[Homemade] Southern Fried Chicken with Mac n Cheese.

[Homemade] Southern Fried Chicken with Mac n Cheese.


As someone that is 3 weeks into a new healthy living style... I hate you a little bit right now


5 days here of under 25 carbs, this is not the front page material I wanted to see. But hey, it's way fucking better than more politics.


Ditto, sometimes keto blows


Can anyone give me any info on Keto? I've heard great things about it but have no idea what it is.


Basically it’s a low carb diet. By not in taking carbs, your body goes into a state of ketosis as there’s no carbs or glucose to use as fuel. You start burning fat as fuel instead. Try to limit your carb intake to 20-50g of carbs a day, keep up your water intake, and some recommend exercising on an empty stomach. Results if you stick with it are pretty damn dramatic. I’m relatively normal sized to begin with (started at 139lbs on a 5’3 frame), and I still lost 6lbs in a single week of keto. My sister has dropped like 70lbs and is now like 115. It’s pretty nuts. You’ll find there’s often great low carb substitutes for almost anything if you’re willing to actually cook. Grab a bag of almond flour from Costco is my biggest advice lol


Goddamn, I need to lose weight, but as a filipino guy who eats rice with nearly every meal, that would fuckin suck


Filipino guy here too. Raised to eat rice with muthafukin everything. Especially fried chicken and white rice, gadamn feast


Just cuz you’re raised to live a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t put in the effort to make a change if you really want to lose weight , I am chinese and I grew up eating rice as well but that didn’t stop me from changing my diet so I can improve myself


You eat that rice, screw what anyone tells you. I love, fricken love rice.


It does. I tried, for like 3 days then quit.


Look into cauliflower rice, it's pretty good


I mean, is it really though? Let's be honest with ourselves


The keto community lies to itself and everyone else when they start talking about how great cauliflower is. Fuck cauliflower.


Roasted cauliflower is pretty good if it's covered in seasoning of some kind.


It's pretty good steamed and smothered in cheese sauce.... So much that it doesn't taste like cauliflower anymore.


Gobi Manchurian is fucking bomb but not keto.


roasted cauliflower pizza crust tastes like Satan's taint.


I'm not doing keto, but my wife and I get the fried "rice" cauliflower from trader joe's. It's super good. Obviously way more expensive than just making fried rice though.


It's one of the strongest low carb substitutes of the diet, I'd say it's pretty good


I eat it all the time. It make fried "rice" and curry with it all the time. It does the trick.


I had to stop eating rice and pretty much all simple carbs when I was pregnant because of gestational diabetes and it seriously sucked so bad. I was having dreams about eating rice and bread. I had a dream about eating a giant loaf of French bread and woke up smacking my lips. The day I had my baby, I got to eat a giant bowl of rice with my dinner. I was so happy


How many gummy bears would I be allowed per hour?


None. None gummy bears per hour.


Not even Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bears? I thought the goal was to lose weight. ...Those help.


You can eat sugar free candy, just be aware of the laxative effect they can have. It's fine to eat processed "junk" when you first start. Anything to get you through the first little bit, as long as it's under 25 or so net carbs. You will start to feel amazing after a bit, and you'll most likely want to cut out the sugar free substitutes and processed stuff. Best of luck to you!




I was mostly joking, in homage to the horror stories of people eating handfuls of them not knowing the effect they have on the human body.


My hold up is, uh, I guess I have to never eat carbs again, right? I want to keep having some carbs in my life. I realize I should cut down, but cut out is a whole nother plane of thinking.


Well, be careful though... your gut adapts to maltitol, which is most of the commercial sugar free candies. By adapting to it, you essentially need to double the net carb count of the product. Maltitol at intervals at fine, your gut doesn't think about it, but it's when you have to routinely that you should be concerned.


The laxative effect would probably facilitate further weight loss. However, in the words of the great LA Beast, shortly after engulfing an entire 5lbs bag of sugarless gummy bears... “It feels like Mount St. Helens just exploded from my ass.”


Have a good day!


3, and some scotch


The biggest benefit of keto is not being hungry after you eat. Like i can go all 12 to 16 hours without being hungry EVEN WITH weed intake without a single desire for food. Im off keto right now and back to being super hungry every few hours.


> Im off keto right now and back to being super hungry every few hours. such is life


Woah even with weed? Hmmm idk i get the munchies pretty heavy. Might have try get this beer hit wing gut gone.


When I tried keto, I just overate way too much and ended up gaining weight because fat doesn't satiate me like some people. I've eaten 7-8 oz of cheese as a snack and still been hungry. Every time people bring up the "you won't be hungry on keto" thing I get confused.


Eh, I'm like that even with carbs. One meal a day, maybe two. If I eat at 7pm, I'm not hungry until noon the next day at the earliest. Intermittent fasting without even trying. That's my life.


6 pounds in a week is mostly water though.


Whats the difference between this and paleo and Atkins?


Keto - very low carb, can be less than 50g or 25g of carbs per day. Atkins - First two weeks is keto and carbs are slowly increased each week. When you stop losing weight, you cut back to the previous weeks carb level. Paleo - Removes a lot of heavily processed foods that may not have been eaten in large quantities by humans 10,000 years ago. So no wheat. Focus is on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats.


Atkins is an older fad and Paleo appeals more to health-minded/eco friendly people. I'm only half joking, I'm personally not sold on any of these and I get really concerned with people drastically shifting their diet in a way that simply does not seem healthy in the long run... I mean the amount of salt we're talking sometimes... I personally stick to the "a little less of everything" mantra and it seems to work out. Discipline seems to be the most important part of these diets, so I guess it's good that they teach that.


Seriously the amount of sodium some people on keto get in a day is ridiculous. It almost makes me feel that they just throw out all dietary guidelines and just focus on making sure they have primarily fat for their calories and keep the carbs under a really low threshold. I understand the weight loss merits of forcing your body into ketosis by keeping your carbs so low that there isn't enough glucose for the brain to run on and it and everything else are using the fat for energy instead, but on the keto sudreddit I see people post things like about how thanks to keto they can just eat a ridiculous amount of bacon for the majority of their calories in a day and it makes me feel like they're just completely ignoring the negative effects that such a drastic amount of excess sodium can have, especially when you aren't eating foods which are also high in potassium so that the sodium potassium pump and your kidneys can function properly. I much prefer the route ive gone of just tracking what I eat on MFP so I learned what I was eating too much of as well as just how much of all the different nutrients are in things and now I am able to eat a much more balanced diet and am losing weight as a result. I feel like a balanced diet within your calorie budget is just so much more well rounded. Sure weight loss is slower but with this approach I don't have any nutrient deficiencies or overabundances to worry about


> Seriously the amount of sodium some people on keto get in a day is ridiculous. It almost makes me feel that they just throw out all dietary guidelines Well, if the guidelines are wrong, why would you follow them? >[“The current [salt] guidelines are based on almost nothing,” said Oparil, a distinguished professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Some people really want to hang onto this belief system on salt. But they are ignoring the evidence.”](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/04/06/more-scientists-doubt-salt-is-as-bad-for-you-as-the-government-says/)


Yep, moderation in everything. I try to eat healthy for the most part, but I won't become one of these people that shrieks and flees at the site of a cheeseburger. You want one? Eat one, just don't eat one ever day. Incorporate fruits, veggies, protein, and oh yea, get off your ass, that helps too.


I did keto for awhile, the diet works. I lost weight. I just loathed eating large amounts of meat and fat all the time. Eventually, most of the foods I could eat grossed me out. I stopped doing it and instead started tracking my macros (40% protein, 30% each of fat and carbs) and now I get to eat whatever I want. I would never go back to Keto or paleo, etc. Personally, I don't understand the appeal of following diets that require one to cut out whole food groups, but to each their own I guess.




No, as long as you keep within your daily caloric recommendation (probably just 2000 calories). Fat (carbs and otherwise) is stored if you exceed what your body needs. Ketosis burns through your reserves. Keep within your limits and you won't get any reserves back.


Carbs hold a lot of water, so it's typical to put on about 5 lb when you return to eating carbs.... but if you've lost the weight, you've lost the weight. Keto doesn't make it hide somewhere and then magically reappear when you starting eating carbs again. If you continue with a reasonable diet that meets your body's needs without being excessive, you'll maintain.


I've been eating zoodles(zucchini cut into noodles) in the place of pasta and to me I can hardly tell the difference anymore. Also mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes is pretty great too.


You can still eat pan fried chicken or chicken parm while on keto. Just use different flour(i.e. coconut/almond), baking powder, parmesan cheese and some seasoning.


Coconut and almond flour, along with shiritaki noodles have been amazing carb replacements, also ground pork rinds and many types of cheese. Erythritol and stevia for sweetener means you can also bake delicious desserts. As long as I cook all the shit myself and don't expect to be able to just grab delicious food and eat it any time I don't have any trouble staying at a ridiculously low net carb amount daily.


Dude. I'm on day 7 of keto right now. I want to kill myself. I want to consume the shit out of that. It's funny, a week after not touching carbs, you realize how dependant you are on them. The cravings are ungodly.


Me and my brother are going to start keto in about a week. Like almost half my diet probably is carbs so i'm guessing I'm going to be hating life.


You eat all of the garbage you want this week. Eat Pizza and Chinese for me. I miss it so much.


There are lots of good Chinese options that don't have carbs.... Beef with broccoli, cashew chicken, egg drop soup, just to name a few. Try not to focus so much on the things you can't eat, and focus on the great stuff you can... Steak, cheese, taco salads, etc. Watch some YouTube videos on low carb alternatives to a lot of the carby foods you're used to. With a few new ingredients, you can make just about anything, and it's not half bad... At all.


This happens so often, people undervalue what you can eat on a diet in favor of obsessing over its restrictions. You nailed it, keto does not lack in delicious and satisfying foods. They may be inconvenient in some cases, but cooking and meal prepping becomes its own reward after awhile, and you also get to know and decide exactly what goes into your body. Also, for chinese, shirataki noodles and cauliflower rice can be subbed into virtually any dish to make it keto friendly. Watch the sauces, use xanthan gum if you need to thicken. Pizza and chinese are coincidentally some of the easier foods to fit into the diet. +1 for youtube, tons of great videos on the diet, and more than just recipes.


Check out the recipe for fat head pizza. It's decent and super filling.


Just made a version with this delicious sugar free bbq sauce instead of tomato and grilled chicken the other night. Slowly we're learning alternatives for ALL the carbs we used to eat.


Hating life & shredded AF


I hope so. I've been religiously going to the gym for like 3 years now, put on about 25-30 lbs of muscle, but still have that last 10 or 15 lbs of fat that i've just never lost. If I get rid of that i'll be in heaven! I just know carbs are my main issue and whats holding me back, so keto it is! Just hope my energy levels are still ok to keep my numbers at the gym.




IF ain't no joke.


Did this, was a great way to lose weight, but the amount of black coffee had to drink to stay moderately sane was ungodly.


Hey the other option is lemon water or tea :p


The amount of flour is pretty trivial. I’d avoid the macaroni, obviously, but eating some fried chicken isn’t going to knock you out of ketosis. Put a bowl on a scale and use the tare function, then add the flour and whatever seasoning. Then dredge the chicken in whatever you’re using. Some use egg. Some use buttermilk. Some just use the natural moisture from the chicken, although I recommend brining any chicken you intend to fry the day before. So after you dredge the chicken (use same type of piece for consistency), check the remaining weight and see how much flour you have actually used. Measure in grams. Then calculate the amount of carbs in that many grams of flour. I’m Not saying it’s perfect keto food, but if you’re having a craving, it’s not the worst thing you could eat. Avoid the Mac and mashed potatoes with gravy.


Give it another week. Everything gets better friend. I'm a month and a half in and I've lost 27 lbs. You can do it :)


Thanks amigo. We need more people like you.


Glad to help people that are in that dark place in between. It was truly horrible when I did it that first time, afterwards you mostly don't realize you're missing out (mostly)


I thought you could still eat carbs in keto but has to be under 20g?


Yeah which is 1/16 of half of a skittle


So 1/32 of a skittle?


You better head over to r/math


I mean it's better than nothing?


I tried to stay under 25g of carbs when I did it last summer, but I went as "high" as 50g in a day a few times and never dropped out of ketosis.


Well, glycolysis (breaking down sugar) is your body's main metabolic pathway, so your body doesn't like that. Instead of a fad diet you should just eat 1. at a caloric deficit and 2. eat low glycemic index foods (like brown rice and sweet potatoes) while avoiding high glycemic foods like bread. Obviously no processed sugar, either.


I wish I could keto to lose weight but the only food I enjoy has bread/pasta in it.


I've made some pretty good keto fried chicken. Have you tried?


Nope I just started I'm experimenting. I've not fried any chicken but made several different chicken recipes. But I've got great news for tomorrow! I'm eating Tuna for lunch and Steak for Dinner! Ive had nothing but chicken/veg and a chicken stock soup I made all week long. I do have some extra cooked chicken I intended for work tomorrow but was tired if it, so instead I'm using it as Thursdays dinner. I'm going to chop it up and then layer it with ham, Swiss, fresh parsley and spinach leaves 2 times and bake a chicken cordon bleu casserole out of it. I will admit though, the noodle-less chicken soup I made is fucking bomb. Took me over an entire day but it's definitely helped this week. Well... That and pork rinds.


Nice! Good job!


Stay with it. I lost over 45 lbs in 3 months doing keto. Drink mio sport with 0 carbs. It helps a lot.




I don't even need a whole year tbh. I'm just looking for a lifestyle change. I'm relatively in shape but the beer belly is getting real. So I'm cutting down on drinking, attempting to stop smoking cigs altogether (down to 1 pack a week right now!) And generally live a healthier lifestyle. I may still be full keto a year from now who knows? But I'll tell you one thing, in the past month since I've started all these changes my mood has generally been better, I feel like I can breathe again, and I get up feeling more energized and disciplined. Now if Destiny 2 servers would crash and burn who knows what the fuck I'd accomplish?


You can make fried chicken with pork rinds... Keto friendly


You got this :-) Honestly the longer you do it, the more you look at stuff like this and go "that looks good, but this is definitely enough for two people and could use some yummy vegetables".


My first thought every time I see a post like this: where are the veggies? I call them brown posts. Only brown food.


Ur problem, I'm gunna eat two servings of this shit!


This looks appetizing to you?


As someone who is not currently living a healthy lifestyle, I hate OP for making my mouth water.


Meh. We're all gonna die. Have some occasionally.


As much as I want to entertain this thought, I spent the better part of the first half of my life under this mentality and it got me to the point I am today. At some point or another you gotta take responsibility for yourself. EDIT: Occasionally is fine. I overdid it.


Know that feeling, just decided to ratchet up my CICO and exercise. Hitting 1700-1500 while burning 300-400 calories exercisng a day. But if someone put that in front of me it'd be gone so quick.


My wife is on a healthy living style. I never agreed to it!


Recipe?! I suck at cooking but I want to learn how to make fried chicken.


Soak chicken overnight in buttermilk, pickle juice, paprika, hot sauce,salt, pepper. Next day, dry and coat with whatever breading you want. Let dry. Dip again in buttermilk, coat again in breading. Let dry. Pan fry in half lard, and half vegetable oil. Yum


Thank you so much for taking the time! Definitely going to try it :)


Absolutely! Really...the lard does make a difference.


Oh man I love homemade apple pies fried in lard. Or French fries fried in lard. Or literally anything fried in lard.


nothing like frying things in pure animal fat puree to make it tasty.




Bacon grease is essentially lard, but remember most bacons are smoked. So you've got smoked lard.


When you say "let dry", you just let it sit out for a few mins, or put it in the fridge, or..?


/u/uhhh_Ryan I'm curious what you mean by let it dry. When I coat the chicken in breading and let it sit the flour gets wet over time.


I believe what he meant to say is to let the breading set. The breading getting wet over time and forming a cohesive layer is what you want, since it would ensure that the flour won't just scatter once you fry the chicken.


Right now my issue is that there is so much moisture in the chicken after the buttermilk step, that when I fry it the breading doesn't really adhere to the chicken but to forms a sheet around the chicken that can detach.


That can happen when deep-frying, since the moisture from the chicken has nowhere to escape to due to the shell of breading that forms around the chicken. The moisture ends up getting trapped between the chicken and the breading and ends up separating the two. This tends to happen if you fry at too high of a temperature, so try lowering the temperature of the oil so that the moisture can escape before the breading hardens. Alternatively, you might not have removed any excess buttermilk on the chicken. You just want enough buttermilk to coat the chicken, but not too much. That can be a cause of excess steam forming between the chicken and the breading instead of escaping.


Pat down excess, then put on a rack over a baking sheet or pan in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to let everything set.


why half lard half oil? i just got a deep fryer and have a kilo of lard in the freezer ready to go


Recipe for the lazy: dip in beaten eggs and coat in bread crumbs. May not be as tasty as other options but man it's fast


And served properly on Chinet.


And staged on the couch.


hey, what are you doing outside of r/huskers? Go back inside!


Oops. Yes dad.


No sausage gravy? Just a little gravy never hurt..just for the picture. Edit: or regular gravy who cares..


OP had a great opportunity for a home made double down sandwich


Doesn't even have to be sausage gravy. A simple white gravy with black pepper, takes that dish to another level. But yeah, gravy.


Yeah it doesn’t *have* to be...the chicken didn’t *have* to be deliciously fried. The seasoning didn’t *have* to be adjusted to perfection.


I think typically you just use a normal cream or white gravy with fried chicken or steak, not sausage.


Nah it's regional. NC is always sage-spiced pork sausage gravy.


What region of NC is that?


The one I apparently intend to visit


Piedmont and coastal and probably also the Western/mountains. So all of it.


Need some of that gizzard gravy.


Or some waffles


Better get some greens on that plate!




You better mean green beans cooked with salt pork. Because that's your only option.


Except, definitely also collards!


Or mustard greens!


Or creasies with a hunk of cornbread to sop up the pot liquer! Translation: Boiled winter cress with a piece of cornbread to soak up the cooking liquids.


Also chicken gizzards wouldn't hurt to round out the meal for dessert. I could eat chicken gizzards all day with some grits, and some collard greens.


There's always greens cooked down with smoked ham hock. If you get the butcher to slice the hock into about three to four pieces you also get a nice bit of pork to chew on with your greens. It's the best kind of lagniappe!


> You better mean green beans cooked with salt pork. Because that's your only option. Greens my friend, not 'green beans.' The two are not easily confused...


Blue or white?


Or some waffles


r/dixiefood is my favorite sub besides r/castiron


bless you.




Haha I was looking for this. Same here!




Is that a disposable plate?


It's kind of tradition


Haha yep!


A meal that is all one general color worries me.


Hey man, I survived off of golden-brown colored dining hall meals during undergrad, and all that happened to me was I gained 45 lbs of pure lard.


True, I got sick off of my dining hall's non-fried stuff




I can't tell where the cheese stops and the chicken starts.


I feeI like I’m alone on the internet, but, creamy mac >>>>> baked mac.


I make a creamy baked mac. Best of both worlds.


I take creamy, baked Mac and deep fry it. This is the Mac that created all worlds.


Then we serve it all in a commemorative tote bag filled with spicy vegetarian chilli! It's 15 great tastes all rolled into one!


People hate on me all the time because I prefer mac and cheese made with velveeta over any mac I've ever had from anyone, ever. 1/3 or so block of velveeta cubed up with some milk and pepper melted in the microwave, then dump the cooked noodles in. I'll take that over baked mac any day. People always say stuff like "but what about muh 4 cheese mac with a roux that I spent 2 hours on???" Nope, it's not as good to me, sorry. Not to say the more labor intensive macs aren't good, I've just never had one where I thought "yeah, that's worth the extra effort".


I appreciate that stuff too. Hell, I even like the powdered thick & creamy. But I also make a batch or 2 every year of Vermont cheddar & fontina mac with buttered sourdough breadcrumbs - mostly prepared on stove top, but broiled for a minute to brown the top. They're vastly different flavor & texture experiences. Both have value.


I'm with you on that.... but the key to baked mac is to grate the cheese yourself. Pre-grated cheese gives you that oily, curdled mess once it gets baked (because of the cornstarch, or whatever they use to prevent caking). Grate it fresh and it should stay creamy.


Baked Mac can be good if you fix yourself a nice thicc homemade cheese sauce with the right ingredients and undercook the elbow macaroni so it won't overcook in the oven. I do this and my baked mac comes out creamy and full of flavor 100% of the time.


>thicc I’m dying


I thought I was entirely alone in this!!! I have an awesome homemade mac and cheese recipe, and no matter what I've tried, if I bake it in the oven it becomes completely bland. It's like the oven sucks out all the cheesy flavor.


Forgot the Collard greens.


It's called chicken fried chicken, to distinguish it from chicken fried steak in TX, but you need some gravy.


Does every single post on this sub need to be a giant plate of grease and deep fry?


Yes apparently so. r/food looves fried foods and cheese


Good ole southern comfort food


Putting it on a paper plate says it all.


Do u always use paper plates?


Where are the veggies!


Beige never tasted so good.


Get a good plate.




Yep, that's food. Not sure why it'd fly to the top of the page with how mono-color and basic it is. I'm willing to bet with how one sided the flavors are, that this is something you'd eat some of but get bored with and not finish too. It doesn't look balanced at all. Maybe the cracked disposable plate just adds that extra level of classiness to put other food submissions to shame.


I also thought the cracked plastic plate summed up the effort.


Since everybody is busting a nut over how great this looks let me offer some criticism. Honesty I've seen better Mac and cheese and better fried chicken. The M+C looks a little dry it would benefit from more cream being used. The breading on the chicken looks a little uneven but it's not horrible, actually it looks pretty good for homemade. My standards for fried chicken are a little high because I used to be a professional chicken frier. My boss would harp on me if my breading was off. I would give this a C+ based off how it looks mainly because the M+C looks dry.


Here in the south we actually call it "Chicken Fried Chicken". No, I'm not kidding.


And as well in San Jose Ca!


Why so many upvotes? Send this to gordon ramseys twitter, lets see what he thinks!!!!!!


Recipes? They both look sooooo good.


Smother that mother With Tasty Gravy!


Did you use gouda in your Mac and cheese?


Brown on brown, my favorite meal.


As a deployed military member, this picture makes me so ready to be back home. Got damn.


Do you usually eat off styrofoam plates at home?




How I know you're not from the south... you called it "Southern Fried." Down here that's just called "Chicken."


This looks so good! All that's missing are some biscuits.


And something green.


Where is the fucking recipe???


That looks pretty damn tasty


This makes me very thankful for the local Southern restaurant near me that was opened by a woman from Alabama where I can get food just like this


The paper plate is a nice touch


Thank you for keeping it authentic with the styrofoam plate!!


that's the calories for one month for a European family of four on one plate


America please


Real question is why is it on a paper plate, the environment isn’t a joke my guy.


They should just rename this sub the Southern fried chicken and mac and cheese sub.


Brown and beige food is automatically bad for ya