90 CUs in 83 days. Now it is just 51 days until the Vegas commencement and 93 days until I can start my MBA

90 CUs in 83 days. Now it is just 51 days until the Vegas commencement and 93 days until I can start my MBA


Congrats. See you in Vegas 🙌🏾


I start the same program tomorrow. Any tips? Or did you basically use the same advice from all the other threads?


Also, what was your pacing?


I intended on taking 2-3 6 month terms to complete the program but after getting started I decided I could do this in a single term. That single term ended up changing to a goal of 1 CU per day. I transferred in a total of 30 CUs from straighterline and WGU academy. Most of the transfers I took were things that people said were easier at straighterline vs at WGU I didn't follow the exact advice that everyone else provides. I mostly differed on the take the pre-assessment immediately advice. My usual steps: 1. Take a look at the courses I have lined up. For a new semester you get 4 and for advancement it is 2. If any course requires a performance assessment do that one first. The graders are fucking idiots and it can really piss you off to submit something, wait 3 days for grading, have it sent back because they can't read, literally re-write the same thing and **highlight** the change, and then wait another 3 days for it to come back. 2. For the OAs I start by doing a reddit search for any tips 3. Watch the course videos (if they exist) 4. If I feel comfortable I then take the pre-assessment 5. I use the pre-assessment to tell me what I need to work on. Focus on what has the greatest % of questions and work your way down. 6. Take the OA Using this method I didn't fail a single OA. I also had a great mentor who from the start said he was just going to stay out of my way and let me run through it. We had a total of 2 calls the entire semester. I also recommend taking the math courses all at once back-to-back. I got my course mentor to approve doing them in the first and second round of advancements so I could get that shit outta the way. Overall, I think everyone is going to be different in how long it takes for them and what method will work. I have about 20 years of IT experience and work for Microsoft already so I have tons of business experience. Take the time where you need it (for me it was math) and blow through the stuff that you don't. Good luck


Thanks for the breakdown and congrats on the achievement!! Can I ask how much time per day did you dedicate to this? My job is ultra demanding and I haven’t made any progress this term. Feels like I’m burned out. Just want to gauge people’s effectiveness vs time spent (to jumpstart my progress).


How did you determine which ones to do at straighterline?


I appreciate the tips and detailed reply. I transferred in 15 credits, but I'm actually planning to complete the B.S. in one term. ​ Congratulations!


hello from another in vegas. and congrats.


Congratulations! That is a super fast paced. What were your three hardest classes? What are some tips you have for people that are struggling currently?


It's taking me a while to get through with my adhd and work schedule but I'm trucking. I'm happy to see this! Congrats!


Congrats!!! I will be completing the same degree in this term. I have 16 classes to go aka 51CU’s. I did 48 in my first term and missed 6-7weeks fkn around with D076 and C955. Couldve completed the whole degree.


I'll be in Vegas as well! Booked our flights last night. Congrats!!