Turn 1 possibility... Meme or not? You can choose whatever 3-drop you want, this combination seems fun tho.

Turn 1 possibility... Meme or not? You can choose whatever 3-drop you want, this combination seems fun tho.

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At least they got rid of Edwin


"opening up design space"


By knocking down load bearing walls ;-)


I'll definitely be using this expression in the future. Good one, fam!


I'm excited to see this monstrosity with edwin in wild ngl. I respect the live by the sword die by the sword plays in a format that can pretty easily answer a big dude.




There are 5 cards + coin in the image




This is cool but any 2 or 3 drops in place of the robes and watchpost will basically end the game instantly. Bear in mind after you make this play your opponent will be sitting there with 2 mana to work with. This sub will soon be full of cutterbutter highlights in place of Edwin or gibberlings.




The point is that you don't really need two specific three drops to make Step + Fraud + Cutterbutter good, even something as basic as two Razorfen Raptors would be nearly game winning unless your opponent has exactly Immolation Aura


Is Shadow Step in the new core set?


It is.




We need Defile


I don't understand why they didn't add it


It's a 2 mana combo, not that it makes it not broken


Wild token druid was bad enough with how explosive it is (though literally any deck with pirates can get nuts with 2 of the 2/2's in hand). Now they're bringing it in standard


What 2 or 3 drop is better than this combo exactly? This forces the opponent to have minions answer the board, which only makes the board grow even more. Many classes are gonna have to wait until the mid game to have an aoe that can deal with this probably. Maybe I'm missing something here so I would be curious to know what's better.


If you just read my comment, I never said there were better cards to use.


Sorry. Your first sentence was just confusing to me. To me it reads as you wanted to replace it because it wasn't good. My bad. No need to get sassy. I certainly wasn't.


Its not about a particular combo being better then this, it’s about this combo requiring exact 5 cards (one of them legendary) for T1, meaning you need to mulligan 4 of those and draw the 5th first - so this combo will pretty much never happen. Meanwhile outside of this combo both Robes of Protection and Watchpost are pretty bad. Since the combo with Foxy, Shadowstep and Cutterbutter is instant gamewin regardless of which 3 drops you combine them with, you are much better off building an actual good deck that will work well in the 99% of games where you do not get this combo for T1 instead of sabotaging your deck for the 1% play being a little more gamewinning then it is...


I agree. I was just arguing about the combo itself and not whether or not you ever legitimately run it hahaha. If you had the perfect hand every game, this would be pretty decent, but that's unrealistic obviously. Now that I said this, watch watch post+robes turn out to be the nuts lmaooo


Robes is such an interesting card because it’s effect is crazy strong if you can get even slightly ahead on board but it’s still barely ever seen play. I experimented with it in tons of decks over time and more often than not it would more than pull its weight. I remember a few games as a hunter where I was able to get both robes and ace hunter Kreen on board at the same time and in each case the game was almost immediately over unless they had an immediate full board wipe. I honestly think there’s a chance robes could end up in a meta deck after the rotation.


Cutterbutter will fit right in with whirl kick rouge.


Whirlkick master is rotating


Thank god.


Even if whirlkick is rotating I think the list will still be pretty viable if other good combo cards come out.


Isnt the deck literally built around whirlkick?


Pretty much only in name. A lot of decks don’t even run 2 whirlkicks and is more built around getting a massive questing or extreme tempo so I think this card is really useful


Questing is also gone...


Oh, I thought it was new, why had I never seen this card before? Is it just that foxy fraud + swindle + passage made it work in ways that it didn't do?


Combo sucked until Foxy Fraud basically. Swindle is important too, Passage is just generically good of course


I think it's because of a critical mass of good low cost combo cards like wand thief and prize plunderer that makes whrilkick so good all of a sudden


I honestly thought she came out in Darkmoon fair lol had never seen her before.




Its nothing more than a possibility


The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable buildings, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles we never could.


Lol dude I have rewatched avengers like an hour ago


It will be posted here though.


You'd need exactly Foxy Fraud, Shadowstep, Cutterbutter, and then 2 cards capable and worth playing with him, and you obviously need to go 2nd as well for the coin and to even have 5 cards on turn 1. That'd take your entire hand up. It's possible to pull it off, but it'd probably be under 1/1000 games, it's essentially requiring Exodia on turn 1. You'll very likely win when you get it, as opposed to other card games literally just giving you the win right then.


I’ve fought enough Druids that start with double lightning bloom, innervate, coin, guardian animals exactly to know that that’s not unlikely to happen.


That's not nearly as specific a combo as this. Your example only needs 4 cards and the coin, this needs 5 cards and the coin, which means you don't get a wildcard or a buffer for error. You also don't even need a single legendary for that. You might think you're looking at it fairly, but you're simply not. Guardian Animals was the top of the meta so it was in the best position to be seen frequently, and more importantly it was a far more flexible combo than this. For every 1 time you'll see this Rogue combo, you'll probably see 100 of the Guardian Animals on turn 1, because it's that much more specific of a combo. There is a 0% chance you see this much more specific opening that often unless the entire deck is cards made to be playable with Cutterbutter, meaning nothing like Prep.


Are you sure? Turn 1 Cutterbutter + Foxy Fraud + Shadowstep + Swindle is already more probable (edit: just as likely when considering legendary) than t1 Guardian animals since it isn't reliant on dupes. Swindle's draw then near guarantees a good Cutterbutter turn.Might also be worth playing secret passage and getting cards from that. Even *just* one three mana card (like Self Sharpening Sword) is already pretty amazing tempo, no need to go max value. If you then include the scenarios where the other cards are already worth playing alongside it, then the space of good t1 cutterbutter hands explode, and make them more likely than T1 guardian animals. Which is good since T1 Guardian animals is much more game winning than T1 Cutterbutters.


If you watch poker you should know that stats like "1% chance" or "1/1000 games" like you said, are not very rare, this hand is gonna be in a lot of games even in games in a row so they need to be careful with rogue or hes gonna dominate the meta... Again


>this hand is gonna be in a lot of games 1/1000 means most players won't see it once. >even in games in a row 1/1000 twice in a row is 1/1000000 or one in a million, literally. It's quite possible that the deck isn't even played a million times, even if it becomes fairly meta. Of course it's probability, not that it happens at a certain time, but it's unlikely to happen at all. A streamer that plays 2000 games with the deck will likely see 0-5 of something that happens 1/1000 times, depending on RNG. You don't need to balance the game around a 1/1000 chance. I'd doubt it's even as high as 1/1000, you need to win the 50/50 cointoss and then draw exactly 5 fitting cards, 3 of which must be exact with 1 of those being legendary, and the remaining 2 have to be worth using the combo on them. It's ok for someone to win a game when they get a literal perfect hand, in fact if your deck doesn't win with it's best possible hand it's a shitty deck or a terrible matchup.


So what you're saying is that there is a chance.




That's what I said.


You only need 3 cards for this to actually work, the other two are filler and their would be much more dirty potential cards than the two filler cards shown


You only need 3 cards to get a 3/2 and 3/3 while using up all 3 of those cards and your coin, you mean. You still need cards worth playing turn 1 if you don't want your 4 drop legendary to be a plain 3/3, like it would be if your hand had 2 prep as the final two cards, for example. The combo is only near-constant victory if you get 2 cards worth playing instantly.


What I mean by filler cards is that you can have plenty of other cards fill in the slots that those last two cards do


~~Good luck having seven cards in hand turn 1.~~ Nevermind, second Foxy doesn't count, my bad.


5+coin you get 4 as 2nd + coin, and draw into the 5th, so possible.


tbh, two of them are interchangeable with any 3 or less cost creature/spell


Given this involves the coin (which implies we have to be going second), we'll already have drawn five cards and the coin is a sixth, so this isn't that far off.


I was getting stupidly mad because I couldn’t find any coment saying something about the 7 cards for turn 1... thanks for answering it before I even had to ask


That’s because it’s 5 cards, not 7


If it would be a Priest combo, they would fix it before this comes life


if it *were*


No, the cards aren't released so future tense is correct. It _will be_ a rogue combo. Not it _is_ a rogue combo


It is a 2° conditional , it means it is talking about an imaginary situation, in this case what would happen if it were a priest combo, the structure is : If + subject + verb in past tense , subject + would verb in present tense + the rest.


But doesn't a type 2 conditional refer to a hypothetical in the present?


that's the 3° conditional : I would have bought the car if i had knew how good it was.


Ah, my mistake


Usually, with these type of combos, I think "Never going to be legit, but someone will probably make a highlight video of it, after trying it a thousand times". In this case, I'm not even sure we'll get that highlight.


all you have to do is get shadowstep, foxy fraud, cutterbutter, and two minions that cost less than 3 and you have your highlight, the specific cards are just overkill.


Well, it would be an highlight, but just like 'spend all your cards on turn 1' (which I'm sure a lot of classes can do already). The idea of this combo is that on turn one, you get a 3/5 minion that can only be killed with minions, but any minion that's played spawns a 2-2. It's really close to be invincible, because it's turn 1, and the opponent's almost certainly going to die before they get something that can kill it. Still, for what it's worth: The odds of getting these cards you're talking about is around 1:1218 (I cut corners here and there, but it's in that ballpark). The odds of getting the full combo, 1:9800. Which is admittedly better than I thought, thought it'd be a lot worse than that. Still, if you count just 1 minute per game (just searching for a game, and conceding if you don't have these cards), it'd take about 160 hours of playing to get it once.


Yeah I know but you don't need this combo to win the game, against most if not all decks this is enough of a tempo swing to win the game with two random 3-drops, so 1/1000 is more like it, and we'll have hundreds of thousands of games with this deck so probably lots of clips on the subreddit as well.


> Still, if you count just 1 minute per game (just searching for a game, and conceding if you don't have these cards), it'd take about 160 hours of playing to get it once. I mean... that's less then a week's time you're talking about there, to be fair. And that's assuming it's a single person: If as little as 7 people are attempting it at once, statistically speaking we'll have it within the day of release. ^(I mean more likely it'd have to be more then 7, as 7 people would have to play hearthstone for 22 hours straight to get it out within the day, but you get my point.)


The best answer to this is aoe, so robes isn't that amazing. Regardless at 2 mana there is basically nothing thay can deal with this board... though the new dh spell is close (2 mana at the start of your next turn deal 3 to all minions)


Better to get 2x watch post to be honest, on 2 mana people can't remove this much hp.


Absolutely. Might be a better combo out there but this is a good start.


Nope. Too many cards for turn one. Total meme.


Did you not play before edwin got nerfed? Because this is pretty much the exact same thing as the old edwin turn 1 play.


It is the same currently because he is reduced by 4 mana anyway.


You only have 5 cards on turn 1. Turn 2 maybe


It's 5 cards, the Foxy Fraud was just shadowstepped.


Oh yeah you're right I just counted wrong lol.


This. Meme.


You can't have that many cards on turn 1


Nah it works going second. 2nd Foxy Fraud is just the first one shadowstepped.


Shit I'm dumb




5 + coin. He used shadowstep on foxy.


Forgot about extra draw at start of turn.


this just seems like Edwin with extra steps.


Solo leveling OP moves, here I come!


I stopped playing regularly because I faced against Token Druid with Gibberling into double lightning bloom and double power of the wild on turn 1. These kinds of combos shouldn't be possible


Just imagine if moseur vancleef was still in standard


Knowing my luck, this is gonna be my first opponent of the expansion


I don’t think it works this way. The mage card that discounts does not stack, does foxy fraud really allow to discount the same card by 4 mana.


~~Except you don't have the last card because your opening hand is only 6 cards on your 1st turn.~~ EDIT: I'm an idiot. There's only 1 fox in the opening hand.


I really hope hearthstone isn't the same shit with a ne coat if paint.....it's really looking that way....


Paid coin makes combo imposible


Isnt this too many cards to have in your starting hand?


yeah the turn 1 where you have 7 cards in your hand


You would be playing the Foxy Fraud a second time from the shadowstep, not the second copy




The coin dumbass


Hardest part would be getting 7 cards in turn one.


It’s a dream...you would need to play zero mana draw ~2 cards to make this possible. Maybe turn 2 or 3 it works


Howre you starting with all these cards turn 1


You don't have 6 cards on turn 1......


Foxy Fraud, Shadow Step, Scabbs, Watch Post, Robes. Is that 6 cards now? The coin you get for going second, in case you didn't know that.


When you start your round with so many cards Tell me how