Update Preview 29/9 Season+ Graduation delay them until October 6

Update Preview 29/9 Season+ Graduation delay them until October 6

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I don't really care about graduating but giving people a rift echo event seems off the mark. If they are eager to graduate I doubt they want a bunch of seasonal mats.


i don't know, but base on the difficulty level on enhancing tuvalas to pen this season, that rift compensation won't satisfy all but a few season players, i am talking to those who pen their gears on the first and 2nd day of the season, heck i pen all my gears except acces in 1 day after reaching 61, rift would be good to some but not to all but since all is affected on the delay i think they should do 2 waves of rewards, one is rift other would be for non season goods. im even happy if its cron or etc just something worthwhile.


Season mats sell for a great chunk of money. Rift gives a lot of mats. Free money.


It's still barely more money than running a few scrolls right?


but it does not give much value for much time spent, compared to just grind yourself to elvia or some good money spots, I mean my point is, rift reward does not satisfy the general user, but things like crons and etc do as compensation reward, I mean for example on SEA it's hard to find a party for rift after week 1 of the season since people on that server maxed tuvala gear already and there's no point maxing access either. but hey its just my cents, after all people do what they like to do if its fun :D


Did you just add elvia grind and season together? Man you're one delusional mofo season if 248 ap maxed with books keep smoking COPIUM.




You ok my guy?


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i don' t think he did but you never know i guess


No graduation, OOF :(




They edited. Now delay 2 weeks.


Black Delay Online


October 13th now, omagalul


They delayed it even more, now it's till October 13th (Source: check official announcements)


Class reworks wont come out in october as their deadline said Early graduation isnt coming out on the 29th I guess we shoud just expect them to be late on litterally anything they say they will do.


You can’t say that. Some of the content will just never be released without mentioning it anymore 😂


Mansion says hi.


Haha yes ;) Although, it's announced for November for consoles. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=8508&countryType=en-EN


Their deadline was referring to when something hits global labs and class reworks have long since started coming out on glabs. If you're gonna complain about something at least get it right.


In detail you are right about the above post, they didnt say class reworks get released in October, they said they start Oct 15th and it will take 3 weeks. But they even prioritized class reworks and delayed ALL other content planned for the months after Heidel Ball. Now they are busy with class reworks for already 4-5 weeks on global labs and just released 5 of 17 class reworks. It's safe to say that the class reworks will be done even later than originally anticipated. The essence of the critic is very well justifiable.


Off the top f your head do you know what reworks are some?


The deadline about class reworks was that they'd be releasing on main server in october. You're the one that didnt get it right.


They originally wanted to start Oct 15th and it should take 3 weeks, then maybe 1-2 weeks for feedback, then in November it would have been released. But with prioritizing the content and delay everything else it's safe to say that it should have been ready in October. But well, 5/17 on global lab, I'd be surprised if it gets released this year anymore.


The classic PA move. Announce a whole bunch of shit that's literally just a concept with no behind the scenes work put in, see how feedback is, then finally start working on it when they see the hype. Too bad they work slow as hell and most of the hype starts to fizzle by the time it's released. They really need to stop announcing stuff, especially giving out deadlines, if they've yet to work on it. It's getting real old.


Even PA is telling people to play new world now lol


Honestly I think most bdo players wouldn't keep playing new world after two months.


1 month and the game will lose ppl. the hype train will die out


Two weeks tops. That's how it goes for all mmos. The real question is how many can it retain after that and what do they do get players come back and bring their friends along with them.


I give it two weeks.




To call it Runescape is an insult to the breadth of the leveling system, achievements and progression that Runescape has…although it’s mindless progressionX it is still addicting for its playerbase. From the beta, New World just felt baseless and empty to me.


New world doesn't even look mildly interesting to me.


Sadly new world has like 1 week worth of content, if that.


Do it.


Do it.


honestly new world combat is so fucking boring ppl will come back quickly


Yea bdo literally spoiled me with the combat. I can't play any other mmo because of it lol.


"We can't get it done in time so here's scuffed events as a token of empty gestures." \~Pearl Abyss


Honestly if you already wanted to graduate who tf cares about some extra rift echoes😂😂


So true


SEA Patch https://www.sea.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=6193&countryType=en-us


Graduation has been pushed even further now to 13th of October, check EU/NA patch preview on the official website.


Does graduation mean that the season + servers end?


It is early graduation for those who want transfer to normal server faster.


Nop, it will end around 1st dec


Gotta wait one more week to attempt PEN Ogre then :x


More time for new world I guess.


Man I’m usually a pretty optimistic ISH person with PA but man they can’t even keep season schedule stuff on track lol Jesus Christ man.


Uhhh didn’t season+ literally start 2 weeks ago? Chill out bro it’s not like previous seasons where early grad was like 2 weeks before normal grad


The point isn’t that graduation is necessary now, it’s not; the point is that they can’t keep up with the pretty basic things they’ve scheduled.


The white knights just wanna talk someone down without actually considering if the criticism is justified.


No I won’t chill out. I don’t know if you’re new to the game or not but the principle is much more than just this season stuff being postponed. Legitimately everything they announce and schedule to release gets postponed even something as small as this which is why I find it comical.


Would you rather it be buggy or done right? PAs slower and approach and listening to our feedback has done wonders for the game. They get updates out pretty dam quickly so if they need more time its fine.


Exactly. Their entire devs road map got put on indefinite hold for these class reworks and based on how slow they’re working on them we won’t be seeing anything until after the new year. It’s pathetic.


Imagine if they went with 'schedule', and started to reboot late oct, they werent planing on releasing them this year anyways. As for new content, they were rarely on schedule. So yeah, PA has no schedule.


We hear "class rework" since 2019 or earlier. Most of us lost patience to PA. For O'dilitta over 2 years delay. Haso never released. Winter region last year announced as winter 2021 release in KR. What we got from it? This company is joke. Best content in game already has 4-6 years. UI is mess, as veteran already idk what new items are for, too many of them. "Search google" sure but every damn item in game? Everything behind insane time investment or p2w (carrack, t10 horses, gear progression). Game won't die any time soon, no real compettition for BDO.


The director did admit he was obsessed with making new stuff, but that is just an excuse, of course mmos need new content, the problem was they never really tried hard to fix the old. Class reboot as well, saying that it was "unheard of" is a very lame excuse when the community always complained for years, PA only started to address old classes because FoM became an staple. Another phenomena is, where grinding zones started to have a hidden requirement (lahn or striker or nova, you can already see that festa on season arsha), they seem to be falling behind 'schedule' again with how the reboots are coming together. So, personally I learned to not expect anything from PA.


Why would you want them to release something bugged and not ready or not polished enough. you are a clown, and i suggest you leave bdo to play new world so you can spread your negativity somewhere else.


No YOU are a clown having to resort to name calling right off the rip. My complaints are justified from PA’s actions of poor time management throughout the years which you can see in this thread others who share my frustration.


I haven't been started this season yet lmao


I would 100% prefer things done right rather than releasing buggy content.


but PA delays stuff, cancels stuff and if they release it it's still in alpha state.


Does that mean Marie cave will be activated again?


Marie Cave will never be spoken about again. It's in the same folder as Thornwood Fortress or Node War changes


Just as always disapointed.


Damn and I just sold my TET basi




He sold it in anticipation of getting the pen capotia belt


Damn he smart


ok, test new world for a week XD


New world lets gooooooi


See you on New World then


Exactly, this is a pretty poor time for Pearl Abyss to drop the ball.


Nah, they expect people will loose interest pretty quick in New world, since it's a different playstyle. Time will tell


That's a big gamble to take for a company like Pearl Abyss.


\*Tinfoil on\* You could think they are like: ppl will try it out anyways, better do something next week so the ppl rather come back instead of "not leave"


Go on new world please so we stop seeing your edgy salty nolife comments here


Bruh I already sold my sht lmaooo, guess I cant play for another week


Why did you even sell? What did you even sell?


Not playing until reworks honestly, so I don’t mind waiting. I was using TET BS gear besides my PEN dim, so I’m not worried. I have 45B to buy back gear if necessary, and with boss armor dropping price I’m chilling.


I wonder why people want to early graduate this badly when they can go normal server with seasonal char anytime? Did they want to equip boss gear to their char asap or something else that I don’t know yet.


Because we get all 7 tuvala gear into tet boss gear and people like me already sold some of our boss gear Because when this graduation drops all the boss gear prices will drop like crazy so it's better to sell it now but sadly they have to delay it one day for release ffs..


Why every1 assumes they are giving away free pens to every one? They just said that there will be a new way to obtain pen. Did pen accessory quest make that much of a different in price for accessories?


There is another post with the proposed method given by PA for how to get the Pen boss gear. Basically it’s run bosses and scrolls or do a weekly quest for crystals, shove 5 crystals into your boss gear, and Shazam you got the pen. Edit - Also the Pen Capotia stuff is equivalent to Tet accessories, so not a lot of reason to keep sellable stuff.


How many pieces of Tuvala can we exchange for boss gear for this season+.


I dont really care for the delay, but damn, let us get the item to trade for the season reward without graduating. I need me that pen capotia ring to hit a bracket. Sadge




Damn was looking forward to getting my season done and over with..


They changed this again its now October 13


Damn what the fuck I was full pen with accessories on goddamn day 1. I can’t be here sitting another fucking week doing nothing. I don’t even like new world. Man I was hyped as fuck “ayyy what free shit we getting to stop the community from playing new world”. That’s fucking gone now I tell you what this dogshit company keep playing with my emotions like this you going to see me on FFXIV. /s


RIP Succ Nova PvP... when your pets cant save you while you are grounded the class is just another grab victim


I don't think that's what that change means. It's to stop afk farming with pet classes. Pretty sure you can still get killed by a grounded succ nova.


Is this for Xbox as well?




Hello from Muiquun o/ If you are full pen tuvala and pvp interested waiting to graduate try out season arsha in valencia spots like sulfur mine its a blast.


I just sold my belt thx pa. Good thing tommorow 100 stack, time too tet valtara...