NOC Saga: Sylvia vs Ryan

NOC Saga: Sylvia vs Ryan


Tea is in the video description, that domain is auto filtered on here.


This really is the best episode NOC has created by far.


No ads as well. Thanks NOC!


Oh the cigarette is not product placement? /s


Yaloh. It is v unprofessional to smoke during official meeting.


Eh she is the boss leh!!


自导自演 some more wor.


Wow. Sylvia is exactly like the typical evil characters which I thought I would only see in the Taiwanese dramas.


Korean dramas too lol


Aiya no la, Kdrama villains need to take masterclass from sylvia


This is why, during one of the Knock out or whatever the show is called, when isabelle was asked to choose between Ryan or Sylvia, she just broke down and cried.


Eh i also thought so. Then sylvia was like "why u making me seem like a bad boss?"


Initially I thought it was just a scene for entertainment purposes (where audiences will be like OMG what happened?). Since there was a teaser or something, that had showed her crying if I didn't remember wrongly. It's really not an easy decision to be made on the spot especially since knowing how great Ryan is but if you were to choose him, good luck to your career/days ahead in NOC.


Omg you've ignited a long lost memory. I rmb seeing that and thought it weird then, but shrugged it off.


FYI, the blog has been saved 3 times on wayback machine. I am doing the 4th lul


Don't forget the videos


History thanks u!


Can I just say that I'm so relieved Sylvia and Ryan don't have any children? I can't imagine a child having to go through something as public as this and having a mother who is so lacking in morals and...basic humanity??


I still pity porky though


In the later half of the video you can hear a dog whimpering when Ryan's tone was pissed off. High chance that is Porky


The fact that these past/present NOC staff spoke up after she send lawyer letter shows how much they are willing to risk, because the situation at hand is way more severe than what we first thought. Also the way Felicia and Bryant immediately said “no” when asked to replace Ryan says a lot about his leadership and how he has been treating the staff well. Respect and loyalty can only be earned, not bought and not given by default.


I chuckled when both of them said no and Sylvia’s face turned black. Great work for both of them really.


"Felicia are you ok with becoming project manager" "no"


Promoted without salary increase lol..


Fucking Solidarity from Felicia and Bryant. Even more solid than the Solidarity Budget from last year


Felicia and Bryant show that loyalty is still a thing when a boss treats you right. Great!


the true diamond hands


I lawl when both of them said no to her also


Perfect. Now she and Dee Kosh can host food king from the prison.


Changi Prison is FOOD-KING GOOD


U think after what she did dee kosh will host with her?




she is a total gaslighter but Ryan and his team were smart enough not to fall for any of her attempts to gaslight them here. I will say that watching the videos, I have completely turned around and understand now why so many NOC employees/talents spoke up for Ryan during the saga 2 weeks ago. All along, I had the impression that he enabled her behavior over the last few years and was part of the problem. Watching these videos, I understand how much he was gaslit throughout their marriage and as well as a partner, and that he actually tried to hold her accountable. At this point, the authorities have to get involved with the long list of accusations and crimes she has committed.


Respect for the man for actually being a good leader and speaking up for his staff. In the video it's so obvious she totally dgaf.


This is what happens when you build a business with the wrong partner. He trusted her too much (even after years of being gaslit by her), she abused that trust, took majority shares and tried to fuck him over. I see a lot of people saying that she's a savvy businesswoman etc.. I see no evidence of this? Why do people claim this? Ryan seems to be the entrepreneurial one with his lormee restaurant, Renoking hustle, etc. Sylvia just seems like she enjoys playing the role of CEO, but obviously doesn't have the chops to back it up. I actually DMed Ryan on IG to just find some investors and start a new company. He left me on seen hahaha. But I hope he actually does this.


the fact that Sylvia supposedly thought that videos and scripts should just ‘be funny’ and think it’s so easy to just create is crazy for the fact that she’s been in this industry for so many years and undermining ryan’s and the team’s efforts


Beyond the obvious undermining of their efforts, it reveals how incompetent she really is. They're in the content creation industry and she seems to not understand nor respect the process of creating content at all.


and she had to nerve to talk behind Ryan’s back saying HE’S the incompetent one


Yeah man, I think the victims only kept quiet out of respect for Ryan.


The duality of man NOC right here is the perfect example of SME in sg. You got the blood sucker towkay who got everything she wanted, and the other good hearted towkay who is fighting tooth and nail for his employees yet getting taken advantage of.


She didn’t suck blood hor she sucked a BFC.




MOM might come in for immigration issue especially her brother


ICA too. Whatever it is she's fucked.


Eh you can just report, it's up to them if they wanna investigate.


Wow. That’s gut wrenching to watch. I stand corrected for insinuating that Ryan might have feigned ignorance because he never stepped down as company director. He is fighting so hard for the team and gotta feel for him man. He deserves much better.


I was having the same thoughts too, but after watching this video it's safe to say Ryan was never part of the problem. Also with this, I think Sylvia jump into yellow river also no use liao.


wow this is on another whole new level. so sichen and sikeen are her brothers and she using NOC as a front to get citizenship for them? i vaguely remember in the tour video of her shophouse they mentioned the sichen is also staying inside the shophouse. “hello ICA?” and the sex bartering is wtf........


Sichen even stayed at Ryan’s house after their divorce. Argh


I rmb Sichen/Sikeen posted on insta saying if they couldn't be bro-in-laws, they are still bros for life or smth liddat when the divorce news broke out... So now what .\_\_\_\_\_.


The part where she allegedly tricked one of the talent into doing sexual favours for her own personal gains is really fucked up. Sylvia is just straight out a walking toxic waste. *Edit made. Should have put allegedly inside*


She's basically abetting a rape no? That's definitely massively fucked up, she needs to sit in the jail for a long, long time...


Yep. I do hope she rots in jail


And also that supplier to rot in jail


That act sends shivers down my spine because it involves scheming with somebody, planning, coercing and being present at the scene of intoxication, all these against someone who trusts you. I'm sorry guys I have no other words to use but This Is Evil.


This one is I really cannot. Completely unforgivable.


She looks psychotic.


Sociopathic too


Zero empathy. She wasn't even listening


Who is Edmond closer to the end of chat, and why is she calling him Darling?


Want to get free design for her business idea, ofc will darling anyone la


should be @ dunnoleh


How did Ryan put up with this shit for all these years?


The face she made when Felicia and Bryan stand up for Ryan was so satisfying to watch


Holy shit she is disgusting af. The entire team literally got each others backs and shes trying to get them to turn on each other haha


I love the part where they say no Ryan don't want do


I think at this point ryan should just leave the company and start elsewhere. Im sure many of NOC staff that have left or are thinking of leaving will gladly follow. Sylvia can be the captain that goes down with her ship.


He had already left the company, along with many other staffs it seems


Wish he will publish it soon, and for sure i will follow the new channel


I think he did though... He opened a new youtube channel for renoking


Ooooo renoking is by him ah! I have not watched any videos from that channel but noticed it already. Thanks!


Hope he can follow through with renoking though, with Sylvia fighting with Ryan over the ownership of it


Used her her own staff for sex. Woman was intoxciated at the time hence considered rape -1st offence Misusing company’s fund for her own personal greed - 2nd offence Helping her own brother to get PR by giving him a pay raise when he hasnt been contributing to the company -3rd offence Lai anyone want to add on for me Edit: decided to rephrase point 1 bc prev it was a little misleading.


Her brothers private their instagram. Wondering will they be deported if someone reported to MOM?


when the msn article dropped her brother still was saying people trying to sabotage her. hope he gets his ass deported.


And dude gets 4.5k a month….


Gets 4.5k by doing nothing…. Meanwhile most of us are working like crazy and barely even drawing 4.5k


Ikr, it’s atrocious. Fresh grads that draw anything close to that amount are almost guaranteed to be slogging for it.


Having that ugly fuck face and laughing while Ryan was painstakingly trying to fight for his team. -4th offence


1st one not confirm, but the brother PR application is basically immigration fraud lol




Not an offence but cheating on Ryan gets a immediate slap man. Morals, woman, morals.


Can we actually get the authorities to look into points 1 and 3? Pretty justifiable causes for investigations siol


The real question is how all her private conversations got leaked by the other parties, meaning even her trusted confidants wanted to expose her. This speaks volume about the situation.


Plus they willing to burn bridges liao, cos Sylvia confirm know who are the ones who leaked already


To everyone who kept saying that Ryan failed to stand up to Sylvia as a partner and indirectly facilitated her toxic management - so it turns out that Ryan had been trying so hard. I'm feeling disgusted at this video and how Sylvia is behaving here to be honest. She is being so super toxic and yet, thinks she stands on a moral high ground. Using company resources for her personal matter and then claim that its Ryan's personal greviences when confronted about it - wtf?


Can see that Ryan is the one fighting for welfare ~~of~~ for his employees. This is a sign of true leadership.


Sylvia's kind of attitude is so familiar. So so familiar. Fuck sia triggers C-PTSD. If the person's standing is above you, you suck up If the person's standing is relatively equal to you (Ryan), you gaslight If the person's standing is beneath you (staff), you abuse. Ivan Lim anyone?


Speaking of Ivan Lim, what’s that insect doing now?


Alleged criminal breach of trust, alleged pimping out her employees, alleged breaking manpower and immigration laws, alleged abuse of government grants Holy fucking jesus, i only thought she had attitude issues but this is just disgusting, she deserves to squat in Changi Prison for a long term if it is indeed true She really did NOC in with her alleged wrongdoings. There is no way they will ever procure lucrative contracts (in the form of tenders for producing content for government agencies) especially if the allegation on abusing SGUnited grants is true.


Siken still yaya in his instastory before the blog was released. After that someone private his account. lul. ICA and MoM is probably coming after him.


It's still on sgcickenrice stories. Go check it out. > chansichen Doesn't feel like that's their goal. This group of people mainly wants her out. Who has the most to gain from all these "leaks". And how did this saga turn from asking her to be accountable into a #appreciationday for another. Sus 😯


I didn't see Sikeen's IG tho, only Sichen's. What did Sikeen say?




What did Sikeen yaya on his IG? didnt catch it leh


[https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/j5z6gz/comment/g7vpmvh/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/j5z6gz/comment/g7vpmvh/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) this aged well


He didn’t dodge a bullet man.. poor guy’s mental health probably already got dragged through hell


He’s bruised, but he’s alive. If he stays with that woman and he’ll probably be living in hell on earth.


Yup, he looks tired as fuck from all this if you see his insta stories


This comment kept on coming back up and I’ll say my part of the story again. My gf used to be in an office with Sylvia. It’s FINALLY good to see damning evidence like this to show how toxic she is. When my gf told me she’s super toxic gave me examples while wondering how tf Ryan is so nice really just shows it from this video.


Lol needs more upvotes


This guy came back recently but still no tea spilled. Now we got a flood of tea liao lol


Wow, this is arguably the strongest case against her till now. What a vile and disgusting person. Poor Ryan. I’ve always gave him shit cause I thought up to this moment, he was not standing up for his guys but this proves me 100% wrong. Fuck Sylvia. This is the end for her and NOC for sure.


Legally, a ton of damning evidence here, Sikeen wasn't employed but was put on the payroll for his PR application? Misappropriating corporate funds with clearly no intentions on paying it back? > This is the end for her and NOC for sure I hope NOC stays on tbh, have been following their home series.


Renoking is now another channel


But tbh, most of the NOC talents are not at fault here and were clearly thriving under Ryan's management. So yeah, would love to see NOC AND Ryan succeed.


NOC doesn't deserve to go down though. Hope all this new info will force her to step down and also hope she still have enough decency in her to willingly leave NOC. Ryan and the NOC brand did nothing wrong, everything is on Sylvia. People are saying give her a chance, this is a suicide level event etc etc but even at this point she is still keeping her silence. How to forgive and forget when there is not even one sincere apology.


I just read the 1st portion of the blog. Best content ever released by NOC. Makes you go wtf


As I kept reading on, things just kept getting worse. Netflix also cannot write this kind of script sia.


Is this NOC’s magnum opus from a decade worth of script writing, translating tht drama to real life blurring the difference between whats real and virtual? /s


I couldn't finish the video in one shot. OMG this is gonna sound damn rude but her face pisses me off cos she showed so much disrespect for the others with her facial expressions and her fake accent.


Just when you thought she couldn't get any worse, she smokes with her dog beside her 😡 -edit- I made this comment while I was 6 mins into the video (top of the blog)... It definitely got worse. #and also, SOMEONE TAKE THAT DOG AWAY FROM HER


hearing the dog call out while hearing his dad speak so emotionally, all the while she appears to be totally nonchalant, I feel terrible for Ryan and their dog.


that was just heartbreaking, I wouldn't be surprised if Sylvia took custody of the dog because she wouldn't want Ryan having it.


CB I once read a story where a woman got custody of her husband's dog (was with him before he even met her). And she put the dog to sleep. Just because she want him to suffer. Some CB people like this in the world. (Sylvia not until that bad, but your words suddenly reminded me.)


Noo don't give her ideas.. she might do it to porky...


You forgot using her phone as well (while ryan is talking)


This woman is disgusting if the allegations of pimping are true. Whether you cheat, or misappropriate funds, thats just shitty morals. But to fucking pimp out your talent who came to you to tell you that they’re in a bad state, and with alcohol. This woman needs to be arrested


Can’t imagine the trauma for that girl.. hope this terrible woman and the other guy gets arrested


Alcohol alone may not be enough. High chance that drugs could have also be involved. I've been drugged before and I know friends who have also been drugged.


Wah .... She's 100x worse than I thought.. disgusting


Ryan's content is actually the only stuff worth watching. Glad he is branching out on his own.


I feel so bad for Ryan and the NOC staff, especially the ones not in her good book. What a toxic person, probably inferior cos she’s so ugly (inside out) compared to her talents. Hopefully justice prevails man.


The whole of Singapore must be wondering rn how he stayed attached/married to Sylvia for so long


Sylvia, you are sick. Ryan, if you’re reading this, I hope you will start out another company soon. I’m sure many will follow your guidance and I would be keen to join you as your talent. Thank you for standing up for your crew and staff


damn she ain’t coming back from this


Her actions and behaviour are so bitchy and arrogant. She is such a disgusting human being. She deserves to be put down and shown that her actions are abhorrent. Pui!


Bitchy and arrogant is one thing. Lying, cheating, bartering sexual services and misappropriating money are another. Most people can accept a bitchy or arrogant person. But these other things? My god.


It's literally criminal. She needs to go to jail. This is not about being a horrible person, she's actually just breaking the law in like, 4 different ways... White collar crime sure, people get greedy, the abetment to rape is downright mortifying/disgusting


When I first came across NOC and saw her acting, deep down inside this "acting as a bitch" seems to come tooooo naturally for Sylvia.......... Welp


Wah i can't wait to see what kind of letter her lawyers will write. Anyway the employees should file a police report. Can't take action without one.


Wow it’s been awhile Reddit SG got such interesting exposé


The lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch


Wa omg damn pekcek and exasperated watching this video. She’s just not taking it seriously at all.


It's a coping mechanism btw.. She can't take it seriously because she has nothing to respond with


Fuck Sylvia Chan. May she rot in hell for the rest of her life. What a disgusting piece of shit. Top 10 (Criminals &) Idiots of 2021: 1. Sylvia Chan 2. Dee Kosh


Omg Ryan is such a rare gem of a human being. How he still has such a firm stance in his beliefs and his will to protect his staff even after the many years spent in close proximity to Sylvia is mindblowing. I know that I can’t be sure I would have the same resolve; I hope he gets all the best in life 😭


getting psychopath vibes from her....omg, legitimately scary and toxic EDIT: big respect to the employees that showed solidarity with Ryan...workers need to stick together when talking to a problematic boss


Now imagine that there are hundreds of Sylvia out there, thriving in their own environment..




It’s really an explosive blog post. Go read it.


Kind of frustrating to watch as I see Ryan trying to speak out for the employees and trying to point out what she is doing wrong/falling short of but she just doesnt give a damn. Curious about the timeline though. Was this video post divorce or pre divorce actually?


Should be recent because nobody did zoom calls for work pre-covid.




One of the talent mention that this is just the tip of the ice berg. Yall.... this already crazy enough. My heart goes out to all the talent and staff that went through this.


Not only is she a toxic person. She is such a cock sucker.


Damn, this is a whole new revelation to what we’ve been witnessing the past week. An astonishingly explosive post on the blog as well. Go have a read guys. Explains the mysterious departure of well known members such as Michelle, Berlin, Jazliyana, members who can be considered to be OG members of NOC. There was a commotion regarding their departure the last time, now it seems to be all explained. And I’ve been watching them quite often these last few years. All that glitters is not gold man.


All I can deduce from the whole saga is that she is very sadistic.


Her lawyers huat big time


After watching this, I can say Sylvia just wanna see Ryan suffer by literally gaslight everything and burning down Ryan’s hard work building NOC, sadly the team members caught in the middle of the crossfire, used as pawns in her game. The team should mass resign and leave her with a empty shell. With their team spirit, hard work and talented skills, they definitely can rebuild and come back stronger. No point fighting this. Sometimes things need to fall to make way for new. Hope some NOC sees this and share! You guys now have the full backing of entire Singapore. I will follow the new channel!


Wow I legitimately thought that she was a decent person but this video completely altered my views of her. Didn’t really think much of the employees vouching for Ryan but now I know why. Her attitude is appalling, I don’t know how Ryan could stand being married to her all these years.


her attitude in the video is so so condescending and she tries so hard to flip it around. using company money for her own venture, to pay for logo design for her brother. and she said this 2 had nothing to do with NOC but are ryan’s “personal grievances” omg so toxic... at this stage i really really feel for ryan and team NOC.


the part where she stuck out her tongue halfway got me… it’s clear she has zero respect for her staff and supposed partner in business.


I hope she ends up in jail, what a disgusting immoral person


feel like slapping her fk face when watching the video sia knn.


Sylvia bak jiu tak stamp la, none of the co-founders of Carousell or Ninjavan look like Russ Ong, jesus christ


Hahahahaha That one is supposed to be Chang Wen from NV


who is the one that sylvia say got big fat dick?


Holy shit her body language is atrocious and completely unprofessional. Interestingly still tries to divert Ryan’s words to be “personal”; seems like this sociopath didn’t even think of this as a work meeting from the start.


Ryan singlehandedly carried the whole company while Sylvia just rides on its success.


can’t stand her attitude sia


The saga just keeps delivering.


The SI unit for xia lan.


Dayyyummm... what a toxic environment to work at. I don’t give a damn about NOC and have never knew about them until this incident. This Sylvia seems to be a real b*tch. I’ve experienced working with a female boss like her - a control freak that likes to micro-manage and expect everyone to do things only by her way, no respect for nobody, poor emotional intelligence and most probably lacking love in life. Props to Ryan for having the patience. Most of us would’ve just dissolve the partnership rather then working closely with such a toxic person.


Seems like most people currently/was in NOC decided to burn the bridge altogether and simply no one ever speak anything good about her since the previous message saga revealed


Ego creeps up to you so subtly that you wont even realise it and the time that you realise it, it's when u crash and it's when it's too late.


This Ryan is truly a stand up guy. That Sylvia needs that prolapsed anus on her face that she calls lips, smacked right off her face. So fking rude and condescending.


Whoring girl that are at their weakest point, wow speechless....


Mad respect for Ryan, guy’s doing everything possible to save the company he created.


After reading all this i see everyone talking about sylvia, but honestly i am more disgusted at nina. Not only did she not help her own cousin but she side with toxic boss, i guess thats what influence/power/money does.


Where do you think many of the juicy leaks are coming from though?


big oof


I dont know maybe she knows sylvia is a sinking ship, being a opportunist she going against sylvia now? Hard to say honestly


whos ninas cousin?




Ironic that their most gripping piece of content has to come in the form of an exposé.


Glad I didn’t apply for the post production job there last year, spoke to a few ex employees and they all said that the work environment is very toxic.


for someone who always says his english is bad ryan is quite eloquent


Just read the blog post from the ex / current noc employees. Horrible stuff from Sylvia


the last one regarding trading sexual favours... but that one kinda got no evidence


Just need the victim to come out under gag order. Need the colleague to be witness collaborator. Should be got case to fight.


Everybody should read the blog post in the video description. She is vile.


Read the blog - she definitely probably has the narcissism, but I think what's 100% clear from those accounts, if true, is that she's a 100% grade-A sociopath


This is so damning. I feel so bad for Ryan. Truth be told I wasn't really interested in this saga at first and had qualms concerning the anonymous ig account. After seeing this video, I'm firmly in the "fuck Sylvia" camp.


Is there any way the public can get involved in a lawsuit/police case against her? She needs some humble pie, along with her collaborators that are keeping silent? Anyone call police alr?


Chang Wen, Ninja Van, Russong?


Wah. This is 100000% NPD. Pull your hair out trying to reason with them


does anyone know what are the odds she can be successfully charged?


Wtf is wrong with this bitch




This video is difficult to watch. What a hypocrite. Everyone can see through the fake smile that she put on to pretend. It looks like she's not going to change because she still believe she's right. I hope Ryan just do a complete break away from the company and start again. Losing a 1m Youtube channel sucks. It's going to take some time to rebuild the company again but it's going to be worth it. You've done it before, you can do it again. Sylvia is not going to change also because she has money and don't need those people she's talking to. So there's no motivation for her to change.


Gaslighter of the year.


My heart goes out to Ryan and his team. Will the police, MOM, and ICA be involved? Some of the things that happened here are downright illegal. Employee mistreatment aside, if the whatsapp screenshots are accurate, she basically committed immigration fraud to get her brother a Singapore PR. Hope that at least a police report has been filed. Especially for the case of pimping out her employee in exchange for delivery service sponsorship, she is outright conducting prostitution and facilitating rape and I cannot see how this is not an obvious violation of the law.


While this saga thus far has been interesting, I didn't really get on the "Hate Sylvia" bandwagon because while wrong, it didn't seem -that- serious to me. This video completely changes my mind and her behavior exhibited on camera with people that she is supposed to be professional with as a leader and boss is unacceptable. She doesn't deserve to lead and is a terrible person to work with and work for.


opening bragging about sucking other guy's dicks while married.....this woman is something else


Best content yet from them


endthesilencee.blogpost.com is the blog Go read it and grab some popcorn


Woah where u get from one, also why is unlisted vid lol


This is uploaded in the blog allegedly created from the former and current NOC employees. Now the truth is out.