Favorite GSW team of all time

Favorite GSW team of all time


2017 Warriors, most dominant team we’ll probably ever see


True that team is like 1b for me because that's the GOAT team and the chemistry was the best during the KD era that season. The only reason it is 1b for me is that we knew that we would win every game if we showed up. In 2016, we didn't have an overwhelming talent advantage so we needed to bring max effort and execution. Just seeing them go all out for a season showed what the core of Steph, Klay, and Draymond are capable of.


I feel you man. 2016 was so much fun. Up until the ending... still hurts. But for me, 2017 was perfection. Everyone had a chip on their shoulder. Andre and Shaun were still in their prime. Javale went from laughingstock to a +/- God. DWest had his best year with us. The drama hadn’t started yet, it was a season long honeymoon vibe. The stakes were so high. Anything short of a championship would have resulted in humiliation. And they came out and did that shit without remorse. Super teams hardly ever come as advertised. Even in 2018, the cracks started to show. But 2017 was bliss.


Christmas game vs Cavs and the Memphis game where KD missed the last shot added some tension to that season


We Believe


Nowhere near unpopular. We were literally winning rings while people made reddit posts about how they missed when Steph scored 30 instead of 26, and saying KD ruined the fun style of play.


2017 easily. All star players were close to their best forms. RS 67 wins despite they did not give a fuck. Playoffs ended 16-1 and in the lost game, the refs helped the Cavs a lot. God level performance and dominance.


I don't blame the refs for the one loss during the 2017 Finals (sure, there were bad calls, but that's part of the game). Give credit where credit's due -- the Cavs had a historic shooting night. Below are some of the records that the Cavs set in that Game 4 loss. If that's what it takes to beat the 2017 Warriors just once, then I can live with that. * Most points in a quarter (Finals) - 49 * Most points in a half (Playoffs) - 86 * Most 3-pointers made in a game (Finals) - 24


2017 hands down. D west hitting Yan cutting to the hoop, KD domination, Iggy and Shaun savvy vets, McGee catching lobs running like a madman, Boguts return cameo appearance, Draymond shutting opposing teams down and Steph and Klay launching aerial assaults pounding teams into submission


2017 was honestly the greatest team of all time


2014-2015 Warriors for sure. Just because they kinda came outta nowhere (1st round loss to the Clipps a season prior) to get the 1st seed in the League and then win it all. A lot of critics say that the Warriors only won that year because the Cavs were hurt but I don’t see it that way. That Warriors team matured in the blink of an eye, clicked, and practically changed the way NBA basketball was played. Absolutely loved that team to bits.


2015-16 Warriors easily. Not as dominant as that 16-17 team (though I personally think they were just as good as the 17-18 team if not injured), but the most fun team for me by far.


2016 just barely edges out 2017.


Same for me honestly


On god last year early in the season I was thinking it would be my favorite lmao. Jerebko and McKinnie couldn’t miss from 3. Looney was looking spry. Steph and KD were playing their best ball ***together***. That shit crumbled quick.


2015-16, but 2016-17 is really close. I really want to say 2016-17, but the team really didn't click until after Christmas - the first few months of the season were kinda tough. You could feel the awkwardness with Steph and KD on the court together, and it really took a while for them to get that feel with each other. But that playoff run was unbelievable. That toaster run and the ensuing playoffs were true basketball perfection, honestly. Damn shame the refs cheated us out of 16-0.


We will never get a team like 2017 again in this generation at least. We only turned on the turbos in the 2nd half of regular season games and we still won 67 of them. Then going 15-0 and then 16-1, which is still the best postseason run of all time. Won't happen again due to Curry's god-level cheap contract and insane luck on that part, and the salary cap inflation which allowed us to get KD. Feel like the league took a year off to adjust to us having KD and yeah 2018 was when it got tight.


for me it's antawn jamison's rookie year because it's when i first committed to becoming a fan and they almost made the playoffs and i knew nothing better. Terry Cummings crushing the mavs in the post, our dominance over the #1 seeded brian-grant trailblazers, john starks beating the lakers. After that's it's probably the first championship season, david lee playing the alex smith role, then coming back in the finals to "teach" draymond how to defeat the celtics (roll hard off the screen, run the 3v4 option). Then the we-believe team


2012-13 was fun.


1) 15-16 until the playoffs, 2) 14-15




2018-19 was my favorite. I remember bragging to my classmates about the Warriors 3peating. First round Against LAC - I expected a sweep, we did blew a 31pt game 2 lead but who cares 2nd Round vs Houston - game 5 when KD got injured I thought were doomed to lose. But klay with the game sealing basket won it. Then game 6 curry was trash in the first half. Thought we would loss, then 33 2nd half points later... Conference Finals - well didn't expect Portland here. We're losing game 2 but came back. Then Portland lost back2back games (Also Blowing 15+ point leads). Game 2 and 4 was fun game. Thats it Finals - expected durant to comeback, then Yeah....


2014-15. As much as I enjoyed how we dominated in the years to follow, the 2014-15 Warriors just seemed to have the most fun playing the game and enjoying the ride.