[Anthony Slater] LaMelo Ball said he doesn't agree with his father that the Warriors aren't the right fit for him at #2: "My old man, he's his own man. He has his opinions, I have mine. Like I said, I feel like I can play on any team. Anywhere's a great fit."

[Anthony Slater] LaMelo Ball said he doesn't agree with his father that the Warriors aren't the right fit for him at #2: "My old man, he's his own man. He has his opinions, I have mine. Like I said, I feel like I can play on any team. Anywhere's a great fit."


I hope he enjoys his time literally anywhere besides SF.


The name "Lamelo Ball" is just clickbait for writers, and this sub bites every time, hook, line, and sinker.


He’s also considered a top 3 pick in the draft and the warriors have pick #2...


you don't say


I mean, you can check just about every comment in this thread on what people think of him as a prospect.


And you can check just about every “professional” draft site and see what they think of him as a prospect. Either way it only matters what Bob thinks. But I don’t see a lamelo article and think click bait. This is typical with big names in any draft. See last year with Zion and Ja. Etc.


Should’ve drafted him


Golden State


Sure we can exile him from the entire state, too, if you prefer. I’m not picky.


We don’t need a pair of balls


I Would rather trade the pick but Lamelo would be tough on our squad. Also I feel like for some reason Livingston would like Lamelo.


According to several draftexperts and journalists around the team , thats exactly what Myers is going to try first : trade the pick.


Rumors of Myles turner being available intrigue me if we can make the money work


Myles Turner is not worth the #2 pick


In this draft?


Still not worth it. This draft isn’t great but the top 3 still has a much higher potential to succeed then Turner


I don't think anyone wr could realistically get with this pick (not Giannis/Embiid/Harden/Simmons) is worth giving it up


Don’t think so. Myles Turner is basically an average center and I don’t imagine him ever eclipsing that. Could wiseman or Edwards or whoever be worse? Absolutely. But there’s a chance they’re better and given this very random occurrence of a franchise attempting to compete for titles getting a top 3 pick, you have to go for it all imo


We would need to use the trade exception, which is worth slightly less than his yearly average salary. I think it could work with some NBA math including maybe Looney in the trade. It would legit mean every other player is a minimum besides the 5 starters, though.


This Heat team is really changing the conversation.


Can we get Jerami Grant


Dude is opting out of his current deal, he’s gonna get PAID


I don't want LaMelo and I'm on record as pro-Wiseman but I'll just be positive about LaMelo for once and play Devil's advocate. If we're being honest, all 3 of the Wiseman, Ball, Edwards trio are pretty raw. I don't see any of these guys cracking 15 minutes a night and the Warriors drafting any of these guys is a win-later move. If Myers is going for the homerun pick, LaMelo has the highest upside at 6'7" along with the ability to shoot 3's, pass, and dribble. His upside as a franchise point forward fits better with this team than a jump-shooting big man or a ball-dominant 1/2 guard behind Klay/Steph. That said, I hope the Warriors don't actually consider Ball at #2 lol


> ability to shoot 3's Where did you get that idea from?


Exactly. His reputation as a shooter is just that he shoots the ball, not that he makes them.






That's pretty much what I was implying - I didn't say he was a good or consistent shooter even though he's had some decent games.


I live in NZ and watched a few of Lamelos game live and in person. His court vision is definitely there but what shitty defender and shooter he is.


So like lonzo, but a worse defender




His user name checks out.


OP's username checks out.


> LaMelo has the highest upside at 6'7" along with the ability to shoot 3's I'm confident this sub has never actually watched lamelo play.


Bro - I was playing devil's advocate to start a discussion, I'm confident you didn't even read my comment. I also said he could shoot 3's but I didn't say he could shoot it well or consistently. If you actually watched his NBL games, you would know that he's had a few decent shooting games while displaying great vision and handles at his size. Again, I wouldn't draft him but for the sake of discussion, there are some positives in his games that would fit with the team


I think if they do take the pick it might be Deni. He can do the point fwd thing too but play better defense. Better chance to contribute right away. But not likely to be worth #2 money either.


Wiseman please...


Wiseman is the obvious pick. This is the stuff that happens before every draft.


Nothing obvious about that. I'll be shocked if the Warriors take Wiseman.


Agreed. Not obvious at all.


What do you think will happen if not Wiseman?


We go with the best wing, I believe in Looney and Chriss. FO might believe in them also


Imagine placing your future in the hands of a chronically injured role player and an inconsistent role player


Imagine thinking this when curry, klay, dray and Wiggins are still around


That has nothing to do with the gap in the 5 spot. Bogut was key to our run in 15 and 16, having a 7' wing was key 17-20. We need a 5 (or another stretch 3 if they exist haha). That's a joke, KD was and is a unicorn.


We need a veteran center. You're right. Wiseman isn't a veteran center. The last thing you want to do is give Wiseman the ball at the top of the key in the playoffs and ask him to make the right pass. That's simply not Wiseman's game. If we get Wiseman, then we still have to get a veteran center. This would mean one of Looney, Chriss, or Smiligic has to go. No matter who you cut, that's too many centers on the warriors who only use the position sparingly in the first place. As much as people say we need a center, we don't really; we have a much more critical need at ballhandler. Steph is the only ballhandler with guard level speed on the team, unless you think Draymond at 30 and his velo has guard speed. That's not going to cut it on an NBA playoff team in 2020. Multiple ball handlers is critical. If we don't trade down for a wing like Avdija, Ball is the best passer and best ball handler in the draft and he already has exceptional BBIQ. Giving him the bench offense, letting him use his lightning first step and ball handling to draw defenders and find guys like Wiggins and Klay for wide open shots. It's an easy plug and play running Ball as our bench ballhandler. Also, being around guys like Draymond, Steph, Klay, and Kerr is exactly what Ball needs to develop into the superstar he could be. He clearly has the highest ceiling in this draft.


I mean the two championship formats at the 5 were 1. Crafty Vet 2. Athletic rim-runner So either works. Franky I would rather have #2 as Bogut was a bad matchup deep in the playoffs a few different times, so much so we hardly played him at all. > If we get Wiseman, then we still have to get a veteran center. Flat out disagree. Chriss and Looney with Wiseman is good depth, if we don't draft Wiseman we'll still need someone at the 5. Looney is honestly a 4 not a 5, so not having a backup for Chriss is risky.


At #2 you pick best player, not best fit. Remember those teams that picked Ayton and Bagley when Doncic was on the board? Do you think they feel good about that choice? Plus Wiseman barely played in college and didn't look that great in the few games he did play.


You say that as if Bagley and Ayton weren’t viewed as elite level prospects on draft night. Hindsight makes any theory sound great. Maybe the Hornets should have kept Kobe instead of dealing him for Vlade Divac.


> At #2 you pick best player, not best fit. I fully agree. If Edwards is gone, that's Wiseman. > Remember those teams that picked Ayton and Bagley when Doncic was on the board? Do you think they feel good about that choice? Apples to oranges. Those teams needed a franchise player to rebuild around. We don't. We need a specific piece (high energy 5 who can set a meaty pick and rim run on a rookie deal). That's Wiseman today, and he can grow to be more ofc. > Plus Wiseman barely played in college and didn't look that great in the few games he did play. True and very much not true. He was a man amongst boys in all the games he played. Zion-esk (obviously not nearly as good, but that's what it reminded me of).


The future is not the C position How many big man in the leauge right now that could actually lead a team to champion as a 1st or 2nd option. Jokic, AD( if he somehow agree to play 5 full time). Kats, Embiid and Bam is 2nd option at best. Wiseman don’t have the passing and vision of either Bam and Jokic. His Postmove is not as polished as Embiid, he can’t shoot as good as Kats, and he is nowhere near AD coming out of college. So what is a chance for him to be a future of our team. I’m not saying they definetly not gonna draft him, I mean that if they draft him, they know sth that we don’t know now


>Imagine placing your future in the hands of a chronically injured role player and an inconsistent role player Imagine placing the future of your franchise in a Center. That's just not the game anymore.


Obviously, you don't watch basketball those two players are trashed. Take Wiseman




If they don't trade down they will take a wing or guard they like.


Ayton was the obvious pick over Luka




Agree he’s got bounce


They are 100% not picking Wiseman.


i mean if he was a decent defender then i wouldn't mind but i don't think we've really seen much defensive IQ from Lamelo


I'd be surprised if we even keep the pick. I'd be even more surprised if we took Ball. Ball is just saying this because he makes more money the higher he goes. When was the last time you heard any yet to be drafted player publicly say he didn't want to go to a team that could draft him. Plus, why wouldn't he want to go to GS. Zero pressure to be a savior. By all accounts, a first class organization in terms of supporting its players and treating them as well as anyone.


It's honestly pretty sad that fans can't just lay off Lamelo for his dad's antics. It's not either of the Ball bros fault that their dad is such an attention seeking ass. I don't even particularly like Lamelo as a prospect but there are guys that honestly don't want to draft him because of his dad. Does it make any sense to do that? Step into his shoes for a moment and think about how hard it would be for you as a teen in that same situation. Lamelo has had some attitude problems and w/e in high school but you can forgive that. It's common for people that age to have some attitude problems. Most people grow out of it to a certain extent. ~~By all accounts he has been a solid professional in NBL for the most parts and overall I haven't heard misgivings from anywhere about his attitude now.~~ If you don't like him actually scout his abilities and form an opinion on that. Stop inputting w/e his dad is doing onto him though. Edit: Nvm. He had to go out and say that he doesn't want to change his form. Nonsense.


Lavar isn’t even doing all of that right now. He made those Warriors statements months ago and before that he’s been chilling. A lot those wild statements were during when Lonzo was on Lakers.


> It's honestly pretty sad that fans can't just lay off Lamelo for his dad's antics. I agree, but he can't shoot or play D. Literally the only two things we need from our pick.




I find it funny that this is the exact reason why Vlade Divac didn’t want to pick Doncic


Lets not act like LaMelo and Luka are even in the same realm as far as prospects. If someone is really good sure you can deal with any extracurricular issues, otherwise it’s harder to swallow


Everyone’s straight up sleeping on denvi avdija. Wisemans played like 3 games, we have no intel.


I truly think Deni is the right guy for us. Positionally and in terms of a skill set.


Exactly. Everyone has flaws in this draft and I don’t get how Deni is still not considered despite his skills


He’s easily the best player for the warriors in this draft. He’s probably not worth a #2 pick, but trading down a few picks for Deni is my #1 option scenario. I’d be fine if they picked him at #2, but only if Lamelo went #1, as I see future superstar and current bench stud in Lamelo.


Definitely not, kid. Deni will be an ass nba player


Are you a step dad


chill w tht, kid


Wait im not trying rude or anything but I don't get why he's being downvoted


If we had a 4-5 pick sure, #2 has future all-star expectations.


Denvi do baby


Too bad we do agree with Lavar.


Please don’t draft this soon to be forgettable player. I do feel bad for these kids to have a father like that. Guys ego is out of control.


Do not want


I would take him. Who else has his upside? Trading down is a wash this draft doesn't have many organizations looking to trade up, the Timberwolves don't even want their pick supposedly and I have no reason to question that. I would much rather draft someone like Ball and have him under team control for the foreseeable future than trade the pick for a bum and a marginal rental player for a year.


Oh you *definitely* try to trade down first, but if you can't swing anything that makes sense? We do need a backup guard and he does have a high ceiling.


I’m somewhat unfamiliar with Balls total skills but what makes him a better backup guard than Poole? From what I know Ball is an awesome passer with a bad to decent shot and a bad defender with a low work ethic. Maybe the work ethic changes when he’s playing in the NBA vs Lithuania and Australia but what makes his ceiling so high? Again maybe that’s being way to harsh but I don’t understand why we wouldn’t go for a wing/big man over him.


You identified his cons. The pros go something like this: 1. Elite height at the position - 6'8" point guard 2. Elite passing and court vision - Can make every pass, full court baseball passes on the money, off the dribble passes, pocket passes, pnr, lobs. Maybe the best passer in a generation, or so some are saying. 3. Elite Offensive BBIQ - sees what will happen next, makes the defense react and the exposes them, over and over. 4. Elite handles - Can do it all with the ball in his hands. Endless dribble moves. Great in space, great in traffic.


1. Height matters mostly for getting a shot off, which he can't do well. 2. Sure but we have Steph and Dray as play makers, you take the ball out of their hands? 3. See #2 4. See #2 Unless we are convinced he can run our second unit and not have his growth stunted from lack of playing time, sure. But i've never see a rookie have a breakout season without getting enough playing time (usually means starting). And that would mean taking minutes and the ball away from Steph and Klay. I was ok with that KD, not for a rookie. No way. The next 2-3 years is their time. We draft and trade to enable them, not to replace them.


He will get tons of minutes, just with the bench unit. It’s honestly the best thing for his development. Also, come playoff time, the “bench unit” has starters. He will be able to come in for every single minute Steph is out, and be the primary ball handler. He is extremely fast and already the second best ball handler on the team. He has amazing skill using his exceptional jukes and lateral movement to get into the paint, then when he draws extra defenders, he makes exceptional high IQ passes in traffic. If he is playing in a lineup like: Lamelo, Klay, Wiggins, Paschal, and Chriss, he is going to rack up assists hitting Klay and Wiggins, and also some lobs to the bigs since no one will be guarding them.


> He will get tons of minutes, just with the bench unit. It’s honestly the best thing for his development. Spin, and not very good spin. Name the last rookie that was able to have a breakout year running a second unit? Young players need minutes. Play makers need the ball. This is Steph's team, again. That's not going to change.


> Name the last rookie that was able to have a breakout year running a second unit? Tyler fucking Herro. What a stud. Comes off the bench his rookie year and still develops well above expectation to the point where he is a critical player in crunch time playoff minutes. Sooooo, yeah.


He averaged 13/4/2 and wasn't even in the top 10 in voting for rookie of the year. I get that he had one really good game, but lets not go crazy. He'd be a great pickup because he's obviously special to drop 37 in the ECFs, but you cannot expect that from a bench rookie. That's why it was so amazing, it's never been done before.


You clearly haven’t seen Herro play. That’s fine, it’s not directly warriors related, but he is god damn stud and clearly a future all star. Just watch the kid play, it’s easy to see.


No one wants admit this but he’s the best fit for the team to. An elite passing guard/wing who can score a bunch when he gets hot.


Don't know why you're getting downvoted with no replies to refute what you're saying. Maybe the usage of the word 'elite'?


Because he's not starting over Steph or Klay and he's not going to develop as a player without serious minutes. KD took the ball out of Steph's hands, Lemelo doesn't.


Which rookie that we draft would start? Even wiseman wouldn’t start


I think he's the only guy that starts. He'd be put in the McGee role at first, a burst of energy in a large frame for short time periods. Hopefully he would evolve out of that limited role, but that's all we would need in the beginning.


Yes, he's not starting, but he can give 15-18 good minutes as the 6th or 7th guy. Warriors need another Livingston, and if LaMelo can be 75% of what Livingston did, then he's our guy.


Right, that's why you go for a vet over 30 who knows exactly what to do, like Livingston. A young guy needs to play to improve. Either we draft Wiseman with the idea of starting him, or we trade the pick for a vet who's the finished article. ps. Looney is a 4 not a 5. A Looney / Chriss rotation at the 5 isn't good enough.


But his passing is elite...


I doubt he will be able to score as easily in the NBA and he has terrible shot mechanics that won’t be corrected easily. On top of that he is seen as a poor defender. Drafting Ball is drafting a second string PG (at best) that you can’t pair with Draymond. So likely he splits his playing time with Poole because we can play him with more lineups.


I don’t think his scoring abilities mesh with what the warriors want from their (would be) 4th scoring option, Melo isn’t a lights out shooter and he scores with volume that he probably wouldn’t see. It’s the inefficiency that makes me think he doesn’t fit with the warriors more than anything


this one report is just a taste of the media circus that his attention whore dad will bring HELL NO


LaMelo, your old man is right. Sincerely, A Guy who values defense and would prefer threes launched from the Splash Brothers rather than a guy who shot 25% in the Australian league


We've been seeing threads like this for quite some time now, and their actually pretty fun to read simply because its cool to see what's everyone's opinion so far.   I wouldn't mind coming back to this thread a few years down the line to see where these players are now in the league.


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I'm just gonna put this out here, it pertains to the Sac Kings not drafting Luka because of the relationship Vlade Divac (Kings GM at the time) had with Luka's dad. **“Basically, he didn’t think a whole lot of Luka’s dad, and then the whole like father, like son — well, I don’t know, this is a different dude. You messed that one up, Vlade.”** *Tim MacMahon - Mavs Beat Reporter*


In the nba you rather have a player with one elite skill vs one that’s only decent at everything. LaMelo from day 1 will be an elite playmaker/passer. No ones worried about Lavar, he barely makes statements anymore. GSW needs to pick Wiseman, Edwards, or LaMelo and keep it pushing. Not “Let’s Trade to Pick #9 and get a fringe player/rental in return.” For some reason people in the sub think a mid lottery pick will have more of an immediate impact vs Top 3. There’s a reason we know who the consensus top 3 are lmao. They are the best, it’s really that simple.


>In the nba you rather have a player with one elite skill vs one that’s only decent at everything. People keep saying this but you have to put so many caveats on it that it's basically worthless as a general rule. Not all skills are equal in the nba. Offense is generally more valuable than defense. When you have one elite skill and everything else is bad you can also end up a bad player. See MKG. Lamelo has that problem. He's a fantastic passer and ball handler but everything else he does is below average. Then you have the flip side where there are versatile guys in the league who aren't particularly elite at anything generally. See Jimmy Butler who isn't particularly elite at anything. What Butler does is do a bunch of little things at a high enough level to be a backbone to the team. He's a good scorer but he's far below elite scorers. He's a good defender but he has clear limitations. He's a good passer but only in limited possessions. Hayward is another example. The rule I go by is that I generally want to look to see if prospects have the full package and can do multiple things at a high level. From there you look for what elite skills they have. But if they don't even have a basic package of skills I don't think that prospect is worth much at the time.


>Not all skills are equal in the nba. Offense is generally more valuable than defense. When you have one elite skill and everything else is bad you can also end up a bad player. See MKG. MKG has and had no elite skill. He is a good defender, but no more. If he was truly elite at defense (Draymond, Gobert level), he would not be considered a bad player.


MKG is an elite iso wing defender. >If he was truly elite at defense (Draymond, Gobert level), he would not be considered a bad player. Just further proving my point that not all skills are equal. Draymond/Gobert aren't necessarily elite one v. one defenders but the defense they play is more valuable. Draymond's elite help defense is more valuable than iso defense. Gobert's rim protection is more important than MKG's iso defense. For Ball, passing is one of the more important skills but when you're a guard you need to also pair it with scoring. There are meh guards on the offensive end that have elite passing like Rubio. Take away Rubio's defense and that's Ball right now. Elite passing just isn't that amazing by itself especially for guards.


Fair point, I just don’t see anyone in this draft that does everything at a high enough level/versatile enough for me to take over the Top 3. While with LaMelo, at least I know he is elite at Ball handling and Playmaking, with good size to go with it from day 1. I believe this team can then develop him to be decent in the other areas of him games. You can’t teach an elite skill, but you can make a player decent at least in other aspects of their game.


>Fair point, I just don’t see anyone in this draft that does everything at a high enough level/versatile enough for me to take over the Top 3. Disagree. I've been saying it all along but Deni is that guy. He should be in that convo for top 4 along with the other 3 dudes. If his FT% was ~70% he would be in convo for #1 because he has a bunch of high level skills. He wouldn't go #1 in the prior few drafts b/c he is lacking that clear elite skill taking him to the next level. >but you can make a player decent at least in other aspects of their game. This is not true. We see guys bust out of the league all the time because they couldn't get their other skills to a high enough level. Drafting is partly gambling. Guys with more high level, translatable skills go higher because there's less of a gamble. As those # of skills decrease they go lower and at some point you do just gamble on the elite skill they have and hope they develop the rest of their game. The problem with this draft is the lack of guys with a lot of high level skills + elite skills in the same package. So that means people are gambling far more than usual. Some go with the elite skill and others would rather go with more high level skills. Neither is necessarily right or wrong in this draft. Edit: typos


Um but his ft% aint 70%. Deni is not our guy and he won’t succeed in the NBA


Which is why he's not #1. And it is actually 70%+ in his recent stretch. >Deni is not our guy and he won’t succeed in the NBA Lol ok dude. You have some of the dumbest takes


Me telling you an ass israeli player wont be successful in the nba is a dumb take? Boy if you dont get that challah out ur mouth




Agreed. On it's face it makes no sense.


Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat beg to differ. Go read his scouting report out of college, it says exactly that he is good at everything but not exceptional at anything besides work ethic


In the modern NBA I'd rather have someone who can shoot


> LaMelo from day 1 will be an elite playmaker/passer. We need defense and shooting, Lemelo provides neither.


I do, I agree.


His dad is right though just probably for the wrong reasons Putting a point guard that can't finish around the rim outside of floaters and can't shoot but insists on shooting from deep on a team that is 80% guard play is asking for trouble. Not to mention he has to come off the bench and you never know how players with his profile will respond to that. He could turn out to be the best player in this draft 10 years from now, but he's just got too many red flags for a team that is already contending for a championship. He's worth the risks for a young team that's still coming up but not a team like ours.


LaMelo Ball's future potential is much lower with the warriors than almost any other team because of the two hall of fame starting guards penciled in on the depth chart. He probably wants to go somewhere he can get way more minutes and play a more important role but of course he's going to say he can play anywhere right before the draft.


Obviously we want Wiseman but who do we think Min is going to take? Lamelo?


Cept here playboy!


They're just stirring things up get ready to see a lot of these in the coming weeks lol


Here are the only two good conditions for taking LaMelo @ #2 1. LaMelo is okay with playing the backup PG and developing his J in his firsts few years 2. We actually don't need a 3&D wing or a laterally quick legit big man.


Here’s the video of LaMelo saying that. It was actually Slater who did ask him this question, so he definitely deserves full credit. https://youtu.be/7o4vyr3oxDs


Honest question. If the wolves pick lamelo, do we still go with Wiseman or do we consider Anthony Edwards?


My two cents after reading this. My last look at LaMelo was as a freshman playing with his older brothers. To me his skill set reminds me of Magic Johnson. Playmaker. Scorer but not a shooter. Minimizes effect of pick and roll on defense. High hoops IQ. Could be part of a Death Squad 2.0 with Loon, Dray, Wigg, and Pascall.


I'm starting to buy into him as a Tyler Herro that needs a little work on his shot. I don't think he needs to be some dead eye sharpshooter if we took him..just improve to the point of being able to generate his own looks and set others up.


I’ve accepted the downvotes, but I will say it again: I’ve been gunning for LaMelo this entire time. Dude plays solid D and is a lengthy wing. He already bools with bigs and seasoned players over in Australia. His shot is a wacky looking, sure (signature Ball move honestly), but I like how he shoots, cuts, and he has really good pass IQ like his brother Lonzo. We need someone with fire and drive to come off the bench if we want to win now. I can see him and Paschall really bringing energy in the second lineup.


Nah i agree with your dad Lamelo


I actually agree with Lavar Ball lmao


Very mature and smart of him to say that. But at the same time everyone knows GS doesn't want him and he doesn't want to play in GS loll


no thanks


Nice. ...I wouldn't go anywhere near that family


The Warriors shouldn't just pick the best prospect available. They have a limited time window where they can compete for championships. They should pick a player based off need and a player who can contribute immediately.


I hope we draft 35 year old Darko, 38 year old Kawame, or 31 year old Jonny Flynn before we even think about drafting LaMelo Ball. So much drama, so much baggage, so little effort of defense. An entire season of the press asking "is it time to start LaMelo?" any time Curry, Klay or Wiggins doesn't drop 20 doesn't sound fun to me. His dad at games without 30 dudes from Oakland sitting around him willing to tell him to shut the fuck up and that he's a dumbass is a nightmare.


Ur a dumbass warriors should’ve drafted him


Not on the Warriors. Please. We don't need the Kardashian crowd here ...


Say after me, I will not post any LaMelo content on this subreddit. I will downvote any LaMelo posts without prejudice. See, isn't that better?


lamelo would definitely take some of the pressure off of klay and steph. If Herro is a "walking bucket", so will this kid.


They’re completely different kind of players. Lamelo would be more similar to Rubio in his rookie season


Except he’s 6’8 and a better scorer


Better scorer than Rubio, probably. He’s absolutely nowhere close to Herro at the moment though


I agree but If lamelo was in last years draft he would have gotten picked ahead of herro


So? That doesn’t make him a better scorer


Better scorer that Rubio not herro


How is Lamelo a better scorer than Rubio?


Not current Rubio I’m talking rookie season Rubio


That's my bad. I missed what you were responding to. I don't honestly think there's a significant difference though even compared to rookie Rubio.