Games where guns/fighting is a last resort

Games where guns/fighting is a last resort


There was this game called I Am Alive a post apocalyptic game where you can get a pistol but very few bullets. You even have to sometimes bluff enemies with your empty pistol hoping you won't get called out.


This is the game OP wants. I reckon it’s not going to get as many upvotes as it’s not well known, but it fits perfectly


I bluffed in DayZ once with an empty gun. It worked. I assumed his was also empty.


This is the first game that came me mind for me.


There still IS a game, just no multiplayer.


This. One of my favorites. Shame it never got a sequel.


Dishonored is the way to go It's more challenging & fun when you do a non-lethal playthrough. Also it gives you a nice trophy for it (& another for non getting detected through the entire game) which is pretty satisfying to do so. But not to mention that combat in the dishonored series is really fun & makes you feel like the super cool overpowered Assassin which is good in it's own way but stealth is the intended way of playing the game. Because the endings depend on how many people you've killed or spared


Came here to say this. Nonlethal/pacifist route is the absolute most challenging, but incredible, way to go.


Second this, played the first one recently and I absolutely loved it. When I did my second play through and went for not being caught once or killing anyone AND not buying any upgrades. It was challenging but it easily made it one of my favorite games


Death Stranding, you don't unlock lethal weapons until much later in the game and even then there is always a punishment for using it (bar maybe a few boss fights). None lethal fighting is risky, can offer a reward if you see something you really need but is often best just avoided. To justify killing something has to have gone really wrong.


This War of Mine. Fighting at all carries a big risk, and guns aren't easy to come by. Killing someone can send the character into heavy depression as well.


That sounds exactly like what I'm looking for, thanks for the recommendation.


You wanna get heavily depressed?


bold of you to assume we aren't allready


This comment is too real for the times.


This is an amazing game OP. From your post, I think you'll love it


Not me accidentally beating someone to death with a crowbar trying to walk past him


First game I thought of.


its so depressing tho


Yeah, fighting is definitely my last resort when scavenging.


Not necessarily. Depression after a few kills, unless it's that old couple or someone similar you kill. And guns were easy to get in the military base with a few kills. I definitely didn't play the game the way it was intended


Don't spoil it man, wtf


Maybe Mirror's Edge.


Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out.


Project Zomboid, to the point where it's not even fun. Firing a gun is just asking to get swarmed and die, if you pull it out you better have a good escape plan.


It sounds like stealth and/or survival games may be up your alley. For stealth, you could look into Hitman, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Thief, and Deus Ex. For survival, I recommend State of Decay 2. Everything you describe about having weapons but needing to be choosy on if, when, and on whom to use them rings true for that game.


State of Decay 2 is what I was thinking too. On the hardest difficulties ammo is scarce and just shooting a firearm can make a bad situation worse.


Desperados 3 and Shadow Tactics (or the older Commandos series) are mostly like that. Ammunition is normally scarce and alerts everything around them so you normally you only want to use them when nothing else works. Even most levels are possible without using any weapons and trying to avoid enemies with distractions and careful movement.


I am Alive Not a well know game that gives you a pistol and barely any bullets. You’ll even have to threaten with an empty gun sometimes Alien isolation You can shoot the alien, but it’s a last resort. You generally don’t have ammo Vampyr This game has those interesting decisions but more in the way of will I eat this person or not? Eating people makes you way stronger but can also lower stability of the region which makes more enemies spawn Kingdom Come Deliverance Not what you wanted but bear with me. You can only save by drinking special save potions, which greatly limit you (and when closing the game). Stealth is an aspect and fighting is kinda hard unless you went bonkers on the training ground, so you really want to do it sometimes. Last of us I think you might need a higher difficulty for true ammo scarcity but sneaking is important on normal as well Like others have said, many great stealth games such as dishonored or hitman, will ‘reward’ you for playing stealthy, but don’t necessarily punish you. You might still like them. There’s also immersive sims, such as bioshock, prey and we happy few. On higher difficulties ammo will be more of an issue so you’ll want to avoid fights or use smart means to get rid of the enemies. (Out of those 3, i think bioshock forces you to actually fight the most) Several survival games have similar aspects. State of decay has you carefully manage your weapons as they’ll break and you can switch survivors. They all need rest so you don’t want to alert too many zombies (or special ones) as they’ll tire you out, get your current survivor fatigued or hurt and your weapons broken. 7 days to die also has some scarcity issues early on. While you can fight close combat to varying degree, there are some disadvantages, I prefer sneaking with a bow, especially when you get into more crowded areas/buildings


If you're OK with isometric rpgs, Torment: Tides of Numenera has a really cool approach to conflict. You can fight quite a bit if you want, but at the same time I've went through the game with just a couple violent scenarios.


In Dishonored (1 at least, not sure about 2) you get an achievement for beating the game without killing anyone (not a single soul in any of the missions, or you won't get it). It's a stealth game, you have limited ammo, and guns should really be a last resort. The achievement is kinda hard to get, but feels rewarding :)


Maybe the last of us in the hardest difficulty. I only played the game on normal difficulty and even there you don't have a lot of ammo.


I'll second this. For both TLOU1 and TLOU2 on the hardest (Grounded) or second-hardest (Survivor) difficulties every bullet counts and also alerts the enemy. It's much easier to play the game stealthily, avoiding conflict and never firing your weapon unless you absolutely have to.


Subnautica. You could kill any animal you found but only few are worth it as a supply of food. Most of them are better to be just avoided.


Even more. You literally don't have the means to fight except keeping predators at bay with an electric charge and the propulsion (?) gun. It's an entirely pacifist game. The survival knife is only useful for sustenance.


That's not the case. Leviathans are tedious to kill, but not actually difficult. Certainly once you have a stasis rifle, as that lets you just freeze them in place while you knife them.


Yeah, stasis rifle trivializes any hostile encounter. It's tedious, but the knife will still kill anything with enough hits.


You're right, I forgot about that


I killed all killable enemies with the knife 😂


You should look into stealth games which allow non-lethal completion. Splinter cell series (try Blacklist), Deus ex, Hitman series (kill only targets, no civilian casualty), Dishonored, aragami. All of these can be played by eliminating everyone you see, or trying to find a way to finish objectives without killing and getting spotted.




I agree, but I've found it easier to get people into splinter cell series through Blacklist. I guess the appeal is it feels too simplistic and is flashy compared to the older games.


As some (though surprisingly few) have said, the Hitman games are built around that idea. You must kill your targets in every mission, but get penalties on your score for any additional non-target NPCs you kill.


Mirror edge is a good recommendation. There's no consequences for using weapons, but it's not about the shooting. In fact you can go through the whole game without shooting any thing and you run slower when carrying weapons. So there's that.


The hitman games are made with stealth in mind, and using guns has its consequenses. The same with the disonored games.


Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. You have ammo, but it’s highly limited. Most fights are with fists but when you do use ammo it shortens it considerably. Has that exact feeling you’re describing Edit: reread what you were saying. You still do have to fight, so maybe it’s not as good a fit as I thought.


Alien: Isolation The Evil Within Top ranked games


Metal gear solid (5 is my favorite one), splinter cell (chaos theory is the best, blacklist second place imo)


Metal Gear & Death Stranding


Project Zomboid


Subnautica maybe? Fighting and combat is actively discouraged in fact while you can murder everything in sight it's exponentially better to avoid the danger altogether.


Happy Cake Day iwantdatpuss! Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.


This War of Mine


Wait you mean story wise or gameplay wise? Deus ex human revolution had this story wise where you could be viewed as lunatic based on how many people were dead. Dishonored has it story wise where its pretty realistic. It's made abundantly obvious that there's a plague at the start of the game so this is not a spoiler but if you kill people, their bodes get eaten by rats causing their population to significantly increase along with the increase of disease. So god damn cool though. Kingdom come deliverance emphasizes that fighting is always a last resort but it normally only has consequences in side quests. Metal Gear Solid 5 has this game play wise. Guns are really loud and enemies learn. For instance, I used a shotgun and stormed enemy bases. That strategy came to a grinding halt as the enemies started wearing body armor, helmets and Slug shots. Kind of a spoiler but you can go lethal in Detroit Become human. It has different consequences but at least a few people feel guilty and it, depending on the situation, can have devestatig consequences.


Kenshi!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything is terrifying and running for your life is always the best option for a new character


You'll never get anywhere like that though. You need to fight and get beat up to up your health, block to up your blocking, etc. If you always just run or just do the dummies you'll never actually be strong.


Well I just ran and stole and ran and stole until I found ways to get a team. So I don't avoid fighting that much now but as op asked for; fighting is best avoided.


Deus Ex


Watch Dogs 2 ,if you can sneak successfully ,no need for weapons ,even if you need weapons you can use a stun gun to get out of situations ,kill people is the last option you wanna do


I heard that Legion goes a step further - that your permadeath character is only *killed* if they use guns, but will be arrested with chance of rescue if they use melee attacks. Maybe that's not as true as I heard though, I don't own the game.


I've never played it, but that's pretty awesome if it's true.


Only using the taser and RC vehicles makes the most canonical sense as well. It's not a "last resort" though; you can just whip them out and gun down groups of people with no consequence.


Metal Gear games are just what you need. Some of them include achivements for beating the game without killing anyone.


So much fun doing the missions with S rank only with non lethal guns or full stealth, love mgs


Sleeping dogs maybe ? Its basically gta but with fists. Guns do exist in the late game tho


In my recollection of the game, it's really just more like there are "gun levels" (sequences where both you and your enemies have guns and are at a long distance from each other), sprinkled occasionally throughout. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to get through those levels without a gun, unless you want a really high difficulty spike.


I remember only late game having guns


I guess what counts as "late" would depend on how many side quests you do. I do recall there's a relatively early mission where you meet the old white captain (Pendergast, I think his name is?) under an overpass and they do a tutorial for how to use guns in the game. Then right after that, there's like a full drug bust mission where using guns is encouraged.


well i played it soo many years ago so i could be wrong


>What's a game where the last-resort weapon, and the consequences of using it, has weight? This probably won't be your top solution but the game that defined this feeling for me was DayZ. You're on a 12km map X amount of other people (40-60 for console, sky is the limit on PC IIRC) and the goal is to go from town to town scavenging for loot. Guns are rare and precious. There is a decent amount of realism in the game. Gunshots can be heard from very far away by both players and zombies. You'll want to scout out towns, watching for zombie and player activity. When you encounter another player or a problematic zombie, it is VERY tense. Firing your gun will give up your location to any players in ear shot, and zombies will come running. It's not so easy to ditch zombies in this game and if you're running through a huge field with a string of them behind you, you're a sitting duck. Often you'll want to switch to melee and try to silently deal with zombies and typically (if you take the survival aspect seriously) you won't want to engage most players most of the time without spending time watching them to ensure they're alone, maybe follow them to see if they have a stash somewhere.. No game has ever made me sit there with someone in my crosshairs and really ponder pulling the trigger.. and a large amount of time, deciding to let the unknowing victim continue on, because pulling the trigger would ultimately be a bad idea for me.. since I don't necessarily have the ammo to fight off the coming zombies and for all I know, another player is up on a hill scoped in watching it all unfold. (sometimes the player is nice and will peck zombies off as you get away! RARE!) Protip: The world "friendly" in DayZ does not mean what it means anywhere else in the world. Only take strangers as allies if you're 100% comfortable with losing your shit.


Dying Light you don’t even unlock them til half way ish and using them gives little reward and major risk


Red Dead Redemption 2 has an honor system that tries to influence you to either be good or bad. It won’t force you into being a good guy but if you want to you can take the intention of the system to heart and not kill people who don’t deserve it. I found it very enjoyable to play the honorable cowboy, it’s also fun to be dishonorable and go on shooting sprees so there’s Something for everyone lol


You could check out the trailer for plauge tale. Don’t now if it’s something that you would like but I enjoyed it and it doesnt hurt to watch a short trailer. Cheers!


I enjoyed A Plague Tale but I don't think the stealth or the options in completing a level are its real selling points. You mostly just have the one way to complete the objective.


I think Call of Cthulhu has what you're looking for but I might be wrong. Near the end of the game you get a pistol and you only get a coupe of rounds. If you shoot at everything that moves you will quickly run out of bullets, so you're sort of forced to sneak past most of the enemies. It doesn't have very heavy consequences but it makes you think about what to shoot and running out of bullets is likely going to get you killed.


Resident evil 2 remake, resident evil 7. In both of these games ammo is a luxury. Surprised noone recommended these games yet


Never played it but Darkwood. Too spooky for me, I don't care for playing horror but like watching. Guns are very valuable and inventory is limited.


Chernobylite penalises you for killing as it affects your character’s health/sanity.


Postal 2. However it sounds - yes. You can pass the whole game without killing anyone. Also stalker - the best series ever (mods included, stalker anomaly is for free if you want to try it yourself)


I remember Watch Dogs Legion discouraging use of guns after the intro sequence. The melee combat is quite satisfying.


This is kinda DayZ. Try it. I’ve played it for a few days and only stopped because the hunger and thirst system in the game is broken as fuck (10 minutes without food? Starve to death.) but there are modded servers for that I can’t be bothered to find. Most players I met were friendly and acted how you’d like to think real survivors would. Ammo is so scarce no one wants to waste it.




Receiver 2 would be a good choice I think. Ammunition is pretty rare most of the time and enemies are predictable but lethal and some are really hard to hit. So avoiding enemies by sneaking past or choosing different directions entirely are valid options.


Last of Us both parts on grounded. You re limited with ammo so you use it only when facing death.


The Star Trek adventures. 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites.




First two of the Metro games series - Metro 2033 and Metro: Last light. They both are 1st person shooters, but you have to be very careful with who or what you shoot (unlike most games of that genre), as the game will often punish you if you use the force in areas where it is not needed, especially if you play at max difficulty (recommended, BTW). It is a game where stealth is optional, although you will never get a good ending if you just YOLO through the levels. In addition, the story itself is quite fascinating and I'm pretty sure will differ from most of what you've tried. Speaking of which - give it a shot, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. P.S. - they also released the 3rd game: Metro Exodus, but it is far more forgiving in terms of stealthy walkthrough and poor decision making. Still a good game tho, but definitely try the previous two because you won't get the plot at all. It's a kind of story that the games tell you and you need all 3 to really get into it


Gunpoint, small indie game made by Tom Francis


Dying Light, gunfire attracts bigger hordes. Best to avoid combat or use melee if necessary. Aragami, stealth game where most enemies will one-hit you if you're spotted.


Dying Light the following enhanced edition. Basically sound brings you more trouble in the game.


Manhunt possibly, it's an older horror game by rockstar circa 2003. It mostly relies on stealth and executions, but the final third unfortunately does focus pretty heavily on gunplay


If you're interested in turn based tactics, it's worth checking out [Invisible Inc.](https://store.steampowered.com/app/243970/Invisible_Inc/). It's a "get in, get the loot, get out" game. Every mission has a clock because as the enemies get more alert, they send more and tougher backup. Knocking enemies out is temporary, but killing them is definitely a last resort (for most play-throughs) because (1) enemies dying raises the alertness level significantly (fluff: guards all have remote heart monitors) and (2) lethal weapons have *severely* limited ammo. Like, you probably have single-digit number of uses for a campaign (which is like 8-10 missions or something like that), unless you're specifically working to do lots of killing.


dying light. there you can carry a gun, but you gotta know when and how to use it. its a pretty fun game


Assassins creed black flag, even fully upgraded, you only have 4 shots before needing a long time to reload, and it also alerts everyone around you to your position.


Beyond good and evil You play as a journalist investigating suspicious military facilities on your planet. You rely mostly on stealth but have to incapacitate enemy soldiers by attacking their weak spot on their back when cornered


How has noone said dishonored yet, it fits the description 100%