to develop.


The back of the bench matters more than ever in a COVID season. There's a reason the NBA just upped the number of active players for a game from 13 to 15.


We’ve become spoiled if we think that doesn’t matter. Every guy is gonna need to contribute and with Covid it’s likely everyone gets minutes. Downvote me all you want cowards, history will absolve me.


>Downvote me all you want cowards, history will absolve me. lol


It really doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with being spoiled no team is going 17 deep. We are definitely keeping Mulder, which is what matters most.


Dude the year hasn’t started and we lost two players to Covid. Look at the NFL this year. Zero chance any team DOESN’T go 17 deep tbh.


Ok? And expecting all 17 players to be quality rotational players is unrealistic. JTA is not good either. Maybe a bit better than smiley but not enough for me to lose sleep over it. Also you realize that players with COVID will eventually come back. The league would sooner shut down for the season before we run out of decent players


That’s not the question tho, the question should we waste a roster spot on a project that’s way less far along than JTA or Mulder and is totally safe in the G league?


We probably shouldn’t but we most likely will, and that’s ok. As long as we keep Mulder I don’t care what happens to the other two.


Joe Lacob isn't afraid to cut his losses so I don't think this is the case. You don't get to where he is today without being pretty ruthless. The man clearly wants to win and wants everyone to know about it- he bragged about doing unspeakable things to the Larry O'Brien, he's ponying up 140+ mil this year in luxury tax, you think he's gonna let his son's pet project get in the way of that? More importantly, Bob is the GM at the end of the day, so all decisions, including the one we traded up to get him, run through him. If Smiley is getting positive reviews within the organization, it's not just from Kirk Lacob.


I just want Mulder.. give me more Mulder!!


the 14th and 15th spots on the roster are entirely about potential. under normal circumstances, you can only have 13 guys on the roster for a given game. those last two spots are providing no nba production whatsoever. just from an objective standpoint, smiley had the highest upside of all the youngsters when the FO locked in those contracts and he likely still does. there are very few players with his skills at that size.


If the NBA is anything like the NFL you're going to have a lot of players miss a lot of games this season due to catching Covid or being in proximity to someone who has. The deep roster spots are more critical this season than they are in a normal year.


we locked in smiley, poole, paschal, chriss and d.lee to multiyear contracts before covid happened. the moves made perfect sense at the time and will continue if things go back to normal in the near future. the FO is trying to achieve **sustainable success** with the roster moves we've made in the last 2 off-seasons. leveraging the future on a season that is incredibly uncertain either way is a bad investment. smiley is barely 20 and has a lot of offensive skills that bigs typically don't. he is an asset, whether people want to admit it or not. he could be a starter for us in 3 or 4 seasons or might be a trade piece that lands us a lottery pick or rotation player at some point. it is much more likely that we will get some future value out of him in some way than it is likely that he is costing us production that we would otherwise get by having a "rotation ready" player in the 15th seat. there's already 9 other guys on the bench that are ready to fill a role when someone goes down to injury, load management, or covid. ask yourself, "who is **currently** the 2nd least valuable player on the roster, after smiley?" then ask yourself, "is that player going to determine the outcome of our season?" you need to realize that, no matter who we could or would replace smiley with, that 15th spot will never generate more production than what we get out of the 14th spot because the 14th guy would be the new 15th if the replacement was better than the 14th man. also, every team, including contending teams, needs development projects at the back of the bench to soak up low leverage minutes at the end of games or in blowouts. playing your star players during low leverage minutes could cost a team that is expected to win a championship their entire season if their star gets hurt while playing during meaningless minutes.


91 day old accounts starting shit new threads. This will be a long season.


I wish I had this sort of basketball analysis skill. Ordinarily it takes me more than 11 minutes of a single pre-season game to judge a player to the point of being ready to cut him.


And honestly those 11 minutes looked worse than they really were. Missing that dunk looks really bad, but he was still playing pretty hard defense, got a block and a steal, got himself in position for two easy layups. He was attempting 3s as well which is something we really want to start seeing out of him. He got blocked pretty hard and missed a dunk pretty bad, he also just kinda looks awkward when he plays, I dunno if those are reason enough to cut him.


I would never argue that he's ready to be a primary rotation player yet, but that's not the question. We don't need 17 primary rotation players, we need some fraction of the squad to be developmental future talent. What fraction that should be is a matter of judgment, but IMO 2 roster slots + 2 TWCs is about right for a team in the Dubs' position. If there are 4 better DEVELOPMENT candidates available to us, then Smiley should go, but him not being good enough to play big regular-season minutes right now is not a reason to cut him.


I don't know that I'd cut him but a lot happened good and bad during his 11 minutes that was hard to ignore. The bad reaffirmed what he's shown the last two seasons.


wtf there are people who don’t like smiley


He’s not good.


he doesnt do anything well at all and has shown flashes of being a decent stretch 5 and thats it. How many 6'10 unathletic centers with no glaring skill end up being good? I really dont know why people think hes good


>with no glaring skill I mean, this is one of those "no good toupee" kinda things because as soon as someone ends up being good people can point out skills they have. But that doesn't mean those skills were super obvious from the get go. For instance, Brook Lopez is considered a great shooting center for shooting ~34% on ~5 attempts per game. That's about what Smiley has been putting up in the g league. If Smiley ends up good, it'll probably be because he translates that into the NBA, and people will point to that as a skill of his. If he can improve his defense and hit open 3s he'll be an asset for us, and I don't think it's super outlandish to think he'll get there.


Yup exactly. It’s not the warriors job to get this guy to at least league level. He needs to develop his game overseas or in the G League for another 2 years and then make his way back to the dubs possibly. Our championship window with Steph/Klay/Draymond is very short


I've listened to ~~Kirk~~ Kent Lacob on a couple of Warriors podcasts; he tries hard to sound like a talent evaluator but I don't buy it. His dad hasn't made many mistakes but he *did* make one: letting Jerry West go and putting his son & Myers in charge of the draft. We just haven't drafted good players; even the guys who eventually became serviceable back-ups, we let go (Boucher, McCaw). *p.s. not sure why you got down-voted*.... 🤷‍♂️ *e: correction*


> We just haven't drafted good players; even the guys who eventually became serviceable back-ups, we let go (Boucher, McCaw). Don't forget Kendrick Nunn and Danuel House.


Kent Lacob picked Smiley. Not Kirk.