Calls to cancel NOC's Sylvia Chan grow after fresh allegations of workplace abuse surface

Calls to cancel NOC's Sylvia Chan grow after fresh allegations of workplace abuse surface


lol mothershit is trying to bait internet culture war crazies to defend the clique


Not a surprise, as controversy sells. Be it citizenry vs police force; vaccinated vs unvaccinated; gender equality vs feminism; incumbent vs opposition; SG vs Malaysia/Taiwan/USA, everything is fair game.


So who in Mothership has the thick fat kkj?


Username... checks out.


"Moreover, one set of the fresh allegations were published on a platform that is owned by The Smart Local (TSL), a fellow Singapore company that also produces lifestyle content and operates in the same industry as NOC." Feels like this statement has a lot of hidden meanings... what's the intent of emphasizing that they operate in the same industry as NOC? Doesn't Mothership produce lifestyle content as well?




Sylvia pimp one of her talent to Mothershit confirm


Hi 🙋‍♀️ Mothership! Yes, we want to know. What is going on?


maybe belmont also got get free blowjob hmm


Maybe Sylvia sign membership already.


I've been wondering why but this must be it!


I wouldn't read to much into it. MOthership has thrown shade at TSL quite a few times. This was another opportunity and they took it.


Hmm I would have thought that if they wanna take advantage of the situation and capture the market, they should do the coverage ASAP to gain traffic - instead of posting the article/post the next day, hours later. Seems kinda late knowing that they updates the covid figures timely at midnight.


Mothership's dick got sucked on hard by Sylvia


I don't see anything wrong with the statement tbh, it's always helpful to know what your sources are affiliated with (see also: people in this thread equating mothership with george yeo...). We can all agree here that TSL has everything to gain (people, partnerships, goodwill) from covering this saga extensively, heck they even put out a tongue-in-cheek recruitment post when the saga broke out.


Mothershit lol


damn she's not a clown. she's the entire circus


underdog sia this bitch, 1 person can go up against the entire MMTF




Suppachatto arigatou~ suppachatto dayo


Suppachatto time!




okay I did not expect to bump into Hololive on a thread about NOC


1st Prize: Yagoo


best girl ngl


The idea that people should not "cancel" NOC is bizarre. She is the CEO and by all accounts the majority shareholder. Continuing to support NOC is continuing to put money into her pocket. Why would she prevent herself from profiting from NOC if there is nothing forcing her to do so?


Agree on the cancelling point. “Cancel culture” is too broad a term when it gets applied to random no-name individuals and also figures in power. Imagine if people say navalny trying to cancel putin, and in the same breath say stomp trying to cancel the ns man sitting on reserved seat. What’s happening to Sylvia now goes way beyond cancel culture - it’s holding a CEO accountable for very serious allegations that could break the law.


^ this, I dont know why people is thinking that this is cancel culture?? "Why are you cancelling sylvia or why you all dragging her down.. or she has mental health issue etc etc" NO this is way beyond cancel culture BUT RATHER is to raise awareness and to be able to bring in authorities to spotlight this damning issue (SPF, ICA and MOM) NOC staff or talent can't do without media due to them being bounded by NDA or Lawyer letters??? I would say - think twice on supporting* news reporting media who decides on supporting/defending sylvia or is anyone standing by her cause the new allegation that come out is on another level. >im looking at you mothership


i agree. but maybe this is a cancel culture but on legal side. cancel culture is just basically a renamed "consequence".


Of course it's bizarre, because it has already happened. There is no way she comes out of this clean. The only way NOC survives this is if someone else buys over Silvia's shares and kicks her out of the company for good, and even then, it'll be a rough ride for the NOC brand.


I think is easier to start a completely new company. rn NOC as a brand is radioactive & toxic due to the brand being synonymous with sylvia. No sponsor would touch them. 100k~300k views Adsense cannot support their operations


But starting new channel = need to get back all the subs on youtube. Its gonna be difficult. I tink a rebranding with the correct staff would be a better option.


The logical thing to do is to sell her shares back to Ryan. She can keep some of it so that she can still get some profit, but she'll have no management position anymore. She'll just be a silent partner. It can only be Ryan taking over. UNLESS, she's really such a bitch that she rather just watch it all burn down along with her.


This is not cancelling for lame or unverifiable reasons. This is making a stand against the exploitative conditions that are too commonly found in local SMEs. This is making a stand against disgusting behaviour like pimping out your own talents. This is making a stand against the perversion of the Singapore passport by false declarations and nepotism.


I completely agree, I think this is one of the times I feel like "cancel culture", in whatever way you interpret it", is actually justified. That is not to say I approve of it generally but whatever she did here is just horrendous.


> Moreover, one set of the fresh allegations were published on a platform that is owned by The Smart Local (TSL), a fellow Singapore company that also produces lifestyle content and operates in the same industry as NOC. The lengths they went to avoid saying MustShareNews LOL




Mothership is the only online 'news' platform that consistently tried not to cover ANY of the NOC scandals. Not surprised if Saliva Chan has friends in Mothership (as alleged by many on this sub)


So apparent. They even got a lawyer to comment on anonymity in making these kinda statements. Well... unubscribing from them.


Garbage news site to another garbage content creator 🤝


Hmmm is that why tsl fauzi was very happy eating ‘cicken rice’ today?


Yeah, trying to discredit MSN’s reporting. Weird tho. NOC is just a government vendor, I’m curious as to why they are going to such length to protect NOC. We don’t quote George Yeo in every MS’s political piece, I don’t see why MS has to point out TSL.


Government mouthpieces need to help each other


TIL MustShareNews is part of TSL. I though it's one of the many trash sites like ASS


The amount on ads on it makes it look like a trashy site. They really need to figure this out.


Eat book, zula all under TSL also


Nah. This Mothership has a track record of throwing shade at TSL. This is them going out of their way to do so again. Lol


Maybe even Mothership has a toxic work culture too...


They do. Their glassdoor review shows it


Mothership has been very defensive of her for some reason… 🤷🏻‍♂️ Everything is cancel culture these days. Apparently you can just be a douche all your life and claim cancel culture when things go against you.


I agree that the stance Mothership has been taking to this NOC issue has been suspiciously pro-Sylvia, with framing the issue as something else (cancel culture), omitting screenshots like they usually do and throwing shade at TSL. And with this article being written by Belmont Lay himself, one of the founders of Mothership, instead of their other pool of writers, one can't help but wonder what kind of membership services they share with the likes of other reddish SG startup companies.


Just goes to show the standard of then reporting. But then again, who is crazy enough to take them seriously?


And they lump the PR issue under some vague “ Chan is accused of not being proper with financial matters involving Tan, as well as her own brother.” Nothing triggers Singapore netizens more than an unqualified foreigner trying to game their way in the immigration system


Im actually surprised this isn’t being raged at more. This is literally the meme about bringing in their whole kampong; she even put her brother on payroll without any work required just to do that.


they also trying to downplay number 8. likely an offence under womens charter section 146 (1A) Any person who knowingly solicits, receives or agrees to receive any gratification as an inducement or reward for providing any service, and who by providing that service does or will aid the prostitution of another person (being a woman or girl), shall be guilty of an offence. [https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/WC1961?ProvIds=P1XI-#pr146-](https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/WC1961?ProvIds=P1XI-#pr146-)


tbf this claim is just merely hearsay at this point and has 0 evidence backing it up. at least the others had videos and screenshots to back it up.


Time for ICA to kick that parasite out for good


Can’t. She’s already a PR


I mean the brother. Even if the brother is a PR if he was caught gaming the system by being a phantom employee they can still revoke it and send him back where he came from.


She’s already a citizen iirc


Well they can revoke her citizenship and make her stateless


Can sg rly do this?


I dont think the government will do that. Are there any cases of that happening before?


It’s not impossible though.. [This](http://str.sg/oSAx) [Another one](https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/citizenship-can-be-revoked-even-if-person-not-prosecuted-or-convict-lawyers-say)


Singaporean liao


What is she? Malaysian?


she is ex- Malaysian as she already got her Singaporean citizenship. She is alleged to be helping her brother to get PR




Birds of the same flock together. Mothershit la


>f~~lo~~ck u


Maybe NOC was mothership biggest stakeholder


it would be hilarious if this incident causes Mothershit to destroy their own repuation among the zoomers


Isn’t mothership more of a millennial thing anyway.


i reckon most millennials are aware of mainstream media's pattern hence mothership is gahmen's attempt at *nation building* with the zoomers


And yesterday someone was asking why go to MSN instead of mothership for the whistleblow report LOL. Sylvia has connections up to ministers already given she is on a council for youths also. That’s why this shit was buried so long also, but to these boomers it’s like oh cancel culture la…


Unless she has something that holds ministers by their balls, they will probably drop her like a hot potato like she never existed. Which begs the question why 160 media is so hellbent on whitewashing her


Ministers couldn't care less about her because they got bigger fish to fry. All the campaigns she does with Ministers is just to angkat a bit since she knows citizenship is only a matter of time for her.


prolly suck the dick also lah


It was buried because no one went public with the accusations before? The moment someone did, it totally blew up, and deservedly so.


Yes it was buried for years and even with last week's expose, Sylvia continued to try to bury the issue and people were still providing excuses for her. It was only until the whistleblowing yesterday that it really changed. Sylvia's actions continued on for so long because of the power she held over the staff due to her industry connections & connections to people in the ministry. These actions didn't happen overnight. It was years of continuous toxic behavior and abuse of power from her that was continuously buried due to fear of the way she can retaliate to the staff that could jeopardize their livelihood & career.


> MSN m..microsoft network?




that is what MSN stands for? I never knew lol


TIL…. MSN stands for Microsoft Network. Never once I thought what it abbreviates for despite using it everyday during secondary school days lol


MSM... not Microsoft Network...


MSN = must share news lol


MSN is short for mustsharenews. update leh, MSN out of date for a decade already.


>MSN [https://www.msn.com/en-sg/](https://www.msn.com/en-sg/) oh my, but it still exists!


They have to use words carefully. If somehow there was a defamation lawsuit, Mothership choice of words can be used as evidence against them.


Someone in reddit here got say she is good friends with Mothership. When the samantha thing broke out they were perhaps the last to report or didnt even report. They only reported the apology


Most likely paid to do some PR/damage control. Sponsored post or something.


That’s why they’re mothershit.m


I guess George Yeo is not only a 'close friend' of an accused but exonerated pedophile, but possibly a NOC diehard supporter as well ?


I know you 'I guess' but this is very very libelous statement hor.


that he's an NOC supporter ? or he's a ['close friend'](https://sg.news.yahoo.com/former-minister-george-yeo-defends-025152103.html) of an accused BUT EXONERATED pedophile


One of those *reddit moments* when I truly can't tell if something is sarcasm or not.


I'm pretty sure *this moment* applies to each and every happenings now.


Also very vocal about his panda hugging tendencies


I don't agree with cancel culture but if she has broken any laws then by all means prosecute her.


i actually think that by reporting in this way mothership gives the news a lot of credibility, esp to older millennials and boomers. They literally listed all the allegations towards her. And it essentially ended with a reminder to go unsubscribe from NOC. That's more than enough I think haha.


Are you from mothership


agree with you the rabid redditards in this sub claim mothership is a tabloid and trash site, then cry foul when mothership doesn’t go down the tabloid route when reporting on this incident lmao r/sg never change


When the media scene in SG is so tightly controlled that the masses want a MSM outlet to put on multiple hats at once... One can totally trash mothership for their questionable editorial decisions and story-mining but also recognise its value esp compared to the broadsheets here... When mothership managed to make the MMTF's directives clear and for once discernible with their own in-house team, gotta give credit where it is due.


not sure how you arrived at the conclusion in your first para


I’m not the only one with this conclusion.


At this point, Beyond the Label is looking worse and worse given that they are keeping quiet about this whole saga. I mean you can share all the mental health tips you want but when shit hits the fan, don't want to do the right thing and dig a deeper hole for themselves Please stop supporting them. Also Sylvia is crazy


If the allegations are true, I'm not sure how noc can survive since she's the majority stakeholder (considering the misappropriation of funds bit) Unless there's a buyback? But even then it'll be more trouble than it's worth. Worst case scenario for noc is that she sells off her share and retires early? Just thinking out loud.


Yeah, NOC is worthless to Sylvia now. She should sell the shares and cash out. Either to someone else or back to Ryan.


Didn't she sell office liao? Abandoning the sinking ship liao


Not yet ba. The listing already removed


Or bought, haha. Maybe new owner wants to keep it on the down low


Fuck off lah, this is not cancel culture, this is a legitimately errant employer and there are consequences for making people beyond hours stipulated in the employment act


blaming it on cancel culture is a way for celebrities/influencers to deflect and absolve themselves of the responsibilities of their actions and shift it onto the outcry of people and to make people think holding them accountable is wrong and pushing it too far. stop falling for it whenever people like Xiaxue and Sylvia or the mainstream media cry this because it's just their way of absolving themselves from responsibility and blaming it on the internet/mob culture. they just don't want to take any responsibility and accountability for their own actions and want other people to be like 'oh no this cancel culture is too much... she's wrong but ppl take it too far' and lessen the blame. STOP FALLING FOR IT.


MustShareNews article is better than mothershit sg


The thing is, when the saga first started, it really wasn’t that big of a deal imo. If she had shown real remorse and sincerely apologised then, things wouldn’t have blown up to the current stage. It’s how she subsequently handled the situation with the threatening first response to the 2nd response of fake apology laced with lies that left her employees with no choice but to show hand. She really brought all of these upon herself.


It seems like her apology + letter circulated internally on 11 Oct to silence the staff that really pushed them over the edge. Cover backside backfired instead.


Mothershit posted in their FB side that this was released in a ‘coordinated manner’ who tf is Sylvia fucking to paint her as a victim in one of SG’s top news/lifestyle website.


Hm but it was really released in a coordinated manner wasn't it? That's a fact. That doesn't invalidate the allegations that were made.


It does not because you knew about the content beforehand. But to the average person reading the article title, it pretty much reads as an "coordinated attack" on her. We all know that the coordination was done in order to put more weight in their statements and they banded together to support one another. But people not privy to this would not know.


That's a good point, agreed!


Who's cock in Mothership was served? And who else from the youth panel got served?


dont think NOC can even make a comeback at this point. which sponsor still willing to do with NOC even if sc leaves? the brand is so up to its neck in shit


Genuinely surprised that Mothership did not have the term 'immigration fraud' in their whole article. Feels like this could be the one concrete case whereby she can be charged


> # Calls to cancel NOC's Sylvia Chan grow after fresh allegations of workplace abuse surface > What is going on? > In what appears to be a collective effort at a coordinated exposé on Oct. 19, 2021, a group of current and former employees of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) came together to put up an elaborate document with receipts and gave interviews to media platform Must Share News calling out their video production company's co-founder Sylvia Chan for behaving poorly towards subordinates and partners over the years. > Furthermore, a blog, set up by current and former employees of NOC, levels a fresh set of allegations at Chan as well, some of them unethical and others illegal. > How to read the allegations as a member of the public? > The allegations were made six days after Chan apologised with her only public statement in response to an initial batch of accusations. > The new allegations appears to be a calculated move given how the public has assumed Chan's apology would be the last they would hear of this topic. > Moreover, one set of the fresh allegations were published on a platform that is owned by The Smart Local (TSL), a fellow Singapore company that also produces lifestyle content and operates in the same industry as NOC. > Those who came forward to spill the beans now claim collectively they have resorted to airing dirty laundry in public as a last resort, having exhausted all other avenues at reaching out to Chan to better the situation. > How damaging are the fresh allegations? > The most damaging accusations came in the form of a blog post with screen shots of text conversations Chan allegedly had with multiple people at different points in time, and also included screen recordings of her reactions during internal company meetings called to iron out disagreements and address welfare issues. > The blog post appear to provide the most damaging content as some of it accused Chan of infidelity, sexually exploiting her female talents, as well as criminal conduct pertaining to her fiduciary duties. > A lot of the content appears to be highly problematic as even reproducing them in whole or part in a news report in a good faith may inadvertently attract legal action or a Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) order. > However, the highlight of the screen shots of text messages did reveal a pattern to Chan's speech, if indeed they were her responses, in terms of her tone and substance in conversations. > She can be read as someone who appears to be often dismissive of others, and condescending, but ultimately, what she says is revelatory, as the texts are her non-public-facing personal takes on people and situations. > Here is a laundry list of accusations levelled against Chan: > 1. Chan is accused of gaslighting a team of employees into thinking that one of them had complained about her ex-husband, Tan, of being incompetent. > 2. Chan is accused of infidelity in January 2020, which was a few months before her official divorce with NOC co-founder Ryan Tan in March that same year. > 3. Chan is accused of not taking an internal survey on sexual harassment seriously following the Dee Kosh incident, despite demanding her own staff to be serious. > 4. Chan is accused of making personal attacks on employees in texts. > 5. Chan is accused of fat-shaming another influencer, who has since publicly responded by asking Chan to "go eat s***". > 6. Chan is accused of not being proper with financial matters involving Tan, as well as her own brother. > 7. Chan is accused of using NOC's resources for her own venture into the food industry without the knowledge of some in the company. > 8. Chan is accused of exploiting her female talents for business dealings that benefit her. > Calls to cancel Chan grow > In the wake of the new allegations, calls to cancel Chan have grown louder from members of the public. > One of the videos uploaded on Oct. 19 was watched more than 83,000 in five hours and attracted more than 150 comments. > Some of the comments in favour of removing Chan from her current role, where she supposedly holds a 51 per cent controlling stake in the company, said: > "I been following noc for the very start, it's very sad to see it how it was now, for slyvia I feel she is in depression where she should be stepping down and let Ryan run. > Time to unsubscribe from NOC! > Welp, time to start my own social media company and save all the talents including Ryan > Cancel her thanks. She doesn't deserve whatever she have now. Feelsbad for Ryan." > However, there are also those who were more nuanced in their take as they pointed out that there is a need to separate Chan from NOC: > "and this is why i am against cancelling NOC. Have you noticed that most people are jumping on the bandwagon when pages are promoting unsubscribing from the channel? Why is there a need to cancel a company whenever a wrong is done? Mind you, by cancelling and promoting cancelling NOC, you’re affecting the livelihoods of everyone else working in the company. STOP CANCEL CULTURE." > What do the current and former employees of NOC want out of this? > In the blog post that was put up, the whistleblowers stated a few outcomes they were gunning for. > The post in its introduction said their intention is not to bring NOC down, but to stop the staff mistreatment and for Chan to acknowledge her actions. > It read: > The employees (both past and present) have put their blood, sweat, and tears into NOC and it is not our intention to bring it down. If anything, all we do want is for Sylvia to be accountable for her misdeeds and mistreatment. > By the end of the post though, the demands became clearer. > The current employees hope to have Chan replaced, and for those who are planning on leaving NOC to exit the company without any conditions or consequences. > It read: > Through the years, we understand that Sylvia is no longer morally competent to carry NOC to greater heights with the welfare of its people in her mind. If NOC chooses to carry on developing within the Singapore digital media landscape, a more appropriate CEO will be a huge contribution factor. We hope that existing employees and talents making attempts to leave NOC can be allowed to do so without any agreement/contractual binding consequences or to be silenced, and for charges against Ryan and employees to be dropped (if any). > No response from Chan yet > Mothership has reached out to Chan a number of times since Oct. 8, after the first allegations were published on Instagram. > Save for an initial acknowledgement of the first message, Chan has not replied to any of the subsequent ones. > All requests for a media statement were not answered. She was last active on the platform yesterday (Oct. 19). > We have reached out to her once more for this fresh set of allegations and will update this article if she replies. > NOC's YouTube subscriber base has fallen from 1 million to 995K subscribers, at this time of writing, ever since the saga started. > Follow and listen to our podcast here > Top image via EndTheSilenceSg/YouTube --- 1.0.2 | [Source code](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek) | [Contribute](https://github.com/fterh/sneakpeek)


MustShareNews really up their game over this saga. I only heard MSN few times before.


funny how msm like st were happy to report on the tiktok girl controversy but nothing on these serious allegations of fraud, immigration fraud, and pimping


My (rather gracious) guess is these are serious criminal accusations that they don't wanna spread unless police already investigating, as compared to tiktok girl controversy where it is a little harder to pin legal accountability. Either that or they in same bed don't wanna bite the hand that gives.


By “cancel” they mean “hold accountable”. It’s incredible how Sylvia still hasn’t been fired because of her behaviour.


She can’t be fired given she is the majority shareholder. She has to leave on her own accord.


Lmao "cancel" if some of these allegations are true she would end up in jail not just cancelled


红星大奖 2021 better be hers


Can't cancel what I never bothered in the first place...


I have never even heard of Ryan and Sylvia until this year. Their food recommendation sucks, their show appeal mostly towards the millennials. Whatever influencer they think they are, it's all delusions of grandeur.


I don’t watch them either but it doesn’t change the fact that others do. Not exactly delusions when they have been making a lot of money from these the past few years, even if I think influencers are really terrible


Well, apparently they earn millions from this business.


LOL, this girl is being burned. Sounds like she let the fame get to her which pretty much implies she’s less than C list. Who lets a YouTube channel get to her head?


There were previous examples of big YouTubers such as Jake Paul, where former staff from Team 10 also made similar allegations regarding how they were abused during their time under Jake Paul's management. More recently, David Dobrik from The Vlog Squad was also called out for being complicit towards a case of one of the members being sexually assaulted while intoxicated, all happening right under his nose. While the cited cases above are American YouTubers, they are still valid examples of big YouTube channels/groups which fostered a toxic/unsafe working environment for their staff/members.


Reputation has always mattered more in Asia than in the West. A bad rep here is much more damaging than a bad rep in America. Over there, it just gives you more visibility, which gives you more eyeballs, and money. Across Asia, scandals, even relatively minor ones, can be career ending. We have less tolerance for bad reputation than the West does. Look at the fall out from any South Korean scandal of bullying.


It’s a multi million dollar company


Plenty of people have done that without alienating their staff…


To be honest, Mothership produces total rubbish for content -shallow takes on issues, so called "news" which are worthless in value, trying to pull TSL down (which actually does decent content) is a low blow.


Tsl aids website is disgusting tho. So much advertising everywhere.


Install ad block? I hate goodyfeed due to the ridiculous number of ads there.


That is besides the point. My point is trash content vs ok content. Trash content trying to pull down ok content. I'll rather consume TSL's content rather than Mothership any day.


I feel bad for all the people who had to deal with this. If there’s anything to learn is don’t be an asshole it will come back to bite you


Mothership being careful with their sources. "Who did SC fuck in Mothership?"


The gift that keeps on giving. Let me get more popcorn.


What’s stopping Ryan and his staff from walking out and starting a new company?


Funding. He can't just take the business account money and start another company. He'd need to fund it entirely out of pocket. He could do that but It's really not a good idea to fund things out of pocket. Starting a business is very high risk, and even successful business people routinely fail and lose money. Asking for people to work without pay is pretty rough, even if they agree. And frankly, NOC is his company as well. The easiest solution is to remove Sylvia from any decision making role and put himself up or bring in an external CEO/management. Keep Sylvia as silent partner and just pay her whatever annual salary or fee she is worth for her shares in the company. If she is major share holder, then the company is fucked unless she agrees to step back on her own.


Iirc she is


Time to get NOCckedout


MotherSHIT seems to be defending NOC hmmmmmmmmmmmm


I just saw her leaked sex tape on Twitter... I wonder who’s the guy


Eyy we dk if its really her ya. Really dislike that toxic bij but yeah, facts first.


we know who's dick she sucked now la




Implied to be Mothership's CEO due to the tone of the article insinuating MSM to be in the blame and that Sylvia Chan is just being affected by cancel culture.


Belmont cuck Lay


I think Sylvia should be reprimanded for her actions. But I like NOC and it will be sad if NOC goes down with her. Ryan and the whole team also contributed massively to where it is today.


At the end of the day, the company is just a shell. It’s the people and acquired institutional competencies in it that matters. No reason why it has to stay in NOC.


Yes, i hope Ryan and other talents will build new company and produce high quality videos again. Meanwhile, Ryan mentioned in his IG story he has 2 branches of lor mee, let's support him!


I was lukewarm about his shop before. But now I feel like I owe it a visit!


Lol i just plan to try it this month or early next month, so no comment haha, but ya it seems the one at old airport is more worth to visit than the other one..


I was lukewarm about it because I’m no fan of the original in the first place. 😂


Hahahahaha ok... i don't have further comment then 🤣


Waiting leak blowjob video


There’s already a video trending on Twitter


As a gen x-er, I don't understand what is the damn deal with cancel culture. The internet has a short memory. Look at Logan Paul, he is back in full swing as a podcaster, still raking in the millions. Whoever you cancel today, they will be back a year or so later, in one form of media or another.


Definitely, next week and people are off to rage about something else. Jack Neo still doing very well right?


True, tho imo he's less flamboyant than he was in the past. I'm reserving judgement on cancel culture in sg. We are smaller than the US. People's memories may linger on longer.


It is a reactionary concept conjured up by the alt-right (eg. Xx) to cast any kind of accountability as an unjustified witch hunt. It’s really nothing new. It’s just a bad reputation. Some recover, some don’t. I mean was OJ Simpsons cancelled? Or did he just suffer from a very dubious reputation despite being acquitted from the murder charges.


Nobody should be trying to cancel anyone. In this case, I think people want her to he held accountable as she controls the environment of abuse. She can fix it. Besides that, there may even be some legal issues as it was alleged that she would not approve payroll and employees wouldn't get paid on time. So mix in toxic work environment/boss, and potentially other manpower breaches as well.


China is an expert at canceling anyone they want.


cancel NOC and her completely - we don't need such people ever


Thank you sylvia for sucking that big cock and providing us the entertaining distractions in these troubling times. Now more ppl seems more interested in the authenticity of that cock sucking video than COVID... That gotta be a plus, right?


Top courier firm? Ninja van?


I mean such cases are a dime a dozen in other SMEs as well what makes this particular case so special to garner this much media coverage?


Maybe some SMEs would know to change their ways. Karma's a bitch, and your employees are not your slaves. Some employees have a bottom line.. and you should be careful when you reach that :)


Jesus, she reminds me of my ex. We lasted less than 5 months (with three breakups in between), and I wonder how I didn't leave sooner. The gaslighting, the conscending attitude during arguments are awfully familiar. Ryan has a patience of a saint to put up with this.


How is mothershit on their side? They are literally being neutral. But still. Mothershit


Whatever fuck cancel means, just stop feeding your desire to watch their videos and unsubscribe to their channel. Watch cat videos instead, totally unscripted and unplanned. Takes a lot of time and effort to get cats to do shit.


Isn't this woman and the NOC the ones who released a video "rating" their talents on whether they would sleep with them/ their sex appeal etc.? I unsubscribed since that day, i suppose class or the lack of it always reveals itself.




Did you not learn the beauty of paragraphs in school? This looks like, and IS a wall of text. Gawd.


The ability to write well doesn't make you smart


I think cancelling NOC is a mixed bag. On one hand this really forces the shareholders' hand significantly faster, as there are direct reprecussions that forces Sylvia to gtfo, whether she wants to stay or not. On the other hand it does affect the livelihood of talents and staff.


stop thinking this when the staff have already taken the risk to speak out against her online. that's how bad the situation is. and she is the majority shareholder, it's not run like a proper company.


I believe the cancelling that should be done is on Sylvia, not NOC


you can't separate the two given that she is NOC now and runs the company. until she is no longer the CEO and majority shareholder of NOC, you can't cancel her to hold her to hold her accountable without cancelling NOC! staff are speaking out against her even after being threatened with legal action, do you not understand the gravity of this? stop this 'lets not cancel NOC but cancel her only' when they can't be separated for now. edit: also to add on, NOC has to be held accountable at this point due to the misuse of funds for personal gains done by Sylvia in her role as CEO. Proper audit has to be done on the books against these allegations. Besides her using company funds to finance her own personal ventures, NOC as the company is also involved with work permit fraud now. NOC itself cannot escape cancellation.


tbh when a narcissistic psychopath who launched legal letters using the company's name is at the helm, hard to not turn the company into collateral damage. Anyway looking from the vids, it's kinda implied Sylvia = NOC and NOC = Sylvia because that's what self serving narcissists do, much less so NOC = company.


Fair enough. She abuses her company in order to make it more "official" as well with the lawyer letters, so that if the lawsuit goes through, it puts her and NOC on the same boat. Technically she did the same thing with abusing the company to help her brother.


pretty much my point, she chose to entangle herself into everything with the company so it'll be near impossible to "cancel" her without talking about stuff like the company culture since she IS the company culture LOL.


In this case, NOC is inseparable from Sylvia unless she is willing to sell it off. So even if you want to cancel Sylvia, you'll still end up doing so by cancelling NOC.


Cancel NOC let these talents flock to other firms then we support them


So much drama, so much attention. In the end it's just a waste of time


U think waste time then u waste ur time typing here for fk