At least that's what I understood from the endless cutscenes

At least that's what I understood from the endless cutscenes


All in the life in Bionis is like his blood and life energy. He must return them to his body, if they all leave, then he gets less and less return and eventually dies of starvation.


Where would they leave to, though?


That's what they wanted to know as well. Like we see in the cutscene of Egil and Arglas. Even if they didn't find anything, they still had curiosity and dreams of discovering what's beyond the two titans.


Phew, I guess I'll rewatch some cutscenes before Xenoblade 3 drops ;o


In the old world? Nowhere. The entire universe outside of the Bionis and Mechonis was an endless sea and sky. But after the game Shulk basically remade the Universe to be more like the original one. So now there are stars and planets and alien races living on those planets.


I think they explained that he’s doing it to maintain his immortality. Not much better, but it’s a reason.


Yeah he needs their awareness and ether energy to keep going, but they were forgetting him and increasingly trying to either leave their homes or exit the passage of fate, both which would stop him from taking their ether energy so he was basically going to slowly starve to death >!like what Egil was trying to do to him but faster!< Meyneth was like “yeah if that’s what they want then my single life isn’t more important than all of theirs” while Zanza was “nah I’m more important”


everyone wants to go beyond the titans to see whats out there, which would mean the titans wouldn't get their energy recycled and they'd starve. Meyneth was okay with that, zanza wasn't. My question is why didn't they just have the titans walk in a direction to see what they find. If they did bumble into anything, they could just feed it to the titans.


I thought it was said that the Titans moving is a risk to the beings on the Titans?


I agree with Zanza get rid of the fleshy things called humans just bc fuck'em.




I always thought that it was a [Gods Need Prayer Badly](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GodsNeedPrayerBadly) situation, but I could be wrong.


He got a little hungry


i would do the same thing as zanza. I want to live not die so he is justified in his choices imo.


Xiba from SoulCalibur V pretty much answered this: "FOOD!!!"


Well, I guess I didn't pay much attention to the cutscenes at the end, so thank you all for reminding me of his reasons to >!kill everyone!<


Totally true.