What dp/ap do I need to pvp?

What dp/ap do I need to pvp?


Around 261ap and 300dp is a good place to start, u can start with less but u gonna get destroyed by gs carried players


Full pen gear with caphras if you want to actually have fun and get kills. Pvp in this game is high gear players kill lower gear players and act though so there is that out the way. You can pvp with anybody but chances they have higher or lower gear than you, or play an op pvp class that even if both of you have same gear they will wreck you. Pvp is very unblalaced. Idk if kuno is good or not pvp wise. Pvp in bdo is never aqual footing and winner is never based on skills.. Most of gvgs is fought by 5v10 or some outnumber crazy like that, it's never equal. They should add special modes like rbf wbut with everyone using same gear, but that you run Into the unbalance issue. So pvp is never going to be fun for everyone. This has been my experience, mybe yours is different so GL on your pvp journey


Winner never based on skill? Lol Tell me you don’t really PvP without telling me you don’t really PvP. Gear checks and douches are a thing, but bdo has some of the most in-depth fight mechanics around. To say skill *never* plays a part in the PvP is just not true. But the GS has to be within a certain range in order for skill to play any significant role.


What In depth mechs are you talking about, you mean run around until you get catch him or get caught? Also, if you go out your way to wear same gs, or by chance that person has same gs as you, but the majority of out in the world Random pvp encounters are just gear checks, and quickly turn into grief fest. The only way pvp is fun if when you out your way to make it somewhat fair. Other than that is just a grief fest.


If you don’t understand the depth of the fighting mechanics in the game, there’s no use in trying to spell it out. You might just be too low GS to fight reliable PvP matchups yet, and that’s totally fine. I just hope you get your gear up and learn to appreciate it when you get there. Join a PvP/NW guild and fight some of the best. Do it enough and you’ll be able to tell who is skilled and who isn’t.


The only time it’ll be equal is if we have seasons arsha in season+. Everyone will be at a cap everyone can then easily reach. Fights will then just come down to skill and knowing your class. True, there may be some unbalance, but at least it’ll be that instead of gs.


Problem is, at the lower GS, certain class imbalances are just more noticeable. Certain classes are far more gear dependent than others. Almost as if it’s not totally viable to even play certain classes at lower gs if you plan on doing a lot of PvP. Hopefully these class reworks help that instead of exacerbating it.


Everything above 285 AP and 330 DP would be needed to actually be able to effectively PvP.


At high end pvp, EVERYONE can be 1 shotted. Get grabbed and it’s over most of the time. It ends up being who got the shot off first or who got the grab first. The only class I’ve seen laugh at people when they get hit is a dp shia. 400+ dp means you’re now a stone wall. They just can’t hurt you either. Lol


Well, for a shot at everyone u'd ideally want 273/272+nouver(cant remember the bracket), since that should be enough to kill majority of players. As of dp, 310+ I'd guess, since to survive actually getting caught by someone with 270+n You'd probably need 330dp+ and be a striker :), but 310 is okay for getting hit from time to time. For normal pvp even a trial char is enough (trials are around 255/308). Those I mentioned apply to BA and rbf. Spot defending is rng, since You never really know who Youre up against, so often its just a battle of skill. You can also ofc go with lower stats, but if Youre below trial gs, You can just pvp on a trial :), many people dont mind removing an accessory or two to even things out in arena if need be :)


Cool thanks


First you have to make sure you have Xbox of latest version (idk X S or whatever, i play on ps5), otherwise you will die with any gs without understanding what happens. Next, pvp and pve are completely different - for pvp you like to have special addons (like +human dmg, nouveur, accuracy gear, def etc). All this makes huge difference same as trash per hr in grinding with special addons and rotations. Do not expect you are grinding and "melting" someone with some 269 ap kutum. You do not know what you are fighting and how prepared he is - that's why ppl just grind with nouveur to protect their spot - ok some 10 monster dmg less counting brackets, but HUGE diff in pvp. Next, you need SP for pvp skills and a lot of practice. With that said (i play this game since FEB 21 and constantly 1 comboed with 275 ap kut 352 dp - but complete pve setup) i would say in SE Sucraia new Sulphur mines do not bother until 280 ap (any) and 350 dp including a ton of practice learning grabs, pvp skills, ifames etc, Otherwise you find yourself in situaltion you are only dying and doing 0 damage to ppl even less geared than you


For 1v1 269ap is enough if you know how to combo. In high end NW your looking at 285+ to feel like your doing anything. In rbf … it’s never fun


Higher then whatever u have


Yeah you don’t need full pen. On my sage I’m like 290ap and 317dp and I can one combo full pen people no problem. That’s pen weapons caphras lvl 3, tet armour caphras lvl 5, tet accessories. Took me 2 and a half months months to get all that. Started mid July season server. I have a wiz from before but I wanted to start fresh so sage is all new. With 290ap, most people will melt in 2-3 moves. But I was melting them at 269 too. 290 is just ‘no one lives if I catch them ap’. Make sure your accuracy is high enough. That’s what kills most players. Lack of accuracy. If your acc is too low, you’ll feel like you’re doing no damage even with higher AP.


I am a 638gs guardian in a top 3 guild (NA),for reference. You can expect to start feeling strong with any class at the 269ap bracket. Some classes can hit well enough under that, but that is the base you should focus to start with. For dp, choose dr or evasion based on your class, get your tet boss gear and caphras them each to c4. This should put you at a solid base dp for pvp. Now gear does play a major factor in determining the difficulty of your fights, so a 560gs will have a very hard time fighting a 620gs person. And that gap "can" be insurmountable depending on classes. That being said, it is not impossible to consistently beat someone who outgears you. I can easily use a trial guardian and beat almost anyone I fight consistently. Also, as gearscores get higher, the gap becomes less meaningful for determining outcomes, it's just mistakes are more punishing. At 638 I can easily go toe to toe with 660gs people. Now with group fights, average gearscores on each team is HUGE. Being caught out while focusing someone is way easier. Most classes don't have protected combos. Grabs are generally very dangerous.