Catching a grunt

Catching a grunt


Grunt are yellow tier so rarer to catch. Your two options would be to either afk fish on Velia beach for a few hours, or jump on your fishing boat and look for a grunt hot spot on the waters just outside velia Edit: get a balenos rod for afk fishing


Velia is the wrong spot, velia beach is the spot you're looking for. There's usually lots of people there.


you can use all fishing rods to catch a Grunt. Velia beach is worth a try (its a tiny beach area but you'll see alot of people fishing there) or just go for a hotspot (little area in the sea marked by flying seagulls above it. if you see orange fish jumping out of the water then you have the right hotspot. the few hotspots very near the Velia harbour arent the ones you are looking for. those are a one time cast fishy of 250k a pop. good luck


grunt are hotspot