[NBA Analysis] 3 Trade Packages Featuring Marc Gasol For Lakers To Consider

[NBA Analysis] 3 Trade Packages Featuring Marc Gasol For Lakers To Consider


Nbaanalysis.net? I’ve been trying to block, delete that site from popping up on my browsers. Their takes and ‘analysis’ are shit and they make ridiculous trade scenarios that aren’t even viable. 100% clickbait. Damn, armchair journalists.


Yep that site is garbage and not reputable at all.


I think if we are to move him for a pick, it should be with an east team that’s not the nets. I don’t want to give more ammo to GS.


Stop posting these no name sites. I automatically downvote these


I still its a mistake letting go of him. I loved watching him last season. But if he wants to go (Because AD will play more center or lakers didn't promise him starter position) than this is the best option. Get a second round pick and open up a roster spot for a perimeter defender. I also think that this lakers team has a lot of athleticism in WB, Bron, and AD, Monk, Dwight, and even to an extent DJ. Marc will slow them down, especially during transition. And transition buckets were our bread and butter in 2020. I remember we were getting transition buckets regularly after even made baskets. Anyways.. good luck to him. Loved watching his passes.


I mean you have him rebound and outlet for transition points when he’s on the floor but short of that he’s both making it down the court


I mostly agree with this and I think you hit the nail on the head. Marc would be great for ten minutes of passing and shooting against half court teams, but if he insisted on a starting spot, then sorry. That mindset is over. I bet the Heat would take him.