21.0 Known Issues - Multiplayer Discussion

21.0 Known Issues - Multiplayer Discussion


13 August 0200 UTC edit - Re-stickying and editing this in the hopes of reducing repeat posts about the Book of Heroes pop up a little.... #> Separately, we’re aware of an issue where a pop up appears with placeholder text after finishing all Book of Heroes installments. We’ll be fixing this pop up in a patch next week and will be issuing a Golden Standard card pack to all players who completed Book of Heroes, which will be the reward for completing this content moving forward. --- 5 August 0300 UTC edit - The [Diamond Benedictus / achievement issue](https://twitter.com/abtsein/status/1423105685882130434) should be resolved. --- To clarify, I’m posting and stickying this mostly for the Diamond Benedictus issue, but the two updates for 3 August are - > 8/3 UPDATE: United in Stormwind Battlegrounds Perks did not initially appear in the in-game shop. The issue has been resolved and should be rolling out shortly. > We are also aware that Flightmaster Dungar is not being correctly counted in United in Stormwind Achievements. That issue is being investigated at this time. Hopefully this cuts down the posts re: this issue a little.. --- Separately, there have been prominent server issues on the Asia server for some time, which devs have acknowledged that they are working on. The [update today](https://twitter.com/Celestalon/status/1422786523544494087) on this: > We've definitely heard the reports of issues with the APAC servers, and have been working on solutions. It's an especially difficult problem to solve because it's network routing problems, outside our server networks. But we're working on it!


Priest quest 8 cost part is broken It looks at the original cost of the card, unlike every other step. I played an 8 cost Alex from draconic and did not receive progress, while I played a 1 cost fortitude and it did count. Real wack


I noticed something off about it as well, i played a discounted 8 cost at 7 and the 1 card unlocked both counts.


I noticed this too.


You can't really blame Blizzard for catching that bug. I mean they would have to play priest AND survive that long. What are the odds?


That sounds kinda broken in a good way once you know it.


Yeah, I opened a topic about it yesterday. It only seems to impact cards that originally cost more than 8 and are discounted. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/oxa4cl/bug\_with\_seek\_guidance\_it\_ignores\_discounted\_mana/


It probably has to do with the draconic studies cost reduction not being attached to the card but an aura on your hero. Nothing to do with 8+ cost cards as such


Incorrect. The same draconic studies discount works on other dragons discounted that originally cost 8 or less in my playing. For example, when playing a 5 cost dragon at 4 cost with the draconic if studies aura, it checked off the 4-cost card requirement on the quest. However, playing an 8-cost Ysera did not.


That's mega weird


are discounted cards suppose to work for quest? im confused because i played a 6 mana primordial protecter from insight and it ticked off the 6 cost requirement for the quest...


They are suppose to yes, but sometimes when you discount a minion (or maybe spell, unsure) that costs more than 8 originally, it does not trigger.


That makes sense, noticed that last night with the spell that reduces it's cost based on how many spells your holding, when I played it for 3 mana it complete the 8 drop portion.


Same thing just happened to me. Drew a 10-cost card reduced to 8 but didn't get quest progress. Has worked for all other discounts so far.


This is straight up terrible programming. Why isn't the same function/method used for all of the cards?


>https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/oxa4cl/bug\_with\_seek\_guidance\_it\_ignores\_discounted\_mana/ There definitely needs to be consistency or guidance RE this issue because it's not even consistent within Draconic Studies 🙄


same thing happened to me with sleeping dragon or whatever that 4/12 taunt is. lost me the game probably tbh.


Yup, huge bug affecting priest right now.




I wasn't sure this whole time if discounted cards were supposed to count or not because of these bugs, made me take discount effects out of the deck. Weak


I think it got fixed with the patch, it mentioned something about priest quest and discounts but I didn’t test anything


Darkbishop Benedictus' start of game effect won't show in the the menu on the side if any other start of game effects (such as C'thuun the Shattered, Baku and Genn, or even an opponent's Benedictus) are present. Only a small bug but I thought it was worth mentioning all the same.


Is this intended: after a finished warlock quest i cant cast spells which cost health if i dont have enough health, even though my opponent will take the damage anyways.


I have lost too many games due to this


Yeah that seems like a bug. You can cast a spell that you have exact health for even if it kills you, I’m not sure how this is different


Because it is a cost that it erroneously checks, it is the same logic why you can't play a 8-cost card if you have seven mana.


Immune bypasses this afaik, but Tamsin should have that same bypass


you always could cast spells that cost more health than you have. your health just went into negative numbers and you died.


Wrong. I remember threads in the Ungoro days about bloodbloom spells not working when too low on health.


He's not wrong, you can kill yourself with these effects.


You can, but not use more health than you have, as it is acting in place of mana.


Don’t play warlock


"Pave the Way, the second portion of the Paladin Questline, does not upgrade Duels-only Paladin Hero Powers." Upgraded duels hero powers incoming? Seems cool


I bet they'll just change it to make your Hero Power (1) cost cheaper when you tick that step of the quest.


I thought it was banned from Duels?


Quests can't be discovered or added from buckets they can be put in your starting desk though


I was able to get a second pirate quest in a warrior run yesterday at 8 wins, weirdly enough.


Mage Ice Barrier animation is broken. Seems to trigger twice.


Yeah, I have noticed this with a lot more (all?) armor effects.


You know, I played traveling merchant in arena, got the stat buff from three minions, bounced it back with brewmaster and played it again, and it kept the previous buff and got another one from the second time I played it. Pretty sure thats not intentional


Tavish doesn't get the green aura when he's ready to attack after completing the quest. Lost few games cause I thought he couldn't attack. He can, it's a visual bug, still confusing


I’m trying to play some decks vs the innkeeper but every time I queue, I get “this deck is not valid for this game mode.” The decks have UiS cards but no Wild cards.


I found one, mage is broken and unfun to play agaisnt. Big issue there.


Same with warlock


They seriously need to just delete this expansion and start over because its an absolute failure!


Yup Mulligan simulator did i draw all my 8 cost cards on turn 2 again?!?


App doesn't work on mobile.


I've had the same issue. Can start any games in any mode


Putting a VPN on my phone seemed to fix the issue. Blizzard says it's something to do with the mobile carriers


I need Grave Rune to deal with Warlocks and their 20 board clears but don't want to feel like a cheat. :(


I think it only summons 2 now?


[[Grave rune]]


* **[Grave Rune](https://cards.hearthpwn.com/enUS/DRG_302.png?88605)** PR Spell Common DoD ^[HP](https://www.hearthpwn.com/cards/151417), ^[TD](https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/cards/grave-rune/), ^[W](https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Grave_Rune) 4/-/- Shadow | Give a minion "Deathrattle: Summon 2 copies of this." ^(Call/)^[PM](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=hearthscan-bot) ^( me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. )^[About.](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=hearthscan-bot&message=Tell%20me%20more%20[[info]]&subject=hi)


How is it a cheat? Curious


The bug where it always summons 4 instead of 2. I may not have been aware of recent developments or if they just fixed it, but they don't discuss it here.


Then again, it is still in the game and Blizzard is clearly aware.


In retrospect, with all the meth-driven nonsense that I saw in Wild today it wouldn't be overpowered enough to win a game. Time will tell.


I had a Stalag and Feugen summoning two Thadius. Is it the same bug?


That’s normal if they both die at the same time as both their deathrattles will see that the other died so both will trigger successfully.


SO UH,No idea if this is indeed a bug. but, I think Bolvar is coded kinda weird. would love some confirms from experts. :D 1. I have Bolvar on board along a 1\\1 divine shield dude, shaman uses devolving missiles, he hit the shielded dude first cast, bolvar treats it as a removed shield! and I get a handbuff. Bolvar did not get hit by the missiles, but looking at how that went - maybe it's missiles are 3 seperate instances and this interaction wouldn't have worked if bolvar was hit first?.. 2. I have nothing on board neither does my DH opponent, Bolvar is in hand along with Lothraxion, I have the prismatic jewel kit equipped, opposing demon hunter uses glide on my 2 minions, all minions that were drawn back got the jewel kit buff and a charge was used.


Priest Quest won't accept Silas Darkmoon as a 7-cost card for whatever reason


Did you swap Silas to your opponent when you played it? There was a similar issue where Silas wouldn't corrupt other cards if he swapped sides.


Yea that's what I've been doing everytime. If that's the case, then I guess I'll keep him out of the deck for now.


Same thing happened to me and lost me the game


Opponent’s Warlock quest is skipping my entire turn?


I'm getting a rope instantly because I had to sit through a lot of (warlock) animations. One time I literally had just a few seconds before my turn ended.


Literally just lost because I spent 80% of my turn watching the warlocks animations and got 15 seconds for my turn. Came to see if anybody else experienced this. What a load of bullshit.




I'm surprised no one has realized this. You can run a few deathrattles in your deck and the blade will just take them up without you drawing them or playing them or them dying. Just how did this get QA tested?


Ya. It’s supposed to copy a “triggered” deathrattle, but I just played the 4 mana 4/2 stealth girl and the next turn copied her effect without her ever dying


The game prompts me to sign in on Mobile but just sits loading for 30 mins not doing anything. It worked fine yesterday


The golden pandaren is missing her arm and her frog and she's really creepy without it


Anyone having issues playing on mobile? I've reinstalled the game on my phone to try and fix it. But everytime I try to play any mode, the game wheel just spins for minutes


What's going on today ? All my games are full of UI problems and crash / DC


I've been getting a lot of disconnect issues on iOS the past few days.


Would like to know how the devs & community feel about this: The Priest Quest is not a shadow spell, but it also starts in your hand, rather than your deck. IMO it should not prevent you from starting the game in shadow form if it is the only 'non-shadow spell' you started with. Thoughts?


I mean that never worked for the Genn Greymane restrictions of only having even cards in your deck, even though it's pretty similar. Conversely I think there are sometimes issues with say new Cthun not being broken into 5 costs, or conversely being broken up with either Baku or Genn depending on if they are or aren't in your hand at the start of the game. And I think that the one Legendary demon 5 mana 5/6 sometimes works for Baku decks, but I'm not sure if it still does or the order in which things are checked. Yes you could argue for the whole on play checks deck requirements, but they occur after the game has started while all of the At the start of the game check your deck usually check the whole deck rather than your deck minus your hand, arguably they activate before you draw your cards, but that isn't how the interface seems to show it.


For the warlock questline, if you play Blightborn Tamsin and have Stealer of Souls, it won’t let you play a card with more health cost than you have remaining even though the damage would go straight to the enemy hero and not you. [Screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/uwy5CF2)


Does anyone else notice (at least for my on iPad) my quest line disappears after I select my cards even tho I don’t select?? It’s happened to me in 4 games so far and I’m going nuts. I don’t get what causes it. It’s random. I just stared at the screen and watched it happen again. Going to record my starts now.


Paid for the tavern pass, but doesn't show in the rewards section that i got the pass??!


Upon finishing the mission, Tavish does not have the green aura. The fact that I assumed he couldn't attack cost me a number of games. Because of the visual bug, it's still unclear whether or not he can do it.


Has anyone been unable to get the "Collect all 135 United in Stormwind cards" Achievement? I have all the cards but it claims I have one neutral legendary left to collect... I doubled checked in my collection for "missing" and nothing is missing. I even crafted "Varian, King of Stormwind" twice in case it was the diamond card messing it up. Anyone else had this issue?


I'm not at all 135 cards yet, but I am missing credit for one Neutral card. Only one I can think of is Varian, King of Stormwind, so the Diamond version seemingly isn't counting.


Yeah I'm guessing its related to that Diamond Card. Check today, my achievement finally came through.


Is anyone on T-Mobile's 5G having issues where they literally cannot connect to a match over mobile data?


Yup known issue


I'm fairly certain my achievements aren't getting logged. I've been playing quest DH, and I've played several peddlers by now and discounted many, many cards. Neither of the 2 achievements have any progress done on them.


I met a Boar Priest mirror and used that spell that takes controll over an enemy minion with two or less attack for a turn, then i rammed it into another boar that the priest had when a bug appeared. The boar i took controll of did not count towards my sword, neither his, and when i killed off those two - one of them respawned on his side.


I hexed [highlord fordragon] and it procced the pally's [prismatic jewel kit]. Intended??


Anyone else having issues with the client being slow?


I haven't seen this posted anywhere, but this is the most aggravating issue I've notice thus far with United in Stormwind --- THE ERROR IN FLORIST'S CARD TEXT! "At then end of your turn...." Makes me want to bash my head into the wall and end it all.


I guess they also have never seen this card played.


When enemy Mage uses Hot Streak, the spell effect shows on my face instead. When their Ice Barrier activates, it plays the effect twice.


Fucking amateur hour


Anyone else managed to get the 135/135 stormwind achievement? It keeps telling me I'm missing 1 neutral legendary, but the only one that is 'missing' is Varian who I have a Diamond copy of.


It's flightmaster dungar he's not being read as a card in your collection for whatever reason they are aware and looking into it.


Yeah it's cause he's dormant in the collection till he completes his flight path.


Ah, cheers, didn’t even think of that card. I reached the gold version on the pass at I guess that one also didn’t count.


Quest Warlock, after completing the quest and playing Tamsin, cannot play cards that cost health if your health total is lower than the health cost of the card, even though the damage would be redirected to the opponent.


Not sure if it's a bug or intended, but Devolving Missiles hitting a Divine Shield minion will activate the Paladin handbuff weapon.


I think that one is actually intended, as it "lost" divine shield. It's worked that way for a while with similar effects.


It works the same way with silence effects as well, so it seems something intended


does something like siphon soul also trigger the weapon? If not it would be a very strange interaction.


I fucking hate this meta. You’re the worst Blizzard


So I've found a bug, when warlock has his quest and questminion activated, he also makes fatigue damage transfer to his opponent. was this the intent? for warlock to be free of fatigue damage and instead hit your opponent with it? effectively making his entire class a 0 mana: your opponent draws a fatigue card and takes 2 damage? on top of that with the extra backfire card that rips through the opponents health pool with fatigue draw without downside?


it is intended


Oh my sweet summer child


Honestly after playing HS for years this is about as broken as ever and the most unfun gameplay yet. Priest quest doesn't even register reduced cards and games end by turn 8 with the same cards every time I play. It's like they want matches to end before it even begins. I'll be back when they fix this extremely fast meta with no actually strategy but quest racing. I wish they would have taken their time on this and not rushed out another expansion.


The third tier of Warrior's "A Pirate's Life For Me" achievement only awards 200 xp. All the other third tier achievements award 500 xp.


When does it hit mobile?


I play strictly on mobile and sometimes when I play a tradeable card, it gets traded into my deck when I have the card hovered in the middle of my screen. I've lost too many times today because of this.


Does Rat Pack count for the rat achievement yet?


achievement points seem to be broken.. I have achievements completed from the previous seasons but the progress bar shows 0% and all achievement points are reset as well. [https://imgur.com/a/M7dtl5p](https://imgur.com/a/M7dtl5p)


I had a bug with the questline for hunter and lock and load. When I completed the 2nd part with lock and load on and used a spell, didnt get a new one...new one being a card from lock and load.


With the warlock questline, when its completed, if it heals itself it does damage to the enemy hero. I thought it was only supposed to take damage when the warlock hero takes damage. Surely lifesteals and such shouldn't also injure the enemy hero and if anything you heal then enemy hero instead of yourself. Unless I'm missing something.


You probably missed something, healing certainly doesn't trigger damage to the enemy. I've played a soup vendor version in wild that can draw into fatigue by healing, but that's probably not what you are talking about. You might be confusing healing cards that cost HP because of stealer of souls


Ahh that makes sense. I figured I'd got something wrong because he was healing himself and damaging me and I thought that not how it was suppose to be working.


Stop raping fix rating


I coined bloodbound imp T1, on T2 I played Darkglare and attacked with the imp, but didn't get a mana back. Is that known or a new one?


I bought the tavern pass, but I'm not able to use the coin that is included with the tavern pass. When I look at my collection it says "enabled after purchasing the united in Stormwind tavern pass" but it won't let me use it and I already have the tavern pass. anyone else? ideas?


Paladin weapon for divine shield got 2 charges when I used outcasted Glided. The wolf that can only take damage at a time, got insta shot by my demon hunter 1 cost outcost with the 2x damage dude.


This might be an already existing bug, but you can get uncraftable cards from arena rewards. In my case I got my second copy of golden mailbox dancer before unlocking it on the rewards track; and hence by tomorrow I shall have three.


The demon hunter life steal warbaldes when attack is increased by the outcast give your hero +3 attack demon hunter card removes the lifesteal of the war blades, however rebel attacking it says I have lifesteal Cost me 2 games today.




Sounds like a massive difference in mmr multiqueue


The Transfer Student Card is broken on the Darkmoon Faire background


The Adorable Aspect achievement (play a 0-mana legendary dragon) seems to be broken. I've played a 0-mana Kalecgos, new Alex, and new Deathwing but I didn't get the achievement


Darkbishop Benedictus still doesn't give diamond hero power. Maybe it's intended, but it's not in accordance to regular/golden hero power cards.


A hunter killed my bloodmage thalnos while under a lock and load and I didnt draw a card.


Has anyone else found a sh*t load of bots/players afking the whole turn just to hero power? Every single turn? Maybe it's just an issue at lower ranks bronze/silver/gold? I didn't run into any from bronze-legend in standard. I just started playing classic yesterday and a good 20 out of the 40 games ish I played were bots/afk. I assume it's to complete the tavern pass? Idk, anyone with some insight?


Exp farming


it seems like there are too many cards that enable infinite generation, we have a priest that can kill you by playing on curve with 1 quest card we have a mage that litterally does more damage the lower her deck becomes with ignite, you know because the community loved playing against jade druid and then there is quest warlock that litterally cheats the entire game and then uses his fatigue damage to kill you without suffering any penalties or taking damage himself i played and enjoyed hearthstone since the grand tournament, but this is absurd, im signing out of hearthstone, its been fun, but it is time to move on. goodbye hearthstone, thanks for the amazing times


I just update the game from play store, now I can't play constructed and BG. It's always "your opponent fail to connect " message pop up after several seconds of the turning wheel thingy. Haven't try other mode beside thise two


Should be a known bug, but i will metion it again. In battlegrounds i played ticktus and then nzoth(?), Ticktus hero power was also activated.


Animations! It is possible turn it off?


Today i got dc'ed after a match. After the game would not launch so i restarted and everything is good. Now i start a ranked standard match, i threw away cram session in mulligan, click okay and the game just dumps whole hand, never seen this joke before. Conceded instantly.


When is the patch releasing? Sorry i'm at work, cant open that site.


I've played Illidan OTK deck this expansion exclusively. I've still learned a lot what's optimal deck and game play. It's very sad about no longer viable this arch-type. (I know expert has different opinion for healthy game, but where should solitaire players go from now?)


Maestra of the Masquerade, when revealed, removes attack buffs applied prior to the transformation. (It cost me a game) It's just a bit unclear that you're replacing your hero rather than removing a disguise - and with the attack buffs in Druid and Demon Hunter, it's more than likely to cause problems with the order of played cards.


I completed the mage quest, it was my turn, never got dawngrasp. Usually the quest works fine and this is the only issue i had.


I've played a lot of games of battlegrounds today and have not seen a single changed hero, are they in the game?


Can anyone else log in on iOS? Mine says the game is a new version and that I should update my client. But there are no updates on the iTunes store


The repair bot gelbin Mekkatorque summons has the text “TEMP” plastered onto the art


Fucking nerf warlock quest already


Moarg doesn't work with piercing shot


Playing renounce darkness in the tavern brawl, and if you get demon hunter, you lose your whole hand, and you get a deck with -1 cost to all your warlock cards


I also appriciate, that the card erreors still in the game, after like all the content creators pointed them out. i mean the golden card grapich bugs, and some typos. Not big of a deal, but this is not a "small indie company".


I bought the last battle pass (late) but never got my bonus gold, (I hit like level 160 or so) is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?


the tavern pass does not work retroactively besides for the cosmetic stuff. i dont know why you thought you would get bonus gold, sorry


Oh! I thought it was like a pool of gold being built up for the end as an extra reward, my mistake.


I’m thinking arena is bugged. 7 runs with no legendaries as well as not seeing a legendary from any other player as well. Like what’s up with the buckets? Cards are ass too a lot of anti synergy. Maybe I just have bad luck?


Purely speculating for conversation: This a bit out there & not a big issue, but I feel Maestra Of The Masquerade would benefit of having the **tradeable** keyword. It fits the expansion & even the minions whole gig. It would come down to choosing to play the 2cost 3/2 (which is pretty fine) or 1mana trading & having her as a dead draw later + Trading a Rogue card doesn't kick off her effect on your hero, so it's pretty funny for a wannabe-sneaky to shuffle MotM in their deck on turn X, but not changing back to Rogue, yet... this OR using tradeable should also switch the class (SI:7 extortion, etc.) Next to that, what if the new "lifelink" Warlock Quest has a **drawback** when the 7/7 is played?: Their hero takes the same amount of damage as when you heal or take damage (one of the two, I prefer the second) on your own turn. This might put the warlocks in tougher spots? Sure, Warlock has the most options with depleting their own life total, but FI Mages could target themself with spells, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Demon Hunter, Paladin can take damage on their own turn by attacking their minions with a weapon/ hero power, Shaman & Hunter are a bit of both, Priest can heal (& suck it) anyway & of course: Quest Warlock vs Quest Warlock would be a crazy tense race (let them eat their own kind mwahahah). I'm no pro & just spitballing, but this way it might balance QW out a bit? Dying from some crazy Darkglare + Crystallizer Combo on turn 5/6 where a lot of mid to slow/ combo decks start popping off is just a bit crazy. Also, the Priest Quest is, next to broken with regard to the *og.card cost* bug, instantly drawable with Primordial Protector, which also summons a random 10-cost to reaaally rub it in. Don't get me wrong, The quest itself is pretty okay, as with the new C'thun or even Bomb Warrior, I love the suspense of hoping the 1 in 10, 5, 2 draws will not be my downfall & it's an honest victory for my opponent IMO, but primordial boy, in the case of QP, undermines even this fun tension, It shouldn't be drawing that spell, at least.


Tavern Pass advertises 20% bonus XP but only gives 10% more. Claiming the 10% reward didn’t change the XP multiplier. Claiming the 15% bump changed it ever so slightly (I’m thinking they calculated it as +5% bonus rather than a total of 25% bonus). False advertising.


Same as last time, 10%, 15%, 20%. It's not additive, just replacing the older multiplier. You end up with 1200XP for a daily instead of 1000.


I’m fine if they do it like that but they should not promote +20% XP upon purchase when you need to work up to that amount. The additional 10% and 15% would to any onlooker indicate a total of 30% and then 45%.


Priest can't play Seek Guidance in a Benedictus deck, which indicates that Seek Guidance is a Holy spell, but it's not marked as Holy.


all spells in the benedictus deck have to be shadow. spells without spell schools are not allowed


Banana should be a Nature spell. That would have helped me in Arena just now.


I was on the road to 12 Duel wins and then I get matched 2 times against the same enemy and lose. It shouldn't work like that. Very annoying.