TIL Americans allergies have been getting worse since the 1950's, When the USDA encouraged municipalities to plant pollen producing male trees instead of "the messy fruit and seed bearing" female trees.

TIL Americans allergies have been getting worse since the 1950's, When the USDA encouraged municipalities to plant pollen producing male trees instead of "the messy fruit and seed bearing" female trees.


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Or it’s the fucks that tell other fucks to do their bidding, so we don’t expect the original fucks. I call that “politics.”


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No, your misunderstand. They don't get to fuck, because the government turned it into a sausage fest.


You're sorely mistaken. Sausage fests have all the prerequisites for fuck. We are literally breathing in male tree jizz from all the fuckin going on in the air. That's right, same sex just spreadin their seed to each other.


Oh...we're all fucked, then.


Great, the government is turning the trees gay.


Oh there's still some serious fucking going on.


Also wouldn’t want to give free fruit to the public that’s some communism shit, make sure public plants are completely useless outside of looking good and providing oxygen


Free fruit would turn into a massive mess of rotten fruit and disease spreading rodents and be much worse than allergies, there's a reason other (more communister and betterer? ) countries also don't generally plant fruit trees along streets


I mean, you could absolutely manage that issue. And that would not be worse than the allergies. Falling fruit doesnt cause diseases. And no way is some fruit falling off trees a rotting back on the ground better than basically annihilating the noses and throats of people by increasing the pollen count exponentially. I dont have allergies but I've seen how it affects people who do. Fuck man have you ever been to an apple orchard? Where the fuck do you think the fruit on trees go when they fall?


An apple orchard is managed by full time professionals lol


Really brain sucks.!


Damned tree spooge!


>Parts of Cincinnati Now Smell Like Semen, Which Means the Bradford Pear Trees Have Bloomed This is too on point https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/blog/21151242/parts-of-cincinnati-now-smell-like-semen-which-means-the-bradford-pear-trees-have-bloomed


I imagine Cincinnati to be a place that always smells like semen


Its not the first time we've had spooge in our noses though is it. am I right?


Them cardboard underwear gonna get soggy and wear through.


Jokes on you....i keep them wet all the time anyways


Speak for yourself, loverboy!


I got tree spooge all over my face in my nose today watching fireworks. I could not stop sneezing.


Should've planted more pineapple.


Most trees don't have separate male and female individuals anyway. It was [this article](https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/botanical-sexism-cultivates-home-grown-allergies/) that started the whole brouhaha.


Yeah this is just some bull crap. Biggest contributor to allergies in many areas is not even a tree. It’s ragweed or giant ragweed and grasses.


Grasses get to me really bad. I always thought it cruel of my mother when she made me be the defacto lawnmower every summer growing up, especially since I was the only child with allergies.


I have grass allergy. So if I a goto any park or something like that, I need to take some Claritin before or after. In the case of an apocalypse, I would probably offer myself as tribute to our new alien overlords.


Just move to the desert.


Moving to the desert backfired for me. Turns out the there’s plants spreading pollen pretty much year-round, and the dry windy conditions make it much, much worse. I don’t get a break from “seasonal” allergies.


Sounds like you'd do great in tundra-like conditions, consider moving to Alaska?


Man, I'd choose living with perpetual allergies over living in Alaska.


Went to Alaska on my honeymoon. I'd absolutely love to live there. Definitely the most beautiful place I've ever been, and I grew up in Colorado.


Have you tried not being allergic to everything? /s


And if that doesn’t work just get a boat and anchor out in international waters


Plot twist, she was trying to get rid of you. "No officer, it wasn't me that killed em, it was the grass!"


I'm suddenly reminded of that terrible Markie Mark movie "The Happening"


"what? No!"


"Sure, lady. Blame it on the grass, the snow, the smack, and any other drugs you're hopped up on, but you're going to jail, regardless."


Got prick test for allergy testing. I immediately knew when they did grass...insanely itchy within 3 seconds.


Introducing Bermuda grass to EVERYWHERE has been great on my allergies....


I only got mosquitoes and cottonwood. When it looks like it's snowing during the not winter I'm shooting snot rockets and sneezing. Meanwhile mosquitoes can some times leave a golf ball sized lump. If they get my on my forehead where the skin is pretty taut it can even swell so bad it splits and cracks open.


I get this weird thing with mosquito bites where if I haven't had one in a long time, the bite turns into a giant red archipelago of swollen hogflesh. One time it looked exactly like the state of Hawaii, so that was cool. I use cedarwood oil to keep them off of me and it works wonders. Plus I get to smell like my grandmother's hope chest.


I also learned from that article that trees planted prior to the 70's, in the states were mostly "insect pollinating" trees, where trees planted after then were "wind pollinating". So thankful for that.


The trees in our area, however, are monoecious (mesquite, green ash, live oak, etc.) These are major allergy triggers for me, especially live oak. And I'm not alone in this. So it's not quite that simple.


Heyyy, fellow oak allergy sufferer here. When I had my allergy test done, the little wheal for oak got so inflamed that it ended up bigger than the one for straight histamine. Good times. I also apparently cross react with a ton of fruits and vegetables.


I don't seem to have that.


Well, some of them anyway. I guess it's either good or bad depending on whether you're allergic to pollen or bees! Some trees are self-pollinating as well. It's very interesting.


Even being allergic to bees, bees aren't aggressive.


Unfortunately my dog is allergic to bees, and she is an idiot. We have Benadryl on hand just in case, though. Last time her face swelled up and she looked like Alf.


Isn't that just the standard reaction to a dog being stung in the face?


Usually it's just around the sting. On allergic dogs, the whole face inflates like a balloon. Edit: examples: "Regular" dog: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogbees/comments/md8omw/somehow_i_was_the_only_one_in_my_house_who/ Allergic (probably) : https://www.reddit.com/r/dogbees/comments/iz9tb3/repeat_after_me_i_will_not_eat_bees/


We had to take her to the emergency vet. If an animal's face swells up quickly like that, it's a severe allergic reaction. It was all over, not just at the site of the sting. I've had allergic reactions to foods, not anaphylaxis or anything, but I get a symmetrical pattern of hives on my face. It's pretty weird, like concentric stripes around my mouth. That's what happened to her. Big ol' bumps all over. It was hideous. They told us to give her a Benadryl if it happened again, but they gave her an injection.


Could make the insect die-off problem more of a problem, though.


I'm sure the bees were happy too ...


Except for the female that smells like hot crusty ass, Gingko


Hoo boy, I found this in my inbox and didn't immediately realize what thread it was from until I got to the last word.


are you saying the article is a lie? because it lists off like half dozen or ten or so varieties of tree/shrub, that seem to be all the fucking popular plants people plant in yards, and on streets.


I have had the worst allergies of my life this season. It’s been a living hell after being indoors for a year


Same and my adult daughter’s


I've oddly had a really easy season. Maybe two or three rough days at the end of May, but that's about it.


Same for me, I’m usually a mess and have to take three different meds but so far Benadryl has been holding it down


Benadryl is great because you can’t suffer from allergies when you’re unconscious.


Thats their thing. Benadryl doesn’t really do anything for allergies! “Look, they’re sleeping! They clearly aren’t suffering from allergies!”


Hey it's been a big plus for me that the last two years we have had pretty bad drought conditions! ...^yay.


Same here! A few stuffy noses in the mornings, and 1 day of sneezing. A couple years back I had to avoid going outside as much as possible.


Same here but even indoors!!


I've actually started experiencing difficulty swallowing food, which can be allergy-related. Not food allergies, mind you, but pollen allergies.


Mine were horrible until I finally tried a different allergy pill. The type I was using previously apparently did nothing. New one is great


Zyrtec + flonase


Helminthic therapy works to eliminate allergies, along with a number of other autoimmune disorders. http://helminthictherapywiki.org/wiki/index.php/Helminthic_Therapy_Wiki




I always get it real bad when the pear trees flower


Similar in Japan post-war, Cedar and Cypress mostly. Worst part is all those trees are now full-sized and produce crazy amounts of pollen


I used to live in central Texas and would take 2x-4x regular dose of antihistamine to get Cedar allergic reaction under control otherwise constant crying and nose runny for about a month or so.


That's one kid's writing project, not a scientific paper. American's allergies have been getting worse ever since we developed the internet too, but I bet you don't think the internet causes allergies.


Did you read the article?


I skimmed it enough to see what it was which is the winner of a writing contest, not a scientific paper. The subtitle says >"Do you feel like your allergies are worse than those of your grandparents? It could be due to an overabundance of male trees in your environment." It could also be due to any number of other things. Personally I think it's due to overprotective parents that don't let their children play with animals and eat dirt.


Fuck those patriarchal trees!






With an added partridge?


Only if you're especially lucky!


Damn we can’t do anything right


TIL that there are male and female trees


It's crazy. Some of them have male and female individuals, some of them have male and female flowers on the same individual, and some of them have male and female parts in the same flower. Trees aren't uptight about that stuff.


Treebeard was very woke.


I only knew marijuana had male and female plants and you definitely don’t want the males anywhere near the females. You snuff them out as soon as the difference becomes apparent


Worsening allergies are more aligned with society’s ever-growing hypersanitization, the overuse of anti-bacterial cleaners where they aren’t needed, and overprescribing anti-biotics. For example, this is seen in second-generation immigrants, who have developed allergies and food sensitives that their immigrant parents never had.


Yup. Anthropologists will tell you that hunter-gatherer populations, studied when the world was far less populous, tend to not have "colicky babies", hayfever and other plant allergies, and so on. Allergies are an immune system response. Cosleeping, "wearing" of babies, and constant exposure to all the things in nature all contribute to immune system function. Sanitizing life, sticking your kid in a crib all day, and severely reduced skin to skin contact time all contribute to allergies.


We spend most of our lives in sterile boxes made of plastic, metal, and concrete and can't figure out why we're so unhealthy. I'm glad that we're starting to talk more about building cities *within* the natural environment instead of paving over it, but at the same time, it's mind-boggling that this is a revolutionary concept.




Yeah, I guess it's easier for me to say those things in retrospect. Being a human is a mess


Couldn’t agree more. I was born 1970. When I was growing up I rarely ever heard of food allergies. Now everyone has celiac disease and can’t handle glutens. Myself had the worst case of psoriasis and arthritis at the same time. I knew my allergies were likely food related, so I focused on improving my diet and taking herbs and supplements. I got over it and now I don’t get the sneezies like I used to in Spring.


Exactly. I grew up in the 80s and my cousin had allergies to red food dye (a big deal when you’re in the South and you can’t drink Kool-Aid) and to cats. We were always like, oh right, put the cat away because we got this weirdo kid with his allergies coming over. LOL


Care to share any references to support this assertion?


Okay. Basically, the idea falls under the umbrella of the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” Here are a couple things that explain it: * [Article](https://www.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSBRE93S0VP20130429) * [Article](https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2014/6/25/5837892/is-being-too-clean-making-us-sick) * [Article](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/12/health/immune-system-allergies.amp.html)


There might be a correlation, but I would be hard pressed to accept this as cause. There are not many trees with gendered individuals, most have both flowers on the same plant-- and most "domestic" trees are not split. There must be another cause, whether it has to do with the way kids are (or are not) exposed to things and/or we simply notice it more. And this also doesn't address other things like annuals, grasses, etc that grow wild and are major sources of pollens. edit: that said, the USDA has a \*lot\* of shit behind the curtain. they are not a nice cuddly teddy-bear agency in any sense of the word when it comes to environment or conservation.


Someone failed to think for 2 seconds and realize, if you don't plant any pollen producing trees, then no trees will make messy fruit and seeds n' shit.


Most large cities are planting native trees which are typically not fruit-bearing trees OP described . Fruit trees are generally poor performers for drought tolerance and maintenance


TIL we are being skeeted on by so, so many trees


When the pollen is visible in the air my wife usually makes some sort of “the trees are blowing their load” type comment.


*The Happening 2*


Correlation is not necessarily causation. I mean, it might be, but this was also at a time when we started fluoridating water; subsidizing corn, wheat, and milk; and expanding chain restaurants.


It is likely a variety of compounding factors. Fluoridation of water is not one of them, though.


But... The chain restaurants are?


Yes, and a well-known one. Highly processed foods are absolutely horrible for us. The latest studies show that, while meats have no negative effects, processed meats are hugely horrible. Sugars, which are put on EVERYTHING are hugely horrible.


And does that affect pollen allergies?


Processed foods destroy gut bacteria and increase every type of allergy. Having a high concentration of pollen shouldn't affect you.


> while meats have no negative effects Ehhhhh, that's a dubious claim. Most studies that show negative effects from processed meat also show [the same with unprocessed red meat.](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26780279/) The vast majority of what Americans eat is terrible for us.


I assume its about the quantity of automation and assembly line environment, teflon-doped plastics and rollers and materials to help large volumes of product move, slowly accumulating 'forever chemicals' in the bloodstreams of anyone exposed to the daily dusts generated from standard operating hustle and bustle. with fluoridation, I don't believe there are many paths to the dangerous flourine compounds that are easily achieved without already being exposed to a handful of other fairly dangerous conditions and substances which have nothing to do with the fluoridated water whatsoever which will have long killed you before generating let alone concentrating something nastier like hydrofluoric acid as a byproduct in some other circumstantial reaction. honestly I feel like this increase in allergies in the population is a completely human caused condition, rather than a physical pollution it is an emotional, a cognitive pollution created by our advertisements and manipulations of the perception of self in some kind of introspective inquisition way which hasn't been seen in our societies ever except in religions. A chronic psychosomatic immunological depression only solved by correcting the priorities in social interactivity.


Exactly. Being exposed to allergies triggers lessens the effect allergies have over time, if theres an increase we should be more tolerant to certain allergies. This is just an indication that our immune systems are going haywire due to something we haven't foreseen yet


They are contaminating our precious bodily fluids.


I must confess, you have an astonishingly good theory there, Doctor.


Children’s ice cream, Mandrake!


That's his point. Just because the timing roughly seems to match up doesn't mean they are related.


then swallow your toothpaste champ


Why is water fluoridation not one of them?


Actual dentist here who has researched the topic extensively. We’ve yet to find anything harmful attributed to fluoridated water, but we do know that the fluoride tends to accumulate in the pineal gland. And there ya go, that’s what we know. It’s entirely possible fluoridated water has some ill effects we know nothing about. But we know the benefits are huge for reducing cavities.


I knew it! It's that darned color television!




I’m this case the causation is pretty strong.


That and I really think that pollutants in our air have exacerbated the effects of pollen and our histamine responses to pollen.


After WW2 Japan was really pushed to start any industry it could to aid reconstruction, so we planted Cedar absolutely everywhere. As it turns out, exactly the the right sort to give the entire nation an allergy problem. We're now in a century-long plan to replace them all with low-pollen varieties.


This is what causes Oral Allergy Syndrome, which I have, which was not common until recently. I can’t eat any raw vegetables or fruits, essentially, or they’ll make my throat super itchy. It’s really dumb and I hate it.


It’s probably just Big Pharma trying to get you to buy more Claritin or something


Seeing how no one has really brought this up in detail, a good amount of the rise in allergies is because of dysbiosis, which is effectively a fancy way of saying you have “bad” bacteria colonizing your gut. Early infancy is a key period to immune development and bacteria play a major role by actually stimulating the immune system and developing tolerance. Effectively, within the first 100 days (some say a 1000) of life, an infant will be set on a trajectory to getting allergies and other diseases or not based on bacterial colonization. With the use of antibiotics and relatively sterile lives we are living in first world countries, the “good”bacteria is getting wiped out and allowing “bad” bacteria to become dominant. Mom’s also transfer their microbiome (gut bacteria) when giving birth and seeding the newborn with functional bacteria. But if the mom had antibiotics in the past or it was a c-section birth, then the newborn gets bacteria from the environment or skin contact, which isn’t optimal. So suffice to say, this TIL is not causative. Rather, with more potential allergens present, you’re more likely to experience allergies if you are allergic.


Oh look, a government agency screws us over again.




About half of Reddit posts are about the ineptitude of government agencies. The other half are called to expand the government.


Because the people complaining about government want to get rid of it. The solution is to improve government, not to go back to prehistory.


The “solution”. Do you have any evidence that your solution is possible?


Getting rid of it would be an improvement. At least put it on a diet. Too many want to expand it while ignoring that government has been the leading cause of problems.


Cheddar Explains: https://youtu.be/Fh758qVQPqg


This is just false. Only applies to ginko trees, which doesnt contribute to pollen allergies (although female trees produce smelly fruit that can cause allergic reaction on contact) and isn't even that popular compared to many other species. Very few trees have genders and many that do we actually prefer female (such as holly) because of their showy fruit.


If fruit bearing trees were planted where decorative, useless ones are, we wouldn't have hungry poor people.


We would also have a lot more disease spreading rats that eat the rotting fruit


You’ve never actually cared for a fruit tree if you believe that then.


Those poor people gonna have to do a lot of canning to get through the winter and spring. Unless there's potato trees.


Fair point. Better plant potatoes too


Some businessman: "If fruit bearing trees were planted where decorative, useless ones are, we won't have hungry poor people!"


TIL that fucking plants exist.




“We all fuck down here” - plants prolly


Government involvement always makes shit worse.


Shut the fuck up. You a tree expert? You telling me you wouldn’t have done the exact same to reduce mess? But this is just another chance to spout that same dumb ass “government ruins everything line” without having the self awareness to realize you’d do that same dumbass stuff if not worse. I tell you what… do some research to find out who the best, brightest, most qualified people are and vote for them or shut up. Or do what you and your ilk always do, make no changes and just continue to complain for the next 6 decades of your worthless ass life.


You obviously didn't read the article. The people who promoted it didn't know what they were talking about because the female trees would only produce seed and fruit if they were pollinated, basic stuff a real tree expert would know. So they weren't experts.


That’s the point I made. None of these people were tree experts…just like the clown above me in the comment chain. So to sit here and act like this dumbass random fact is proof of the ineffectiveness and ineptitude of government is dumb as shit.


"hurr durr gubbermint always knows best!! We always elect the smertest people, rite!?" My dude, government involvement outside of courts, national defense, and intrastate concertion, ALWAYS results in high cost, low efficiency, abuse for personal gain, and often times, huge mistakes that end in tragedy. Trusting your government to help you is like asking a grease fire to not destroy your kitchen......


As usual, *men*. ... Even in arboriculture I can't help but feel a little misan-tree.


and yet a large number of people are blaming this thing that has been happening for the last 70 years on 'being forced to wear masks for all of 2020'. Morons.


Is there anything we DIDNT fuck up completely?




Think they might find that cesarean births and lack of breast feeding which was encouraged during the middle of last century hasn’t helped allergies much either. The child missed a lot of the mothers antibodies using these methods.


My mom breastfed my sisters and me. I didn't have allergies until after I had my son, who is a walking histamine factory.


I would think pollen is worse? Except for the ginkgo. Female ginkgoes can die in a fire.


We have a massive problem with London Plane Trees in parts of Sydney, Australia. In England, their pollen producing period is around 3 months. In the Australian climate, it’s around 9 months. Each tree produce thousands of seeds that are formed in thousands of balls on each tree, each of which breaks down to release masses of golden fluff that is hugely irritating to the eyes, throat, nose and upper respiratory tract.


Males. *eye roll


Free food is bad


So all this stuff in my nose, and mouth, and eyes is just loads of tree jizz?


I've never had any sort of allergic reaction to anything ever is this normal?


Perfectly normal, I only developed hay fever a few years ago and before that I had no allergies whatsoever.


Correlated with and not the cause of. Hay fever used to be almost only of the well to do. Your immune system develops overtime to know what is good or bad. The hygiene hypothesis is that growing up in a clean environment has your immune system to think harmless things are harmful. Let your children play in dirt, eat food of the floor, and don't sanitize everything.


So they wanted more funding, and made it to where more medications will have to be approved. The government screwing us over the long run, nothing new.


Misogynistic botanists the whole lot of em.


All the fruit we could have had 😩


Big Claritin was clearly behind this.


Well that explains so much about my life…


I feel like I’m allergic to most pollen, and nothing seems to work. Except for: https://www.drugs.com/pseudoephedrine.html




Wonder what’s the reason for Canada


That may not actually be the cause. As recently as 20 years ago the medical advice for preventing allergies was to isolate children away from the allergen until they were older and their immune systems developed. That may actually have been the cause of more allergies. Current advice is to expose your child to allergens early and often because your immune system keys into what's "normal" at a pretty young age. Yes the immune system is weaker, but that's in part because it needs to learn what's good and what isn't.


Farmer lobbyists?


TIL - Trees have genders?


Don’t plant a female olive tree.


A few species do, but most bear both flowers on the same tree (if not the bud).


No fruit for the poors


USDA also encouraged planting kudzu in the south, so...


I’m sneezing because of tree sperm ?


Government at it again


but I thought having exposure to them earlier prevents allergies


Pollen is not the problem. The root is the food we consume, the medications, the chemicals in everything we encounter on daily basis. They don’t want to admit it.


Except… female trees will not bear fruit _if there are no male trees around to pollinate them._ The USDA literally made a brain-dead decision. Instead of having trees that could not bear fruit, because there was nothing nearby that could _possibly_ pollinate them, they instead chose trees that would spread their spooge all over the place.


Satan? I'm a big fan!


Sounds very America.


Imagine not being able to breathe because of plant cum


Can't have free food around


Also the slow malnutrition and toxic food introduced through processed foods that are destroying immune systems.


And the real reason, don't want to attract the homeless. Because America does it's best to make vagrancy illegal


And the homeless in colder climates could survive on fruit that is edible for 3 months of the year? I suppose they would preserve it with their endless resources and survive on that for the other 9 months. Seems like a balanced diet not lacking in protein or fat and many other essential macro and micro nutrients. Edit: forgot the /s