Someone had a successful Prime Day.

Someone had a successful Prime Day.


>Someone had a successful Prime Day Yeah, Jeff Bezos.


Prime day must be one of the worst days of the year for warehouse workers.


I work in an Amazon warehouse and was offered to go home 2.5 hours into my Prime Day overtime shift. Pretty sure I left a cloud I got out of there so fast.




[I pictured it more like this](https://frinkiac.com/video/S07E02/Lk_BhALjoFKmo5TqZGZfmCAXT2w=.gif)




This exactly!


Wait, were you not as busy as you were expecting? I guess I don’t understand why they’d send someone home early if it was as busy as it seems. Edit: phone autocorrected a “were” into a “we’re”


2.5 hours into overtime


Well was it? He said overtime shift implying it was an extra day on the week not 8h in as I see it


Overtime is mandatory for Amazon workers last I checked. For all intents and purposes it might as well have counted as a standard workday if they stayed.


Amazon watches and forecasts volumes like a hawk. It was an entire day of overtime for me, would have been 12 hours long. To give you an idea when we came in we were told our forecast was about 330k packages Tuesday night. We don’t really get updates on it afterwards, but I can say a normal night on my shift is closer to 120-140k. I guess the big bucks managers decided we were a bit overstaffed, as 5 people from my department that were on overtime were allowed to take the offer to leave, called VTO or Voluntary Time Off. Keep in mind there was probably around a thousand people working at the time, and I have no idea how many from other departments may have gotten a chance to leave.


I worked at the San Antonio airport. We had a whole warehouse operation dedicated to Amazon work. Had a direct trailer-fed line from the UPS hub, which on regular days would be insane. It didn't matter if we contained it to a warehouse or not, it always interrupted the ramp operation. I loved that job, but I hated it since the day we got to work with amazon. It eventually fed into an extra A-300 jet purely for amazon. Usually with overflow into a B-757, sometimes another A-300. We immediately doubled our aircraft/shift ratio because of amazon.


And they said email would kill mail delivery


Well, you can’t email a flat screen...


That's right, you just download it.


You wouldn't download a car


For us workers prime day doesn’t exist. Internally it’s prime week our normal package volume is increased all week long.


Apparently this Prime Day was the worst for Amazon's IT staff.


Prime day this year wasn’t that bad. The website totally shit the bed so people couldn’t order. We had so many extra people scheduled to work that we ended up leaving early.


And all the dogs that got some headshots in when the whole app crashed.


I sell on Amazon and I can tell you what this probably is. For those of us with inventory stored in Amazon warehouses, they charge a "long term storage fee" every 6 months on any inventory that has been sitting around for 6 months or longer. The fees on items that have been in storage for over 365 days can be HUGE. The next LTS fee is set to happen on August 15th. We have until then to create "removal orders" for any of our inventory that has been sitting. Amazon then ships all of that crap back to us for a *fraction* of what the LTS fees would be. My bet is this is an Amazon seller who has placed a large Removal Order of his or her backlogged merchandise.


Would think under those conditions they'd dump it all in big fuck-yo-stuff boxes instead of nice, safe, costly individual ones.


Yeah, I bet this stuff wouldn't fill half a Gaylord on a pallet.




gaylord is the name of the large open cardboard boxes that are sized to take up an entire pallet. [https://images.uline.com/is/image//content/dam/images/S/S4500/S-4480.jpg?$MediumRHD$&iccEmbed=1&icc=AdobeRGB](https://images.uline.com/is/image//content/dam/images/S/S4500/S-4480.jpg?$MediumRHD$&iccEmbed=1&icc=AdobeRGB)


That guy definitely looks like a gaylord


ULine to me.


I once ordered a packing paper roll from them. Just one decent sized roll of packing paper. Once. For 5 years they sent me 2-4 times a year the thickest damn catalog of packing stuff they sell. I used it for fireplace starter kindling. After 5 years I started feeling bad cause they clearly had spent more money sending me those thick ass catalogs then they made on that single roll of packing paper I bought from them. I kept thinking "You know after 2 years of not ordering something you'd think they'd remove me from their mailing list."


More than just packing stuff! How about some traffic cones? Or need a set of gym lockers? The guys amd gals at Uline have ya covered. Also one time made a maybe $200-300 order of various stuff and they included a bonus Hall & Oates album.


They also send one with literally every order. If you order a bundle of flat packed boxes, they find a way to attach a catalog to the outside of the bundle. I just can't understand why they think we would need 46 uline catalogs in a year. We never even open them, let alone order from them. If I need something, I pull up the website. We make multiple trips to the recycling center each year just to drop off loads of uline catalogs.


As a kid, I would actually look through them and find stuff I thought looked cool xD


I work in logistics. It is actually a thing.


Our inventory is usually split up and shipped to many different warehouses across the country to make it easier to ship to customers wherever they may be. These packages likely all came from various warehouses.


I’m also an amazon seller and this was my first thought. Some of those boxes aren’t return boxes though which makes me think it isn’t returns. For instance that prime pantry box. Then again maybe he ordered a bunch of stuff + he got his returns. Also just a word of caution, LTS is for items that have been in storage for over 180 days, not 365.


Why does this not have more upvotes, I scrolled forever looking for an explanation. Thank you!


Prime Day was 100% of the usual stuff they sell in their ‘deals’ section everyday. Their marketing dept did a fantastic job. It was crap and I don’t want 30% of crest white strips or 15% off Nike’s from 1998.


This happened last year, tons of meme screenshots. I’m surprised people bothered


That’s the reason I did. It was such a flop last year I thought they’d step it up to redeem themselves.


They did not.


we got lots of pictures of dogs though


...but, but.. I saved hundreds of dollars with those deals!


Get the honey extension for Chrome, you can track prices, and a lot of the things that went on sale actually had their price increase for a day about a month ago, so it looks like you were saving 50% when you were actually saving like 12%


And camelcamelcamel.com for a graphic of price increase/decrease


That is one hell of a domain name.


They need a cube-shaped camel as their logo!


I used this and got to see what people have been saying prime day really was first hand, "Amazon's garage sale".


I personally use keepa but it's the same thing, check what the price actually has been in the past vs what they say. I still scored a couple good deals on things I was planning on buying


I did get a decent on an Xbox one s honestly. But that's the only thing I found :P


There was that 50" 4K TV for like $280. I bought nothing because I'm a fucking commie. I wanted a nice air fryer.


Mmmmm.... deep fried air *throat gurgling noises*


I got me a roomba and 2 DNA ancestry (23 and me) kits I want to claim my 2% African heritage


Look up how ancestry.com puts ownership of your DNA in its terms of use. You are giving them that.


Ancestry.com and 23andme are different companies


Jokes on them, I had to give my DNA when I was awarded my dui.


This right here is why I will never submit my spittle to them for analysis. If The Man wants a catalogue of every human on earth, he's going to have to work a little harder for the page with my info on it.


I found a decent pressure washer and shop vac


Oh, I'm glad that wasn't just ME!! (Didn't end up buying anything because I couldn't search for anything. Bravo, Amazon.)


I bought a thing the day before Prime Day, but apparently because it shipped ON Prime Day, Amazon thought it was for that and sent me like three self-fellating messages thanking me with emojis and shit. I didn't buy a cheap garage door remote so you could look me in the eye and try to *converse*, Amazon.


But hey look on the bright side 300,000 people are now proud Instant Pot owners!


Hey Instant Pot is the shit, and I won't hear a word otherwise.


I am so fucking jacked for my Instant Pot.


I'm pretty sure the only point of prime day is to try to jam pack as many Amazon devices into your home so that they can use you as a more effective data source


It's been a joke every year. First year they had a ~100 gallon tub of lube on sale for a grand. Who is buying that?


Mmmmm I will take that plese.




Professional bikini wrestlers.


For the last couple of years I've maintained a list of things that I'd like but don't need. Everytime there is a sale I check that list. If something is on a decent enough sale I buy if not no big deal. Usually there is one or two things on my list that get discounted and I can confirm that on CamelCamelCamel.


You definitely can search out few actual deals. Was sitting on a couple things for work/around the house that were astronomical deals. These were definitely far and few between.


The site wasn't even working when I was going to take a peek to see if it was as pointless as last year. I said, "meh," and went about my life.


I bought the crest white strips and now I'm embarrassed.


Hey, my dentist recommends those. And I like my dentist. It was probably a score.


My dentist didnt. I guess I got the 1 out of 5.


Have a family wedding coming up and drink a lottttttt of Pepsi. I, too, bought the crest whitestrips ಠ╭╮ಠ Edit: there is no correlation between the wedding and the abundance of Pepsi. Scientists of reddit have spoken.


Are you from the north? Went up there for a wedding and there was a shit load of Pepsi.


I don't think the wedding and the Pepsi abundance are linked...


Are you a scientist?


I mean they're awesome if you get the top of the line ones. Advanced seal or professional 3D or some shit. I use a pack once every 18 months or so and you get mad comments on how white your teeth are by anyone new you meet. Feels good.


Unpopular opinion: having enamel is better than having weak or no enamel from using a lot of white strips. My dentist strongly recommended against them.


On the other hand my dentist recommended them. Said they really don’t affect enamel as most think. Either way after using the strongest ones my teeth were way whiter and it had no noticeable effect on my sensitivity a month after usage. I’m on the sensitive side to begin with as well. Honestly it’s one of those products I’d absolutely recommend to most people (maybe not hyper sensitive people) if tooth whiteness concerns them. Not sure how well people fare if they use them every year and I’m not a dentist so take what a say with a grain of salt




Yup. My wife was up late and caught that too. We had everything shipped and I was amazed that Target didn't cancel anything. Stacking the code 6 times gave you roughly 62% off literally anything you wanted. I'm just pissed that we didn't buy more...we called it quits early under the assumption that nothing would be honored.


Teach me master






Went to pick up some things from the store and they didn't let me get them, but the two things i got shipped to me are currently in the mail. I saved 40 bucks so thats nice.


Office max did this last month, 2 days later they cancelled my order


I've had an order cancelled on me from a mistake Lenovo made on their site. If you are a pain in their ass, they will just give you the deal. Most people don't bother contacting them for cancellations.


camelcamelcamel is your friend. if it isn't prices that are unheard of for that item it's not worth jumping on. Also have to compare it to other things that are similar since a lot of these items seem to exist just for clearance racks.


>Nikes from 1998 Yo dawg u tellin me amazon coulda gotten me the hookup on some retro deadstock colorways and i SLEPT? 😤😤🤦‍♂️👅😡🌽🤐


Right dude? '98 was a banner fucking year for sneakers.


Idk how you're getting so many upvotes, they had a deal on a GTX 1070 for $290. That's insane. It was on buildapcsales. They also had a ton of ssds around 20% off consistantly, and they had some decent deals on a few freesync monitors.


Yeah I was gonna say the pc area of prime day this year did really good.


I had been searching for a zelda themed 2DS case. Get this, one shows up on the deals labeled “2DS weatherproof case, zelda themed” Absolutely nothing about it was zelda themed. It was literally a plain black case and amazon was just trying to stinking bamboozle me. ^it ^^worked.


I got a couple awesome deals on stuff I wanted anyway! Finally pulled the trigger on a sous vide machine I had on my wedding registry that no one bought me.


Why does this comment feel like it has slight undertones of sass?


If it did, it’s unintentional! I was sincerely pumped about the sous vide machine. I danced a little jig today when it came in and then went to the store to buy steak. 😂


Don’t drink and Prime




I'd rather have this lot turn up than read some of my texts though *sigh*.


It's like Christmas, but you are your own secret Santa


Not sure if 3pm was intentional or if you meant 3am


Prime example of something not to do when you're drunk.


If drinking and priming was illegal, I wouldn't have two Nicolas Cage pillow cases, one of which says "See you in my dreams" next to his smiling face. That's a world I don't want to live in.


Me after a manic episode lol


Lmao I had to double check I wasn’t in r/bipolar but same


Credit card maxing spending sprees is a hallmark of mania. Especially because once the bill and realization comes it helps tip nicely into depression. Wait until the grand piano arrives that you took out on a 20 year plan,


Oh, you buy shit too? Glad I’m not the only one.


Oh yeah. Unchecked, impulsive spending is a really common symptom of mania and part of the reason I have almost 100 different species of succulents by this point.


I would love to see these succulents, I bet it’s a lovely collection. Mine is books, 75% of which I haven’t read.


I'll try to get them all together and take a picture! It started with five and has just ballooned from there. Fortunately I've started buying fewer and trying to acquire more through trading, although that didn't stop me from getting seven new ones today (some variety of lithops, Pleiospilos nelii 'Royal Flush,' E. setosa v. Oteroi, Graptoveria 'Bashful,' and three new aloes - Mosaic, Coral Fire, and a weird one I need ID'd). I also buy a lot of cookbooks and then never use them. We probably shouldn't even discuss my yarn stash.


Okay now I have to know what the yarn is for. I’m so interested right now.


Oh man, the problem is that *I don't know* half the time. My manic yarn buying generally falls into one of three categories: * I have no idea but I'm sure I'll come up with something, look at it, it's so pretty! Maybe I'll just leave it on the shelf but I can't leave the store without it (god damn you Madtosh). * This is perfect for $_project that I will absolutely never get around to but why not go ahead and plan as if I will. * This is perfect for the project that I've unconsciously hyper-focused on and completed five times already even though I have no use for five FOs (see entry: Virus Shawls). And that's how I've ended up with an art/crafting room that's basically 90% devoted to yarn and yarn-related activities. The other 10% is split between digital art, cross-stitching, and the occasional sewing project. But mostly it's yarn.


Glad I'm not the only one. I do the same with all different types of crafts it's borderline hoarding.


Ah I feel that too, with my shit ton of incense and herbal tea. Only used one package of incense and I’m still not done with my tea stash 2 years later :^)


I have *so much* tea, too! Honestly the bulk of it probably isn't worth drinking by this point, but I got to visit a Stash store a few years back and went nuts. Plus I always see varieties I want and buy and keep meaning to drink, except I invariably go for Candy Cane Lane or Earl Grey or this peach and lemon loose leaf thing.


My most recent compulsion run is how I was able to figure out it's time for another round of treatment. Gundams are relatively inexpensive, but going from 1 to 10 models plus tools in 30 days was definitely a good indicator. Glad to know I'm not the only one going through it.


hmmm as someone that works with behavior modification and tracking in kids, I'm trying to think how I would track something like this with my younguns. Visuals help a bunch and you'd be shocked all the ways you can riff on putting/counting craft pompoms or marbles in a cup. I guess for adults it wouldn't be much harder other than getting down to defining when the tracking is done. I just know the issue with mania is that sometimes that in-the-moment rationality and personal accountability can be an issue, but that's where SO's and accountability buddies help I guess. Good catch for your own self-monitoring. Not everyone is as capable of that self-awareness in the cycle. My cousin is one of those folks that basically has to remove himself from all his triggers. It's hard to get into self-medicating drugs and drama with folks if you work on the family farm and basically live in an RV by a remote lake. I'm glad he's not in jail or back in rehab, but I do wish he was at that point where he could self-monitor more instead.


For reals though. It's kind of embarrassing to come home and see 90 packages on the front stoop. "What did you buy?" "Dunno, let's find out!" :D / D:


Haha! My roommate asks this and I’m like, “It could really be anything at this point.”


Big time lol ive spent thousands on episodes ive wasted so much money , it sucks lol


I'm bipolar. After I was diagnosed, I made myself a rule: "if it's a good idea in a month, it's a good idea." I document what I want to get on a calendar note, and when that calendar note rolls around, if I haven't talked myself out of it, I get it. It became a lot easier to resist buying things after I learned to recognize the signs of a manic episode.


Or someone had fun with their Alexa. “Alexa order 70 bottles of lube and 15 girlfriend pillows”


Just another manic Monday


That poor mailman.........


I guarantee the person who had to deliver that was SOOOOOOO pumped to get all that shit out of his truck in 1 stop. That's the stop dreams are made of! I just emptied out so much shit at once. The flip side of that being is it's not exactly what I'd call concealed from traffic so not the smartest idea to just leave right at the front door lol.


Indeed. Delivery driver probably took a 2 hour break after that.


Ha, delivery driver and break in the same sentence.


I hate taking breaks. Aint nobody got time for that


The first layer of boxes can be used to screen the other 4 layers


The perfect camouflage!


Amazon is a large reason why the guy has a stable job. Without it, how often would you actually use the mail system?




Seriously? Wtf? That seems so stupid. Don't they have policies for price match or price difference within a certain date.


They do for general sales but for some things which are sold by vendors through amazon they cant do it if if the two items are from different places.


I don’t use the mail system for junk mail, it uses me.


Probably made his life easier. Bunch of likely light weight packages delivered at the same spot.


My mom retired from the post office because of shit like this. 😂😂


Looks like a classic drunk and amazon day. We’ve all been there.


I was surprised to see an amazon box show up one day. We discovered it contained 6 boxes of gluten free baking mix. Only then did I remember sitting in a restaurant two days earlier and my husband saying he would like some of those brownies I used to make. Two long island iced teas and amazon one click purchse is a not a good combination. I have since turned off the one click purchse feature. My drunk self should have to do at least a few more steps before buying 6 boxes of gluten free anything. The worst part is neither one of us is gluten intolerant and we dont really like that mix afterall.


I call this *"amazonesia"*


> and we dont really like that mix afterall. Ofc not. Gluten Free tends to mean disgusting :V. Gluten makes delicious things.


I have been there one day I come home from work and the delivery guy is backed into my driveway unloading a 6 ft box. Apparently I had ordered a front bumper for my car and totally forgot.


i ordered a bumper for my jeep when they first started prime... had to do the overnight shipping for just 3.99. They don't do that anymore.


Did you need the bumper though?


I ordered a large framed picture and didn't realize it would be delivered while I was out of the country (there was a processing delay) and that they'd pack it in a box much bigger than the actual frame. I got a call from my apartment complex, "Uhm, we need you to come pick up this huge box NOW!" Ended up having to ask a friend to get it for me, and it wouldn't even fit in her car -- she had to get her friend's truck.


> all been there Nope.


I wanna be this rich


I'm too cash strapped to be drunk and buying things on Amazon.


They are gonna get robbed


Would they even know though?


Probably not! Haha


Not if you only take one box


The photographer staking out their house could tell them.


Amazon did


It’s an ikea kitchen cart packaged by amazon! Every part is individually wrapped.


Allen key is backordered, though.


Used to work for the step-siser of Jimi Hendrix and this was a weekly amount of packages for that lady.


Go on...


Someone is deeeeeeeeep in credit card debt


Rn yes.... But they bout to return all that later in the week


Someone bout to review all that shit for their YouTube channel then return all of it.


look at that house though


Or rich. Friend who delivers in a wealthy neighborhood sent me something like that once.


"Honey, I saved $3000 today! It's incredible!"


I'm part of Amazon Vine (they send me free stuff for review). If I went on vacation, this would be my doorstep. I literally get about 5 - 8 packages every day. I should buy a cardboard baler.


How do you end up doing that? Just write lots of detailed reviews on amazon and they might pick you?


You have to be invited. I reviewed everything I bought for a year straight before I got invited, but I had a friend get invited after just two months. I think it has to do with geography (I live in a city with a distribution center) and some nebulous review quality metric that Amazon calculates behind the scenes. Most of my reviews are at least a paragraph long; more if there's more to say. You get to select items that you want to review from a queue that they provide for you. You have about a day to grab items, but some go faster if they're more popular or there aren't many review units available. (E.g., I missed out on a mechanical keyboard even though it wasn't in my queue 10 minutes earlier.) At any given time, the are between 10 and 50 items in your queue, usually. You aren't obligated to take any, but you will eventually be booted from the program if you don't You can tell them what categories you're interested in and you will probably get more items from that category, but it's not guaranteed. Also, you'll see a lot of books available for review. Clothing in 5 different sizes, for either gender and for kids, etc. But also sometimes really awesome stuff. I've gotten a laptop, that 49" Samsung ultrawide monitor, some hunting gear, Legos, Nerf guns, etc. I usually have no problem finding a few things I like. Not every day, but every week. Once you review and item, it's yours to keep. The hitch is that Amazon issues you a 1099, so you have to pay taxes on the value of the item as if it were a paycheck. Amazon sets the market value. So that $1000 laptop wasn't free -- I paid 33% of that in federal taxes in April, plus another 10% for state income tax, meaning it cost me about $430. In 2017, Amazon sent me a 1099 for $16,000. How much it would cost you varies based on your tax bracket. No, you can't return the item. Sometimes there are regrets, like when something is low quality, or I thought I would like it but didn't. Thankfully, consumables (e.g., food, shampoo, some cleaning products) have no taxable value. I've eaten a lot of Amazon's private label food (most of it is pretty good), but there are also national brands on there, too, and they usually come in comical surplus -- I currently have a case (12 boxes of 4 bags) of goldfish crackers in my cupboard. After you've had the item for 6 months, you're allowed to resell it. I picked up a pretty neat DJ turntable, but after a few months I lost interest and it ended up just gathering dust, so I sold it a year later. I about broke even, since I was selling a used item that came out a year ago. It's not really a feasible way to make money. Also, a good way to get kicked out of the program is to sell something you got before the 6 months are up.


>In 2017, Amazon sent me a 1099 for $16,000. >It's not really a feasible way to make money. If you're not careful about the things you select, it honestly sounds like it could be a great way to *lose* money.


This is what I was thinking, if you did it right and at the right scale you could easily turn a profit. You could even record your reviewing and put it on YouTube and monetize the videos for extra money, build up a channel based around Amazon reviews, and make even more money over time.


Based on this reply I can clearly see why they chose you. Thorough af!


Thanks for the reply i was always curious how that all worked! Also yeah, it just semmed more fun than anything. Ive written lots of lengthy reviews and wouldnt mind getting random stuff to review.


/r/minimalism just broke out in hives. Fascinating. A half-dozen packages a day of clutter would drive me nuts. I live in a small place. I can see how it'd be a great opportunity and fun for the right person/household.




Amazon knows. Amazon is little "g" god.




Did anyone think this years prime day sucked a serious donkey nut? I only found a single item I actually wanted but the site was all out of wack and by the time I was able to add it to my cart it was sold our. Big disappointment


Anyone else think prime days deals are a joke? I do.


They didn't have any blockbuster deals I don't think, but they had a bunch of stuff I needed from the store anyway (like trash bags) for several bucks less, so I'm happy with that. That and if you're in the market for any Amazon devices those were all like 1/2 off.


Excited about trash bag sales. Congratulations, you're officially an adult.


The other day, I was stoked to find a specific brand of toothpaste on there I'd been looking around for. And the other day, I fell into an existential crisis as I realized I'm not as young as I feel from said stokedness.


The one and only thing I got on Prime day was a firestick. It was marked from forty dollars to twenty, then because I happened to go to Whole Foods that day I received another $10 credit. So total cost was $10.60, not too shabby.


Yeah they are. I bought a Roomba for my mom for $229 instead of $350. That was the only deal I found.


>someone had a successful prime day Yep, amazon


Cam girl


Jesus Christ, Marie! They’re minerals not rocks!


Yes. The International Association of Cardboard Box Manufacturers is incredibly grateful.


Bezos just jizzed himself


As a delivery driver I like how at first, it was all stacked nicely along the left there. Then as it piled up I'm assuming over a couple days they were like...fuck it!


Prime Day is fucking nonsense majority of things are same price and some stuff is even more than normally.


As a tired and sore UPS employee, I hate this person just a little bit.


Not to worry though - each box contains a single lipstick-sized item.


I know that lady!


Tell her Reddit wants to know what she bought.


Or they are dead and noone knows.


Someone has a problem, or is rich and single and cannot think of enough ways to spend their money


Idubzz house?


Okay, I tried hard looking for deals on Prime Day on something I needed / wanted, and I didn't find anything. I normally buy something on Amazon every week, and I just didn't see anything I really needed. It was the first Prime Day I've known about, but I was surprised how little stuff is actually marked down (only a couple bucks).


I call in sick when I order a bunch of stuff off Amazon..