Azul is outstanding

Azul is outstanding


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Azul was my wife's favorite game. But then I got Castles of Burgundy. She's not a big gamer, but she absolutely loves this game and so do I.


CoB is a great game, but it's a pretty huge complexity jump from Azul. Probably too big for most people (just to warn OP).


My ex was not much of a boardgamer but she beat me with annoying frequency when playing CoB. Expect the first game to take a while but after that it's playable in an hour with 2 players.


I kind of disagree (subjectively though). My wife and my brother had never played any complex games before. Come to think of it neither had I. Catan was probably as complex as we've ever gotten. But when I taught them how to play (on different occasions), once I explained the four simple actions you can take on your turn, the game immediately looked less intimidating to them. All the small rules you can teach them along the way. It was only a little challenging to learn the rules myself before teaching them. But the rulebook is clear, and a quick playthrough on YouTube solidified things.


I see some other people commented saying they didn't feel it's a huge jump in complexity. I thought I'd offer insight on why I think it's less complex than it at first seems. Learning the CoB rules from the rulebook is a huge jump from learning the rules of Azul from the rulebook. That's mostly because the rulebook explains every little piece and tile in the game, which isn't strictly necessary in order to play. If you have an experienced player that can teach the game well, it's not that difficult. I'd feasibly teach CoB to the same people to whom I would teach Azul. However, I would NEVER give CoB to someone to learn on their own if they were a newer gamer, but I would potentially give a newer gamer Azul. to learn on their own.


Yes, Castles of Burgundy is a great one. Plays really well with 2.


Best at 2 or 3 I'd say, it's such a great game!


After I got Grand Austria Hotel. My wife won't bother with Burgundy lol


I can second Castles of Burgundy. Or third or fourth.


My wife's favorite as well!


Mine and my wife's favourite!


Throw my name into the mix, too; my fiancee, who was *not* a gamer, loves CoB. It's her favorite game. The rules are clearly presented and easy to understand, which is a big help (as are all of designer Stefan Feld's rulebooks). She also really likes Notre Dame, which has a similar feel but varies enough from CoB that it hits are table once a month or so..


I really want to try it but gosh it’s so ugly


I never got the bad rep for looks! It's no prom queen but perfectly fine. **Puerto Rico** on the other hand...


There is a new, updated version available.


...and they somehow made it *worse*.


Why do you think it's worse? I think the game board looks much cleaner in the pictures.


The animals are really hard to distinguish, and they don't have the black tiles marked on the front are 2 pretty annoying things.


I hadn’t picked it up yet, but not marking black tiles on the front is really annoying.


It doesn't bother me much. I found the black marks really easy to miss in the first version, so when putting the game away, we always just flipped over all the tiles to their back before sorting away. When we didn't do this, we'd constantly get a black tile or two in the wrong bag. Much more foolproof just to sort them away face down. So the new printing hasn't been an issue for us, given the black marks were largely ineffectual in the first printing. What does bug me is that a lot of the scoring yellow tiles have the iconography for which building they apply to way too small, compared to v1. Maybe that will improve as we get better at recognizing the buildings on sight. I wish they'd kept the look of the buildings a bit more similar.


I'm going to use a sharpie and write the numbers on the back of the yellow tiles and then place them upside down on the estates.


I'm thinking about taking a sharpie and placing a small dot on the front of the black tiles as well as the number on the back of the yellow tiles.


It might look cleaner, but the necessary information is not conveyed as effectively. Same as the new medieval version of *Battle Line*. Art is cooler, colours are more ambiguous. Priorities all wrong.


I have both. The new version is better in almost every way except that the images on the yellow tiles are so small they are almost indistinguishable from each other.


It doesn't get all the way there for me, but it's definitely not *worse*. The colors on the old edition were washed out and watercolor-y, not in a pleasant way, but in an uninteresting way. The new one looks like it pops way more.


Vive la différence. Personally, I find it hard to think of an attribute I value less than visual pop. I love the sober, pastoral art of older Euros. Fortunately our hobby accommodates both preferences.


I have that issue with Suburbia, it's just so boring to look at.


I have the colorful anniversary edition, I think it's actually quite nice now!


Having just ordered CoB to play with my wife (and kid), I am glad to hear this.




Only you know the severity of your wife's memory issues, but just as friendly tip; if you got the new version of CoB, the tile artwork is highly coordinated with the bonus actions. Once you understand the art link, it acts as an instant reminder of the individual action.


Patchwork and 7 Wonders Duel.


Patchwork definitely. 7 wonders duel is a hit or miss. My wife likes 7 wonders, but dislikes the duel version.




Wow, I feel like my opinions of these games is the exact opposite. 7 Wonders Duel feels fairly casual because the meaningful decision space is relatively limited (since you can't know what you'll uncover) and luck can occasionally swing a game. Patchwork, on the other hand, has literally no randomness besides the initial setup and has a relatively large meaningful state space (you could literally map out 10+ moves in advance, while also having to deal with a spatial reasoning puzzle of keeping a maintainable board that doesn't block you off from end-game opportunities, as well as having to manipulate/grapple the non-standard turn order changes). For me, it's far too much of an intense brain burner to be able to play it casually.


My husband is the opposite - he hates the scoring on the original 7 Wonders.


Patchwork is always a hit


Agreed, I work in a board game cafe and I've explained the game to at least 50 couples, almost all of them played a rematch.


See, we bought it and played it once. I'm very good at shapes and visualization. I think I had double my wife's points at the end and it hasn't come back out since. Meanwhile I refuse to play scrabble because she beats me 4-6x over.


7 Wonders Duel seconded. One of our first forays into games.


Didn't like the play of 7 wonders duel. First impression wasn't good. I'd try it again though


I can’t get my wife to play anything other than Carcassonne. It’s becoming a problem :)


My wife won't play Carcassonne with me anymore because I kept "stealing her farms" with the big meeple, so give that a shot haha


My sister destroyed me with like 200+ points once she learned how to do farms.


Yeah they're a huge balancing element to the game


Just got Carcassone for Christmas, it’s all she’ll play, but at least she plays.


You might take a look at Kingdomino? Just started playing this with my spouse and we love it. Super simple, really quick to play. Definitely won't scratch a deep board game itch but it's well done and is an easy step from Carcasonne because it's so similar (but I definitely prefer it at this point).


I didn't like Carcassonne that much until we started playing on Nintendo Switch. It's sooo much better and you can play from your coach and watch it on the TV, we use to play almost every other night and it's never boring


The base game is a bit too simplistic but it gets better with a few expansions. Really opens up some different strategies and allows a bit more tactical choice. But if still rather play some other titles after our thousandth game


It gets worse with some expansions also. THE best expansion is inns&cathedrals. You get a cool He-Man meeple plus you can play with 6. The river or sheep exp is crap.


The best expansion could be either Inns & Cathedrals OR Traders and Builders. Both great, I'd give the edge to Traders & Builders though for effecting more basic things more often over a whole game. In fact, in our house neither of those are considered "expansions" anymore and are both mixed in with the base tiles permanently :P


Azul, sagrada, santorini, patchwork, splendor, lanterns, and quacks of quedlinburg. Crokinole also for the win. Raptor was a surprise hit. We love that game!


Can definitely recommend Sagrada it'll feel like a comfortable next step from Azul and introduce a little drafting and variable goals.


Sagrada was def the next step after Azul. We still play more Azul but it’s fun to have both for sure.


Raptor is great but the people you play it with needs to like confrontation.


Agreed. Great 2p game, but not necessarily great couples game.


Please explain why you love Santorini so much. I bought it expecting great things, but the family played at the first time, and I was completely unimpressed. For me, it was kind of like playing Othello. Is this just because I was playing with the basic rules? We never went back and played it a second time, so we never got comfortable enough with it to start adding some of the optional extra rules, the gods and goddesses, all that stuff. We just got turned off to the game from the get-go. But I really feel like I must be missing something, because it's such an incredibly popular game among up hardcore gamers.


Not OP, but I found adding the God cards greatly improves the game. The base game reminds me a lot of chess in some ways in that it's a pure strategy, no real luck, abstract game without hidden information. The God cards definitely make replaying it more interesting. Still, you have to play with the right person. My wife hated it because she doesn't like to play super "thinky" games with me, but my brother and I played tons of rounds back to back, constantly switching up the God cards. Unlike chess, I found most of our games were pretty quick overall, too. For how quick and easy it is to teach, the game is surprisingly deep. Plus, it looks great and it's fun building the towers. I can see the game potentially suffering in a few places, though. First, I don't recommend the game above 2 players. It's possible, but not ideal. 2nd, like chess the better player generally wins. There's enough extra elements with the God cards that I found it still allows for greater skill differences to be fun, but it's best when players have reasonably comparable skill levels. 3rd, if players are prone to analysis paralysis the game can lose its quick, fun charm. And finally, if you don't like super thinky, pure abstract challenges, you probably won't like this game, even with the God powers. If any of these describe your situation I'd totally understand why it fell flat. If not, I'd recommend trying it out again, but with the Gods and see if that changes much for you. My first play through without the Gods made me question how it was rated so highly, but a few plays in with the Gods and I was loving it.


This sums it up for me, too. It's very thinky, very chess-like, very strategy. I am just not always into that kind of game, so it doesn't get to the table much. The game is fine, I am just a different gamer than it is targeting.


Great overview! Was thinking of picking Santorini up, but I'll hold off for now. Thanks!


Short play time, looks cool on the table and when you are done it can lead to conversations about strategies and why you made which move etc. my SO is not a gamer. I love the hobby but I would t call myself a hardcore gamer only because you can’t play the heavy games I want to with my SO or group of friends. However, they all will play games with me. Santorini is a quick distraction and the only rules to remember are to move and build at any level, get one piece to the top and you win. It puts us on an even playing field with its ease and because its an abstract. Brains are the great equalizer. So she doesn’t feel dumb trying to understand so many rules or how this player is balanced with this player in an asymmetric game. The game just flows. We can play 2-3 rounds of it and then put it away and eat dinner. Quacks is by far the heaviest game she has ever played. And it looks like it’s so much. That’s why I said we’d go round by round. I’d like to at least get to round 3 before ending but we’ll see. She appreciated that sentiment and got into it and actually enjoyed it instead of feeling overwhelmed. Sorry for the long response, but that’s why santorini is so good for us. It’s simple enough, looks good, leads to ya talking about the game, and it’s quick enough to play a few times and then go on to something else that may not be another game or may be depending on the night. I’ve gotten many others into games with it too. It’s chess lite.


I would agree santorini is dull if there was only one worker. But the way the 2 workers combine with the movement restrictions and evolving board just works for me. Add a huge variety of god powers and a short playtime and it hits a lot of high notes with me. The beautiful visuals were a great hook too.


If you don't like abstracts you probably won't like Santorini. Also I know what the fix says and the rule book says, but it is a two player only game full stop


I wish I got Crokinole instead of 7th C they would have cost the same...


Adding these excellent 2 player games to all the above choices: - Jaipur - Lost Cities - Battle Line - Targi - Raptor


Jaipur is the best. I literally NEVER win but it’s still one of my favorite games. Lost cities is surprisingly good.


Jaipur is on mobile. It's great on a tablet.


has a cool single player story mode


Both of these games are very replayable. My copies are getting worn out.


Stop taking all the camels :)


But I NEED them! But really, my SO is really good at set collection games. There is a bit of luck involved - of COURSE that Ruby comes out just when you need it to - but, she consistently kicks my butt at pretty much anything set collection.


My gf loves Azul. Our favorites to play together are Arboretum, Wingspan, Patchwork, Jaipur, Istanbul, Imhotep, and 7 wonders duel.


I’d also suggest Century: Spice Road if you guys like Splendor and Azul.


Golem > Spice Road


Golem is definitely the prettier skin!! However... I bought that version first, but my friend with color blindness could not tell between the greens and blues. And the playmat for Spice Road made it easier for all to enjoy :)


It took Plan B a while, but they ended up making all of the content for Spice Road for Golem: - Base Game playmat: https://www.planbgames.com/en/all-our-games/27-century-golem-playmat.html - Eastern Mountains (Wonders): https://www.planbgames.com/en/all-our-games/92-century-golem-eastern-mountains-pre-order.html - Eastern Mountains playmat: https://www.planbgames.com/en/playmat/91-century-golem-eastern-mountains-playmat-pre-order.html Not saying you should go back to Golem as Spice Road clearly works for your group. Just wanted to point out that Plan B did beef up the offerings for Golem :)


>However... I bought that version first, but my friend with color blindness could not tell between the greens and blues. Just so everyone else with color blind friends knows, while I can't say for sure what kind of color blindness your friend has it sounds like a less common type. I have one of the more common types (red-green), and the Golem tokens were surprisingly distinct compared to other games - definitely more so for me than Spice Road.


Huh. SR is infamous for having three cubes that look alike for other forms of color blindness. I thought Golem was supposed to be the good one.


I printed a playmat for Golem myself. really makes the game in my opinion.


A lot of people have suggested splendor and wingspan already, but i wanted to add Photosynthesis to your list. It's an abstract strategy game (like chess style games) that's quite aesthetically pleasing. It's kind of like Azul/chess in that you need to be able to think ahead several moves and you also have to anticipate your opponents next moves/strategy. Wingspan doesn't have as much of that.


I really enjoy Photosynthesis but it's a mean one! Planning your tree placement to block your opponent's light feels so... Evil.


Agreed, for a game about planting trees it's absolutely ruthless


I love Photosynthesis!


I like photosynthesis but man I like asymmetrical powers and I wish the tree species had that


I liked the idea of Photosynthesis but after playing it two times with my family I found it too slow (with 4 people). Maybe with less people it would be better.


Sagrada, quacks of quedlingberg, splendor, dicethrone. Those have been good for me. Also the mind


I think I like Sagrada more than Azul just for the colored dice!


I’m with ya, I just have more fun with sagrada


I feel Azul is better for the counterplay and the tactile feel of the tiles.


Can’t recommend Quacks of Quedlinburg enough. Everyone I’ve played it with has loved it so far (gamers and non-gamers)


How well does it play with 2 players?


Baren Park (Bear Park), Byzanz, and Santorini are good options for a more casual gamer :) my husband and I like to play those, and Azul, for a more laid back games night.


Was looking for someone to mention Baren Park!


My wife will agree to play heavier games with me occasionally, and she enjoys Azul, but hands down her favorite is Pandemic. She likes the original version best. Plays well with two to four players, or you can even play it solo controlling more than one character.


There seem to be a lot of different versions of Pandemic (Legacy Blue, Legacy Red etc.) Which one would you recommend?


Legacy Blue and Red is the same game. They are just color coded so that people can... I guess have two games going at once if they want?


Original pandemic for casual play than an expansion or two if you like it. Legacy is a one time experience that needs a deeper implication.


I personally would say go ahead and bypass the traditional game and jump into either Red or Blue Legacy editions. the first couple rounds are literally the base game anyway, and then the future rounds build upon it. very fun. (no difference between red and blue versions btw; just different box art is all.)


Haven't played legacy, but I highly recommend Pandemic: Iberia. It's far more beautiful than original pandemic, has a few mechanics that I think are better (building railroads instead of flying, and purifying water to block disease) and has multiple modules that serve as mini expansions to make the game more interesting/harder. (We haven't gotten to them yet)




If you can find Wingspan at MSRP ($60), get it—you won’t regret it!


Have wife (and Wingspan), can confirm


Is it worth it if my wife doesn't particularly love the engine building?


If your wife likes birds or nature then yes. The game is exceptional quality, it’s my gfs favourite game she gets distracted by playing birds she likes rather than thinking of engine building which is a surprisingly good tactic as she always beats me!


You can enjoy this game even if your engine is not doing well which is why I don't think it will be a problem. Overtime you will just be able to improve as you get to know the cards but my wife doesn't love engine building at all and she loves this game. I was surprised she liked it but the game is just so smooth and fun.


My wife likes Pandemic and Scythe. Fuse is easier to teach and is short and easy


props to her for getting into scythe. such a cool game, but i've only been able to convince mine to help me with the break-in game so far.


Do people prefer the original or summer Pavilion?


I found Summer Pavilion to be the weakest of the 3, personally. Very little tension or risk compared to the others. Feels like a by the numbers set collection game.


I like both! The Summer Pavilion feels more thinky though..


Azul is one of my wife's favourites too. Just the right level of complexity and an appealing theme. Another one she likes is Patchwork, although that may be because she usually wins!


Many have already been mentioned but here are the ones my wife likes (in addition to Azul): Kahuna Carcassonne Battle Line / Schotten Totten Odin's Ravens Patchwork The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet Five Tribes (plays amazingly with 2) The Fox in The Forest Fantasy Realms Jaipur


Odin's Ravens (2nd Edition)! A fantastic 2 player game I rarely see mentioned that is great for if you only have a few minutes.


Everdell is our current favourite.


As a graphic designer, I absolutely appreciate the art and design so much, but it's my wife who is constantly bringing it to the table! We just kickstarted both the expansions she likes it so much!


I'd highly recommend a deckbuilder, as they're pretty easy to teach, play quickly and are super easy to set up/take down. You could go for an old school one like Dominion, which has a ton of expansions to pick from, or a more thematic one like Star Realms/Hero Realms. My personal recommendation is for **Shards of Infinity**; took a lot of the concepts of good deckbuilders and made improvements to make for a tight, tense and fun game.


**Hanabi** is a bit hit with my girlfriend too.


7 Wonders Duel (and the pantheon expansion)


My wife is currently into Baren Park and Tiny Towns. Tsuro, Dominion, and Carcassonne have also been major hits at the table.


My wife can be pretty picky. We played Azul Summer Pavilion on Saturday and she liked it, not sure about buying it yet. She's gotten really good at Race for the Galaxy, beat me tonight, but I'd be lying if I said it was her favorite. Hard to please, she really plays games more for my benefit because she's a great wife. We're maybe going to try Pandemic Legacy so she doesn't always have to be competing against me.


Azul was one of the first games that sucked my significant other in. Now she plays gloomhaven with me. However, she does it mostly because I love it so much. Other games she enjoys a lot are: \- The Taverns of Tiefen Thal: Manage your bar to success by rolling dices placing them as workers and building your deck of cards that represent your guests and inventory. \- Sagrada and Roll Player: Draft dices to place on a tableau. Place them correctly to score points. \- Reykholt: Sow and harvest vegetables by selecting three actions each turn. No randomness involved in this one except five cards that are available to buy during the game. This one is a little weird for us. We tried it and liked it. The production is in our opinion beautiful. However, it is in our opinion to expensive for how much game you get. Found it on a sale for 15 Euro and grabbed it immediately...


It might be a bit early to say--but I think Roll Player may replace Sagrada for my wife and I.


Villainous is an instant charmer and even thought it's a bit "heavier" on the gameplay she always wants to play it. Pandemic is really bonding and our table's favorite (working on the legacy now), really bonds you up and at the end of the game you feel you acomplished something together. E: word


Villainous is one of our favourites too, we play it a lot, it's so fun! I don't see it often recommended and I don't know why. "License" games are sometimes botched but this one is really good!


Twilight Imperium. Yeah, she's a keeper, I know ;-)


Azul is outstanding! Its one of the few games that my wife really likes to play that my gaming buddies like too! She gets excited to play some simpler games with me like Kingdomino and Santorini but she is NOT interested in most of the heavy complicated stuff I play on my game nights. Since she found out how much she likes playing Azul I try to open every game night with a round or two of that to get her involved. It is really nice getting her in to play with the group instead of feeling like shes relegated to the livingroom while we play. Ive tried to include her with other games but she just doesnt have any interest in a lot of titles. I picked up Stained Glass recently and I think she enjoys that one even more.


Patchwork Splendor Kingdomino 7 Wonders Duel The Fox In The Forest Wingspan


Azul was a big hit with our family.


Hehe same experience, my partner (and I) loved Azul and she's really good at it, we also really like Century Golum and Wingspan.


Has anyone played Sanssouci? It’s one I read as a recommended if you like azul although it’s clearly not the same. Looks really fun but I do t see a lot about it.


I want to try this one.


Unless I missed it somehow **Parks** hasn't been mentioned, a nice relaxing and simply beautiful game.


Parks is so beautiful! I loved the art and had to play out again immediately. My GF basically humored me, tho.


I got her Azul for christmas and we've played it four times in 1.5 days after getting around to trying it out. It plays very fast, super easy to get 2x game in around 35-40 mins. Other games we like for 2P: Wingspan at 2P is really good (I like it at all player counts, tbh), we also have a good number of 2P specific games and the ones that get the most play are Patchwork and Odin's Ravens. We also play a lot of Carcassonne as it was the first BG we played together and it's always fun. We play super cutthroat too :P


My Wife loves Azul as well. The game gets better and better the more you play. She also loves Kingdomino Quacks of Quedlinburg (her favourite at the moment) Between two cites (need 4+ for this game to be fun) Wingspan (this one surprised me but the game is so smooth that it makes it so easy to play.) Downforce Camel Up (need more than 2) Mahe (good for kids too but can be hard to find) Santorini (because she always beats me) Welcome to..


For similar weighted games: Splendor and Century Spice Road For a heavier weighted game: Everdell


My wife loves Underwater Cities. I would suggest not going directly to that from Azul however. Azul is great. I’ve had good luck playing Bärenpark with non-gamers also.


My wife has become quite the board gamer over the years. Our go-to game to play together is Agricola, and is probably the game that cemented my wife as a board game lover. Some of our other favorites to play together are Photosynthesis, Taluva, Carcassonne, and Pandemic. We cracked open Azul finally about a week ago and it's quickly climbing the list.


I know I’m going to be echoing a lot of other people in here with these picks, but: Sagrada, Welcome To, Ganz Schön Clever, Tiny Towns, and Carcassonne, are all hits with my family. Also, an oldie and pretty boring recommendation, but all the women in my family still love Ticket to Ride, even after years of playing.


Based on personal experience I’d suggest **Wingspan, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Santorini, Patchwork, Quacks of Quedlinberg, Carcassonne**.


It's a bit different, but my other half loves codenames duet. If you guys are into word puzzles, it's a great little co-op game that gives you those moments where you feel like you have a psychic link


Despite having a sizeable collection **Mystic Vale** is still the game we play the most as a couple. Very strong theme but no confrontation, plenty of expansions. Highly recommended.


Can't believe no one is recommending Quest for El Dorado. Get it!


My go to 2 player game continues to be **Kingdomino**. The 2 player 7x7 rules are the best way to play it imo. It's easy to learn, has great art, and very satisfying when you start building your little kingdom.


Just played for the first time last night--I think this will be a hit with our kids, too. (8, 6, & 6 y.o.)


Wife approved games: Azul Sagrada Quacks That’s very clever Gizmos Wingspan is climbing the ladder The mind Sushi Go party


As the publisher - thank you for playing it! It’s our goal to create great games that resonate with people. Sounds like this one did!


The best way to find games your SO likes is to have an SO who likes games. I know that’s not helpful but I’m so thankful to share my hobbies with my partner, I’m sorry that not everyone gets to experience that.


Mystic Vale is another good choice. Very low complexity drafting game, if you are looking for something with beautiful artwork, easy to teach and fun to play quickly.


Gans Schon Clever is a phenomenal game and my spouse creature and I love it equally. Other games that I would suggest: Azul Summer Palace Dominion Splendor Alhambra Kingdomino Takenoko Dragonwood 7 Dragons Quacks of Quindenberg There are a variety there from major set up, to card, to dice. All with different levels of difficulty and playing time. If there are typos, so mote it be.


There are two other versions of Azul.


We got really into Mottainai but it's pretty tricky. Great travel game once you wrap your head around it. I love playing Jaipur with my partner, probably my favorite 2 player game. Otherwise she loves Colt Express and we both recently got very into Parks.


We got Azul this year too! Amazing game, and I got a copy for my folks too. Do you and your wife like storytelling? You might enjoy Call to Adventure. It's D&D lite in a way, but you're building a character to tell a story. Fox in the Forest is nice if you like trick-taking card games. We've been getting a kick out of co-op Dead of Winter. It's a bit more strategic, but still fun. (Zombie survival game) Photosynthesis is gorgeous and pretty simple to pick up.


My lady enjoyed Azul, as did I. The other game she enjoys is 7 Wonders. I find this is a pretty universal game as long as you played 'games' growing up (card, word or family board games.


GF loves Azul.her favorite games are ones that are visually pleasing and thematic. Try WINGSPAN. So many birds. And a fun birdhouse you get the build to roll dice in.


Not only my SO loves the game, but it convinced my parents to start boardgaming too! My parents (a bit old school, only knew monopoly and basic card games) got totally addicted to Azul. It took a bit to undestand it, but now they get really competitive and it makes me super happy with it :) Azul is an amazing game.


If you two like Azul then you will love "Azul - Summer Pavilion". It's the **third** Azul game. I have yet to play the second one (Azul - Stained Glass of Sintra), but from what I've seen so far, I'm not really impressed.


Raiders of the North Sea!


Mandala is also a great 2 player game with nice artwork and easy to learn.


Azul is great game considering me and my friends has slight color blindness , we enjoy it since its more on symbols not color oriented


i got wingspan and castles of burgundy for xmas this year. we loved castles, but then we tried wingspan; and idk we might not play another game ever again. so fun.


Try Azul Summer Pavilion. Also, Barenpark and Wingspan.


My gf and I have bonded over board games from the get go. We're definitely full gamers though. Our favorites include Too Many Bones, Aeons End, Lost Cities, Jaipur, Vindication, and Cloudspire EDIT: Bonded


Have wet naps handy if you bone over board games.


My SO loves **Azul** as well. :) Her other favorite game (so far) are **Railroad Ink**, **Santorini**, and **Dale of Merchants**. But Azul and Railroad Ink are the games she consistently asks to play. :)


If you like Azul then Splendor is a good one. We really like playing Quacks of Quedlinburg, Aeon’s End and Hogwarts Battle as a couple.


If you play 2p mostly, and are into Harry Potter (my wife is obsessed), then The Hogwart's Battle: Defense Against the Dark Arts is a good pickup.


These are the games in my collection that I would make her try based on what you said : Isle of skye, paper tales, wingspan, roll player, welcome to, space base, azul 2, rising 5.


I have introduced my GF to board games two days ago with TTR London and Sagrada, she really took a liking to Sagrada and immediately wanted a rematch. She even went on to look for a PDF of the rules to get some clarifications and told me she wants to play again as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll be able to lead her on the board gaming path little by little, I hope she'll end up liking worker placement games which are my favorite.


Suprisingly, my girlfriend, a clear non gamer, really likes Mansions of Madness. Because of the app and the coop, almost no rules have to be explained or remembered. Instead we can just play and have fun


Yes, it's a wonderful game. Probably the only abstract strategy game I properly enjoy. The tiles are very tactile and it looks great, which is a big draw for my wife. Also, she beats me at it. Which is important. Although, my 6 year old has beaten me at Azul as well!


Yes it is.


As others have said, she’ll likely enjoy **Sagrada** too :)


Definitely saving all the mentioned games on this thread, maybe I can get my girlfriend to play something else than Dixit.


It's very friendly for non gamers, has anyone tried the new version with the diamond/flower shaped pieces? whats that like?


Im surprised at the absolute lack of mention of Reef. Its a great game that is colourful, easy to teach and at times surprisingly thinky. Made by the same designer of Century.


I play Crokinole, Hive and X-Wing with my wife. They're all easy to teach and showcase a different part of the hobby, so that she can figure out what she likes and what we should play next.


Parks is a good one. The theme and design go a long way to elevate the game, I think.


it's just okay


As others have stated, Splendor is fantastic... If she is into puzzle games, Abalone is a two-player that is easy to pick up but is chess or checkers-like in nature. You really have to think ahead to win.


Saw Targi mentioned and I wholeheartedly agree. I am surprised I didn't see Fog of Love mentioned however. Great and different game - and a nice pick for a couple I'd say.


Tyrants of of the underdark is a great deck building/ territory control game. Has some great expansions for the deck building aspect of it as well to mix it up.


MY wife and I are fairly new to the hobby. We got a decent collection going but recently picked up the Carcassonne big box (base + 11 expansions) and it's by far her favorite game. Though we just started Arkham Horror and she's been into that as well, but not like Carcassonne. It's both our first time playing it, I can see what all the fuss is about.


My husband and I love this game. Perfect quick game to play on a weeknight or easily teach new players. We also love Sagrada!


If you like Azul I would try Sagrada. The games have similar mechanics but are different enough to be unique play experiences.


Wait until you play Azul: summer pavilion. It's awesome.


Bunny Kingdom is super cute and fun!


We spent nights by nights playing Jaipur. Suggest you should try it.


My gf got me Azul for Christmas and she regularly destroys me at it. 😁.


We own original Pandemic, plus Iberia and both Legacy Seasons. All are fun (Season 1 was ranked #1 on BGG until Gloomhaven knocked it to #2), but my wife likes the original the most. Really quick setup time, cooperative, immersive, and still fun after about 100 plays. We’re wearing out the cards.




**Azul** was the first game my wife really really enjoyed. WIth that, I can wholeheartedly recommend **Patchwork**, **Cat Lady**, and **Quacks of Quedlinberg**. They've all got great artwork and are really easy to grasp, just like Azul!


Patchwork - she will love it just like my other half does


I just traded my copy on the math trade. I personally like Sagrada much more and think it has a much better shot of being played. My group currently isn't that into abstract strategy as I am so it had to go.


I love it too, only wished there was an expansion or something for 5 players


Azul is a top one for me. My only complaint is that my gaming group has recently grown to 5, so we don't get a chance to play it nearly as often as I'd like.


Wingspan. We play it all the time. And it’s great with two.