Truly elite


Record breaking, you could say


At least your team gets to the red zone.


Carson Wentz will fix this


When my car broke down on the highway, imagine my surprise when Carson Wentz of all people pulls over to help. I asked if he had a jack, but he waved me off and just ran headfirst into the side of my car four times before I could pull him off and call AAA.




Seneca Wallace will fix this


He did learn how to throw the ball away, read faster and stop holding onto the ball for so god damn long. He also wouldn't fight sacks. Maybe 2 Sprainz needed to sprain both of his ankles to learn basic QB skills.


I truly don’t understand why he was out there past the first two drives when he spiked two passes into the ground out of fear of getting hit. It’s so obvious he wasn’t ready to play this week, and Reich trotted him out there anyways. I doubt Eason or Hundley would’ve been better, but Jesus save the man from himself.


Especially because if he doesn't play like 75% of the season or something, they get to keep their first. He's clearly still injured and not helping you win, and on top of that there is incentive to sit him for a few games to get healthy.


He ultimately won't play 75% because he sucks and they're not going to give us a top pick, but it's too early in the season to think about things this way. The Colts should play 9-10 games with Wentz no matter what then evaluate things from there. If they're out of it then bench him, but if they're in it then play him another 1-2 games and evaluate again. If you have a reasonable playoff shot after 11 games you give up the 1st and go for it, but if not then he's inactive the rest of the season. It's unlikely that they'll be in the playoff mix, so he'd be benched in this scenario. The thing that people aren't factoring in is that once you bench him to protect the pick then the Wentz era in Indy is over. You're 100% cutting him after the season and eating the $15M cap hit. You can't outright tell a guy you don't think you can win with him then bring him back. Especially a weak-minded guy like Wentz.


I think it's moreso that it feels like they have now rushed him back from 2 injuries, and he clearly looked like he wasn't at full capacity. I think that whether you think Wentz is the future or not, it would have been more beneficial to sit him. Prevent risk of further injury, and potentially add to the possibility of retaining your first round pick for your franchise QB. They probably thought he gave them the best chance to win, but watching his pregame and during the game as well.


If I'm being completely honest, the game went a lot better for us than I expected. Our Defense played well for four quarters instead of starting to slowly show up in the 3rd quarter and finally showing up in the 4th. Only complaint was they seemed to be afraid to go after Tannehill after he started running. I was just hoping he made it through the game. our sub it is unpopular to bench him until he heals up, but I'd rather roll with Hundley or Eason for a game or two instead of the whole season if we play him into a season ending injury. Our offense however, is complete ass. Even after Big Q went out we still had success running the ball but we didn't. Pittman had another good game. but overall, if the defense gets 3 turnovers and you lose, it's a problem on offense.


Trade Wentz for Foles and see if the magic happens again


In defense of Carson, he was playing an MVP caliber season before he got hurt, and continued to play at a high level until he got hurt again, and played well until Clowney cheapshotted him. After that game the wheels fell off


Tbf the first half of the Washington game week 1 he looked like his old self but then that dline beat him up and he became a shell


He was nothing special in 18 and 19.


People are afraid to admit this now because they spent so much energy defending him at the time, but you're right. He went 5-6 with the same team that Foles went 4-1 with, and Foles had the much tougher schedule. Wentz refused to run RPOs because those were "Foles plays" and he thought he was too good for that.


They just need to play the Chiefs. We've allowed 11 TDs and 1 FG on 12 trips. And were the worst in the NFL last year, giving up TDs 77% of the time


Well time for Cam Newton i guess


Cam will be a Steeler after Ben stinks it up again vs the Packers next week


Washington looking likely too with the Rivera connection


Looks like that Carson wentz trade is panning out


For the eagles for sure


I for one am very much looking forward to getting the first overall pick next season.


If we're that bad, he ain't getting 75% of snaps


If Wentz is able to play he will. Colts put themselves in a lose/lose situation, they either need to admit they wasted a high 2nd round pick and bench him, or ride him out and lose a 1st. Irsay is gonna be fucking pissed either way.


Forget the pick, I'm just so glad he's not our problem anymore


Fine, we'll get the \#1 pick from Miami. \#2 from you guys.


Surely you don't think the colts would keep playing him if they are on contention for 1st overall l, but hey maybe 33 overall could be all yours though


For us too


It's not us, wut


Feels like we rarely get into the redzone lol


We went 4 or 5 against the fish, a lot against the planes, and a few times against the aints


I thought for sure the Giants would be worse lol


I was thinkin the same lol


Wait how are they worse than us when we can barely get a FG. Our entire red zone playbook is two runs that go nowhere and then screen pass on 3rd and long that goes nowhere.


Have you considered running into Aaron Donald four times in a row?


Not yet but running it into Cam Jordan is kind of close.


Just show people the play where Carson Wentz threw an INT on a shovel pass and that should be enough to convince them.


Honestly, I think the sprained ankles was a good thing overall. He was playing a lot smarter and didn't look like he was trying to get himself killed like last week or the week before.


You're welcome Chargers. I think we got you out of that spot today.


Truly makes you Wentz when you think about it.


How good was rivers last year damn.




Exactly. He needs to keep playing


I remember being downvoted for saying the colts had no shot at the division . That wr corps without hilton is putrid outside of pittman . Wentz aint it


Wentz ain’t close to the top of the problem list.


Any plans for the top ten pick Eagles fans?


Colts will bench Wentz if they are on pace for a top pick.


Absolutely untrue unless they want to lose wentz for nothing. His value would drop to near zero if he got benched by a second team. And as shown with the eagles, once he’s benched the relationship will be ruined


Nobody is going to give anything for Wentz at this point. His value IS nothing.


Reactionary asf, doesn’t sound like you’ve watched the colts games


Seen all three. He's actually been decent. His line has let him down. He is taking too long to make the read. He needs to throw it away when there is nothing there (and that doesn't mean getting an intentional grounding penalty like he did today). Overall, he is a decent quarterback, but he isn't going anywhere unless he goes to a team that is set except for a quarterback. The Colts thought they were, but they obviously aren't. Which teams do you see trading for him at this point?


Yeah, but (insert whatever excuse people are using this week to say it isn’t Carson Wentz’s fault.)


Imagine not realizing Wentz was dust after last year


I think people knew they were going to be pretty bad but I don't think anyone thought they would be *this* bad. geez. At this point you just gotta tank, right? what's even the point


They could barely run the ball in the redzone too. They had several tries against the rams last week and couldnt punch in a 1 yard TD.


That playcalling pissed me off. "Hey, you see Aaron Donald over there? Yeah, run right into him 4 times. It should work out fine!"


Wentz was bad today but this was much different from the last 2 weeks


Honestly, he played smarter and didn't try to kill himself. All I was hoping for him was to make it through the game and not turn the ball over and he did neither.