Bdo what to do with the forest fury

Bdo what to do with the forest fury


save it. they are for recipes for crystals like the elkarr which is with 330mil a piece or the Jin vipers, also work 330mil atm


How do I make them Because I think I have everything


Your going to need 10 forest fury with a black spirit cristal (let's take Viper i.e) you got the normal viper crystal, you're going too need at least 12 horse imperial golden seals (by selling lvl 15 horses at imperial stable, 1 seal per tier horse, 1 seal for T1, 2 seals for T2 and so on) then you exchange the golden seals for viper black essence. Then you procces it by heating with viper crystal so u get black magic crystal: viper... Lastly you have to get 10 magical shards either by imperial alchemy or HEATING, black magic crystals....(the ones u get mainly from WB with a yellow board) Then Some quick procces with alchemy and finally you can get either JIN, BON or WON viper crystal. If u got one you don't need keep it cause those BON WON (JIN is the best in most cases) you can use them to craft HAN HOOM crystals EDIT: typos