[Yahoo! Sports] PFF names Andrew Luck the best No. 1 pick since 2006

[Yahoo! Sports] PFF names Andrew Luck the best No. 1 pick since 2006


Well I guess we are crying today.


Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened


This applies to all of us, except maybe Texans and Chiefs fans


Yup suck


im smiling


I’m saving this comment for when the Broncos trade happens 👀


Bro even as your hated division rival I feel bad for you guys. Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. ^(or maybe the Jags idk)


The colts are our worst enemy


I thought you guys hated the Jags more


not to mention the weird rivalry with the ravens


God I fucking hate the Ravens. -Titans fan in Maryland


We hate all of you inbred Yokems. But of the three of you, Indy is the one that's slapped us around the hardest by far, so we hate you most. We got dad dicked by Manning and then as soon as we thought we were rid of him, you draft Luck, who literally never lost against us his entire career.


Titans fan calling colts fans inbreds?? Ironic heh


Tits fans love their cousins


As a Stanford alum (9er fan), I will be crying and pissed about what that FO in Indy did to him for the rest of my life. He should have been a HOFer and they destroyed him (he was physical and brought on a little bit of it too). Him and Bo Jackson hurts to think about.


Berkeley alum, we all fuckin hated the guy but you couldn't not respect him. He didn't deserve that.


You can’t contribute if you aren’t available…


The best ability is availability or some crap


Well, he would have been more available playing for a different team.


But he's not, and he didn't.


Oh, good point, I didn't think of that.


It's going to be interesting to see this conversation change if the Browns and Myles Garrett continue to improve.


He still has a very slim chance at being the franchise sack leader **before his rookie contract is up.** I think he'd need 20 to do it, though. He's honestly been incredible.


It's kind of wild to me that the Browns franchise sack leader only has 62 sacks. I wasn't sure if my view on this was just skewed by Miami having both Jason Taylor and Cam Wake so I checked all the franchise sack leaders, but nope Cleveland has the second lowest sack total for a franchise leader, ahead of only Jacksonville's 55. There's a few other franchises in the 60-75 range, but most franchises sack leaders hover in the 80-100+ range. Not really a point to this comment, just found it kind of neat.


Michael Dean Perry was a beast, but he was only here for a few seasons. Clay Matthews JR is our actual franchise leader, but sacks weren't official for his first 4 seasons, I believe. Other than that, our defense was always built on an awesome secondary more than a pass rush.


Doesn’t surprise me at all that we’re last. We’ve never had a solid pass rusher who lasted a long period of time with the team. Yannick Ngakoue is 2nd and he played 4 years with the team. Calais Campbell is 4th, he played 3 years.


Longevity is a huge issue for our sack numbers. And we were pitiful for so long there too. Hell, if someone broke the season sack record, they'd be in our top 10...


It’s to be expected for y’all though since you’re a new franchise. Houston, Baltimore and Carolina are also new but just happened to have HOFers spend a large portion of their careers there. Houston w/o watt is at 54, Carolina w/o peppers is at 67.


I find the relative franchise records interesting. Like imagine being a QB in the draft, and you hope to one day hold a franchise record (for whatever reason, that's a dream of yours). Then you get drafted by the Colts or the Packers. lol. You could have a Hall of Fame career and still not be the franchise leader in anything. Then when I look at my team, competition on the offense isn't that fierce. But if you want to be a franchise leader in interceptions or sacks, good luck. Every team has something like that, and I think it's pretty cool.


>Every team has something like that, and I think it's pretty cool. Lions are kinda opposite, our offensive records are all out of reach. Barry, Megatron, Stafford, sheesh.


Stafford’s records are definitely within reach for a good QB in this era.


Myles is so going to shatter that record and I'll be a very happy man


Checking in at 141.5.


And thats with him missing 13 out of 64 games over his career so far. Holy shit.


[CBS had a fun chart showing his pace is almost that of Reggie White.](https://mobile.twitter.com/CBSSportsHQ/status/1393401375040671745?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1393401375040671745%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.brownsnation.com%2Fmyles-garrett-has-impressive-historical-stat-among-sack-leaders%2F) Though both Watt bros are right on his tail, and I get reminded how we never really talk about how good Gastineau was.


For Myles to get it over Cam (who I think has been the best 1st pick since 06) he would need a Von Miller-esque Super Bowl run and DPOY. Cam’s MVP 15 was just so impressive, combined with his rushing stats, franchise records, and other Pro Bowl seasons, it really is hard to beat imo. Browns are trending up though, so I think Myles and the Browns could actually get it done in the near future. Would be great to see.


Good points.


Going to be difficult to be higher than a QB even if you are a better player.


I mean, if we're using both players at their best then I wouldn't say Garrett is comfortably better than Luck


I'd say it's debatable, Garrett at his best is close to DPOY level, Luck at his best was arguably a top 5 QB in the elite tier.


And Cam at his best was the best player in the league, so idk how either Luck or Garrett (yet) can be in the conversation.


Cam's best lasted maybe 2 years. Luck was consistently great whenever he wasn't hurt. Being top 5 for years while playing with Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers in their prime. Luck was greatness cut short.


Browns problem is a successful team gets credit to the QB so Baker will split votes. At this moment I vote it has to be Cam. In what way did Luck outpreform Cam? 0 superbowl appearences, 0 MVPs.


Yeah, I agree with this!


In the white one.


Spit my coffee because of this. Darn it


What about Stafford? He doesn't have the post-season success of Cam but he has set tons of records for being the fastest player to reach milestones. I think Stafford at least is more deserving than Luck.


>It's going to be interesting to see this conversation change if the Browns and Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield continue to improve. FTFY


Maybe since Luck retired there’s a slight chance but a superstar QB is more valuable than the GOAT at any other position


You think Qndrew Luck was more valuable than Lawrence Taylor?


If Lawrence Taylor had played from 2006 to present, yes. The difference in value between QB and defense in the 80s was nothing like the way it is now.


If Luck played in LT's era? No. In this era though, even if you adjusted LT's game slightly so he fits the era exactly as well as he did that era? Absolutely Luck is more valuable. A QB as good as Luck is more valuable than any other non-QB.


Wait, is Andrew luck actually pushing Q bullshit or is that just an unfortunate typo?


Unfortunate typo.


I like that we have a draft pick in the conversation.


https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-josh-allen-justin-jefferson-lamar-jackson-best-first-round-pick-every-draft-slot-2006-draft The original article. They don't mention Garrett


It’s Cam imo. Luck is a better prospect but Cam accomplished more.


People are still evaluating retired Luck based on future expectations lol


I was just about to say that... like what did he accomplish? I'm not saying he was bad, but he didn't accomplish anything of note. With his career stats now set in stone, he was unremarkable


I mean his accomplishment was playing really well, but that doesn't differentiate him from Cam.


His absolute best years he was fringe top 5.


Not even. Luck was never in the conversation as one of the best QB’s, there was just always an expectation that when the Colts got their shit together and gave him an actual o line and weapons that he would one day be the best player in the league. That obviously never happened though.


I think he in the conversation for top 5 but he never broke into the actual elite ranks he was in the to 10 to 5 range for most.


They hung an “AFC runner up” banner in his tenure lol


No we didn’t. It was an *AFC Finalist* banner, dammit


Maybe it’s just me, but “finalist” sounds worse than “runner-up.” At least saying runner-up means you’re willing to acknowledge the fact that you finished second. Finalist is how you describe yourself before losing.


Is the banner still up there?


No and don’t look.


If you asked who was a better QB in their time, you could absolutely argue Luck, but who was the best "pick" implies the accomplishment you got out of that player. Newton's 2015 was some that most franchises don't get in decades (or ever).


He also got hurt all the fucking time. He basically never had a year he wasn't hurt. And his major injury wasn't even an on the field injury. Luck for his hype wasn't worth it


You might say he was unlucky.


Because his O line was made of paper mache lol


>And his major injury wasn't even an on the field injury


That off the field injury you're talking about was just the final straw. He was tired of rehabbing over and over due to being constantly hurt because he *checks notes* played behind a garbage o line, by all means though go off.


He literally hurt his shoulder skiing. That's the one that took 18 months to heal. That is what broke him


Yeah, that's why I said that injury was the final straw after all the other injuries from playing behind a garbage o line piled up.


That's a fucking stupid thought. Luck's issue with rehab was directly his own actions. He had 2 injuries, one major, that had zero to do with football. If he doesn't go skiing and hiking he's not super injured


Look at the roster he took to the afc championship game and to the playoffs every year he was healthy. The Colts during his era were easily the worst constructed team in the league and it wasn't even close. The most valuable player on those teams outside of Luck was Pat McAfee. He may not have won an mvp or super bowl but he did more with less than any qb I've ever seen.


No love for Hilton? McAfee wasn't even the best special teams player on those teams. There was some old dude who was pretty good at kicking field goals.


I love me some TY and I think he spent a good amount of his career as one of the leagues most underrated players, but he was always more of a top 10 or 15 receiver league wide. Vinny is the goat kicker but most of the time that Luck was here I think McAfee was better amongst other punters than Vinny was with kickers. That's not taking anything away from him, he was already the best kicker ever before luck was drafted. I'll certainly concede that Vinatieri was Indys second best player. I think the fact that we're arguing for special teamers as the Colts best players kind of proves what I'm getting at: those teams sucked. I'll clarify that I'm not saying Luck is the best number one pick or trying to argue his career over anyone elses. I'm just trying to say that the revisionist history of him being all "what could have been" is false. In his short career he had above average success with a far below average roster, that's all I'm trying to get at.


If anyone watched those games they would know. The dude would wait till the absolute last second to throw the ball before getting creamed. He carried the shit out of those teams and it was to detriment of his health long term. His ints were always higher than anybody would have wanted but dude was very good if you watched the games. The Colts really missed their timing with him and it’ll remain one of the biggest what ifs in nfl.


If your point is that the team was bad because the only player who was in the top 3 in the league at his position was the punter, most teams have very few players who are the best in the league at their position. There are only a handful of distinct positions in football. The math just doesn't work out for most teams to have more than 1


Andrew Luck has more potential than a pound of enriched uranium.


I saw some Colts fan here a few weeks ago refer to Luck as a probable HOFer but his career was shortened. Absolutely delusional.


The sad part is, they're probably right since the media had such a hard on for him. Most HoF voters were practically begging for a reason to vote him in.


I’ve had this conversation so many times and I don’t get it People constantly say rivers shouldn’t be in the HoF because he lacked any all pro selections, no mvps, never made a SB. Luck is essentially the same except for half as long. And tbh even rivers had a few years where he was absolute top-level (08 for example), luck had two seasons where he was top 5ish Like Stafford was on bad teams and had roughly the same stats, why haven’t we been “projecting” him as a future HoFer too?


\*cough cough\* Colin Cowherd \*cough cough\*


Saw the post title and was immediately like "Yeah, no, Cam's better than Luck." A MVP, a Super Bowl appearance, multiple NFL records, an all-Pro, and a 15-1 season (even if they lost in the Super Bowl). ​ Even if 2015 was an outlier (it wasn't, Cam was heading towards a similar season in ~~2017~~ 2018 before he got injured), that season alone places Cam above anything Luck ever did. And Luck's retired, so it's not like there's any chance of Luck eventually surpassing Cam.


>(it wasn't, Cam was heading towards a similar season in 2017 before he got injured) 2018*


I also think cam should’ve been a pro bowler in 2017 because he straight up carried that offense (best wideout was funchess and led the team in rushing)


I agree. Carried our ass against the Saints in that playoff game too and our fucking wideouts were dropping TD passes.


And the best kicker in the league missing a chip shot to lose by 5 when in field goal range


And the team he lost to in the Super Bowl just so happened to have one of the best defenses in league history. A loss is a loss, but you must admit he probably had the worst matchup he could have possibly had that game. If I may be so bold I also feel the same way about the 2013 Broncos to an extent. The 2015 Panthers are a better team for sure, but think about it. What are the odds that 2 of the best teams/offenses we saw in that decade both made it to the Super Bowl, and both of them played against 2 of the best defenses we've ever seen. 2 years apart.


Also Stafford was since 2006 frankly the only reason Luck is in the top half is there were about 5 years where the first pick was a flat out bust. Stafford Cam and arguably Garrett are already ahead. Baker could end up ahead so could Burrow and Lawrence.


It’s tight, but 2015 means it has to be Cam for me


Yeah, I'd need to see a list to really know but Cam was an MVP who got to a Super Bowl and generally has had an incredibly successful career. Luck was better but he didn't have the same success for his franchise.


There have been a lot of “good” players taken at No. 1 overall since 2006, but perhaps none qualify as a sure-fire Hall of Famer. Of them, Luck reached the highest sustained peak, recording overall grades of 90.4 and 91.2 in his final two seasons before retiring after multiple injuries. There’s a good chance that Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawrence, all of whom were taken No. 1 overall in recent years, could be changing this in time. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-josh-allen-justin-jefferson-lamar-jackson-best-first-round-pick-every-draft-slot-2006-draft


Keep disrespecting Baker like that. He'll feed off it.


The absolute disrespect towards JaMarcus. Not that he was snubbed for this honor. Just that we do not respect him.


Nobody could make Purple Drink like that man!


It's drank you cretin.


JaMarcus was such a badass college player. If he even had Rex Grossman's work ethic, he'd have been decent.


Cam Newton doesn’t exist?


Thats what the entity we see as Cam has been trying to communicate to us for YEARS on its twitter


Right, when I think of the Colts I think of Manning. When I think of the Panthers I think of Cam. Putting luck above Cam is just disrespectful.




Best talent? Sure. Best results and what you expect to get out of a first pick? No. People love to blame the Colts for ruining Luck, but to put it bluntly Luck was a total dumbass who didn’t know how to protect himself. If he played a bit more like Tom Brady instead of being a Tin-Man thinking he was Iron Man, he would still be playing. Combing the two above, I’d probably give it to Cam. Luck’s 5 year run was great, but Cam reached the higher peak, 1x All-Pro, MVP, 15-1, and Super Bowl appearance. Carolina got more value out of him than the Colts did out of Luck.


I think his main injury was a shoulder injury he sustained skiing that took like 18 months to fully recover from. So it wasn't even on the field.


Weird, I thought NBA and NFL players all have it in their contracts they can’t participate in certain sports like skiing due to injury risk Patrick Mahomes had some Instagram videos of him playing basketball and the Chiefs GM apparently shut that down the next day


Reading The Dynasty about the Pats, theres a story about Bledsoe telling Robert Kraft how he just got back from helicopter skiing and Kraft putting in his record breaking contract that he could not helicopter ski lol


Did Big Ben have to stop riding motorcycles after his crash? I thought I remember something about that in his contract after that.


Stay in shape… not like that!


I still remember the news breaking that Luck was able to finally start throwing nerf footballs during his recovery.


I remember when it came out that Luck was not throwing footballs but *was* throwing things HEAVIER than footballs. Lmao


The real crime? That flip phone he had.


Cam also holds season and career records.


Recency bias against Cam is too real. He was bad last year, but people forget that he lived up to the generational talent hype.


Cam has been bad more than just last year


~3409 yds, 24tds, and 500 rushing yards in 2018. Not MVP levels like previous seasons, but definitely not bad.


Past 3 years****


I mean Cam didn't have to break the records of a top-three quarterback of all time.


I wasn't talking about franchise records.


Didn’t luck also fuck his shoulder and calf up skiing and hiking respectively?


He was one of my fav players but he doesn't get enough flak...vaguely recall some snowboarding accident


Now imagine if Cam was injured in the same way. The media would be screaming about how irresponsible he is and shouldn't be trusted as a franchise QB.


Ya know why only mobile qbs get this bullshit Shit fucking sucks man


Idk if "mobile" is the relevant identifier here...


[Snowboarding](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/andrew-luck-opens-up-about-snowboarding-accident-injury-0ap3000000959225), [Traveling europe](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/1995680001)


Snowboarding, but I haven't heard about the hiking thing.


I've heard the same thing about the hiking one but haven't actually seen an article or something corroborating it. I dont doubt it though


Luck was, continues to be and (due to retirement) will always be overrated. Never got a passer rating over 100 in a season. He had 2 sub 80, that’s as many as Brady, Rodgers, Ryan, Rivers and Manning (hint: it was peyton’s first and last seasons). Luck should be considered what he was statistically: an above average QB. An average QB is about 13th to 19th in the league. Andrew Luck consistently put up numbers between 8th and 12th. That’s above average. People want to say elite or trash, but there’s a lot more than that. Andrew Luck can be properly viewed as good, but great is a HUGE leap. Luck led the league in TDs 1 time in 6 years, in his first 6 years in the league (including 2 years on the bench) Rivers did that, and he led Y/a, AY/A, Y/C, Rating, and a number of other metrics. At best, Luck was on pace with Rivers. That’s not a bad thing to say, but folks want to say he was unreal, hall of fame guaranteed, generational talent. He wasn’t he was good.


jesus dude he's not a "total dumbass" and he's not a "tin man." you can say he made poor choices but he obviously wasnt a dumb player and he was a physical beast.


It’s not really debatable that he took more dumb shots than the average starting quarterback. He played a lot of hero ball.


Surprised no coaches on the Colts encouraged him to shut that down. Cam was notable during his MVP season for taking big hits for all those run in TDs...he really never was the same after that season Hopefully young QBs now get taught to slide. Joe Burrow never slid in college ball, but for the sake of his career, he should learn. Kyler Murray already knows he has to avoid hits if he wants to make it a full season


No doubt in my mind Kyler would be out of the league in 5 years if he wasn't playing as safe as he is. His body is so small he literally looks like a high school player out there, until he drops bombs on your defense at least.


That baseball experience comes in clutch when sliding.


Burrow was on mic last year talking to the refs about how he is learning to slide so he doesnt take those nfl hits, said he could take them fine in college but not at the nfl level iirc




He was still doing this even win they were good. It may have made them even better, but it destroyed his body


You misinterpreted both of those.


Cam Newton is better than Luck tbh


Definitely. MVP and a Super Bowl appearance.


There has only been 15 #1 picks since '06. This is one of the dumbest ranking's I've ever seen. So Luck is best out of 15 players with the last few not having time to prove themselves? Waterweedunehair?


He isn't even the best now Cam Stafford and Garrett are in that mix and Baker Burrow and Lawrence could all blow past Luck relatively quickly.


I think that’s as long as PFF has existed.


Is PFF really the best brains for the arts?! 🎲🎲 b


Cam is the best #1 pick since 2006


Slow news day huh?


😭😭😭 fucking a I was happy today too.


Baker winning it all!


He only played 5 and a half seasons.


Curse you, Grigson!


I’m very happy he can retire with millions and live a happy life with his wife. There is no other reason that I’m glad he’s no longer playing football


So he’s compared against like 7 guys who aren’t playing anymore and 7 guys who still are, 5 being drafted in the last 5 years...


Yahoo Sports with one of the most pathetic posts of the offseason, literally just reheating another site's offseason rankings blog post for their own "content."


This is syndicated content. They pay for content from partner sites. Yahoo mostly does this. It's a fairly benign practice in media, nothing to get your panties in a knot over


Asking people on reddit to have an understanding of how the media operates that requires vocabulary beyond "repost" or "clickbait" is asking a lot, sadly.


I work in media so I don't expect people to understand everything, but I also just graduated 2 years ago. Seeing people on Reddit talk so confidently about something they obviously are ignorant about has made me a lot more doubtful about what I read here


People on reddit also haven't graduated. From high school.




When he finally wins a playoff game or two you can start to consider it.


When Luck starts playing again I'll consider him. Not sure how you think a guy who's best season doesn't top Stafford's best season, someone with half the seasons played as Stafford is a better pick for the franchise.




Well, it’s silly to compare them anyways. Luck was by far the better player.


He really wasn't.


I feel like people have just not watched Stafford play at all and then think to themselves "Lol but the Lions!?!" whenever he's mentioned as being a good QB. Anyone who has seen him play a lot knows Stafford is a super talented QB. I'd definitely put him over Luck and probably Cam.


Word. Stafford is definitely a better qb than cam and people are putting cam above luck.


I think the argument is that Cam's achievements justified picking him first overall. Superbowl appearance, 15-1 season, 1 league MVP. Stafford has none of those, so in terms of value Cam was the better #1 pick.


Yes, but Stafford managed more than a decade with the Detroit Lions without retiring. Not even Hall of Famers Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson could accomplish that


They also weren't being paid $32 million. Megatron was getting fucked by 3 players every play and Barry Sanders has the most negative yards in NFL History. Stafford gets paid more and is protected more.


You should look at how much Calvin Johnson was getting paid lol. Sure it wasn’t $32 million because he’s not a QB, but he was getting paid a shit ton.


I think Stanford/Cam is actually the much more interesting conversation. You can’t put Luck #1 for what he could have done


Cam was definitely a better football player though, and that’s why he’s an MVP and Super Bowl runner up


Now he obviously is but from when Cam was drafted in 2011 to 2018 Cam accomplished way more as QB. Staffords career accomplishment is one pro bowl. Cam has multiple of those and an MVP.


Anyone who thinks Cam is better than Stafford are smoking some really, really good shit. Stafford stopped Detroit from being a potentially even worse version of Cleveland.


And cam did the same thing for the Panthers. Man Stafford has been underrated for so long people are now overcompensating and now he’s super overrated. What has he actually accomplished?


It’s good to finally read someone say the truth. People are overrating the ever living shit out of Stafford. He is not a bad QB. But people are talking him up way way too much. And yes I have seen Stafford play. I have watched every pass of his NFL career.


Stafford has done a ton with no support: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/nmyies/clare_while_kirk_is_the_poster_child_for_this/gzs6z43 Cam has had a good career and has definitely had more success, but Stafford is the better overall QB.


Luck was awesome but he didn’t do anything. I say that respectfully. But it’s true


No disrespect to Luck but surely it’s Cam? An MVP, super bowl appearance, AP. Cam accomplished more than Luck while also having a higher peak


Feels like this could very well change due to the fact he didn’t last very long.


Cam is #1. I would argue there are others that were better picks given Luck's short timeline. If you're drafting today, would you take Stafford for 12 years and counting or Luck for 6?


Obviously Jamarcus Russell like cmon


Wonder how they made this especially since the dude straight up retired randomly.


Did they really just make an article on another article


This whole thread is just assholes thinking they called luck as a bust because they are salty losers


Maybe the colts will hang a banner for this


I think Luck was a better QB but you can’t really justify him over Cam. Just not fair to the player that accomplished more


So Alex Smith in 2005 was better?


PFF started collecting data in 2006 it’s not arbitrary Edit: well the selections are somewhat arbitrary, but the date itself is not.


Grigson and Pagano need to be arrested for the crime they committed against Andrew luck.


Fuck you, Colts. This man should still be playing.


I liked watching luck play and it sucks ass that his career was stolen from him because of bad personal decisions, but Cam has to be number one here, we can sit back and speculate what luck could have done if he had been able to play longer but the truth is cam won an MVP and went to the superbowl.


Luck is one of the most overrated players I’ve ever seen. He was good, no doubt about it. But Jesus, people look back on him like he’s a mix of Montana, Rodgers, and, well, Jesus Christ. It’s okay that he was “just” pretty damn good for 6-7 years and then retired.


they'll always have that Chiefs playoff comeback to jerk off to atleast. Kinda sad that he left so soon but it only speaks to the intelligence of Andrew. Why risk CTE when you are set for life and a millionaire by 30 years old. Smart move tbh.


The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're always a day away. Oh shit my thoughts came through out loud on another Andrew Luck thread.


I would still put Cam Newton over him as the better QB 1 draft pick. I’d argue Luck is the better player; but Cam took the panthers to more success... 3 division wins, 4 playoff appearances, 1 NFC championship win, 1 super bowl appearance, and 1 MVP.... then luck did with the colts Like I said though I’d personally say Luck is the better player. But in arguing who was the best #1 pick I’d say you have to discuss who was the most transformative player for their team. And in that regard I’d give it to Cam Newton




All but Myles