[NBC Sports] Tom Brady vs. Mac Jones would be the largest age difference between starting QBs ever - ProFootballTalk

[NBC Sports] Tom Brady vs. Mac Jones would be the largest age difference between starting QBs ever - ProFootballTalk


Until next year


More like next month with Justin Fields waiting in the wings.


Doesn't TB12 set this record every fall now? Lol


Between Mac, Hurts, and Fields, there are at least three chances to set this "record" next season.


Isn't Lance younger than Jones


They’d have to meet in the playoffs


They could, Jimmy G always gets hurt and the 49ers are a really good team.


Zach Wilson too


It’s like the “Tom Brady has thrown __ TDs, breaking the previous record held by Tom Brady” (or similar) posts that used to be around here haha


Almost double his age. Fucking crazy lol


Brady is exactly 22 years older than Zach Wilson.


The odds of people having the same birthday is something that always fascinates me


1/365 Are you fascinated u/captaincumsock69 ?


More so like the birthday problem where if you have a group of 23 people there’s a >50/50 chance someone shares a birthday but if you got 75 people there’s basically a 99.9% chance someone shares a birthday.


Haha wow now I'm fascinated, happy cake day!


How does that work?


With 23 people in the room, there are 23\*(23-1)/2 = 253 possible pairs of people, and each pair defines an opportunity for a birthday match. So that's 253 opportunities for something that has a 1/365 chance of happening, meaning you'd expect the odds to be close-ish to 253/365. It's not exactly that, primarily because the probabilities are not entirely disjoint; a more correct calculation would be 1-(1-1/365)^253 ≈0.501.


Birthdays are also not evenly distributed, so 1/365 may be underestimating.


Thank you for explaining that in a manner my brain is capable of processing.


And that's why BIG Poppa Pimp is gonna beat Joe's ass at Sackerfice!!


Just to clarify, that calculation isn't entirely correct either because the events are not truly independent. For example, the formula entirely misses the fact that once you have 366 people at least two of them must share a birthday (ignoring leap years). But it's a commonly used approximation used in combinatorics. An actually correct calculation (making the uniformity assumption that u/Xilcho pointed out has its own issues) would be 1 - 365!/(365-23)! / 365^23 ≈ 0.507.


It's because the qualifier is any two people in the entire group sharing a birthday not that they have to hit a specific birthday date.


It also uses some funky math, it's *technically* correct but if you think about it it doesn't really work. Definitely worth looking up though


??? It totally does work. Its actually pretty basic probability. No tricks, just the qualifier that it's any two people sharing the same birthday, not a specific two people or a specific date


Um, it absolutely works mathematically. Someone a few comments up laid it all out pretty concisely. What exactly are you referring to that "doesn't really work"?


The best kind of correct


Mathematical models and extrapolation are astonishingly accurate. Take, for example, the fact that a poll of a handful of people can accurately portray the opinions of an entire populace within a few percentage points of accuracy. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/howcan-a-poll-of-only-100/


No it doesn’t. Once you get past marbles in a jar and playing cards and other counting problems into real world problems with a lot of unknowns the analysis becomes more complicated, but this is comfortably in the counting problem realm. If you want to do real world birthday distribution it still stays fundamentally the same. Just slightly more annoying.


A bit biased though since a difference in a few months affects your ability to succeed in athletics from the very start.


There are 365 days in a year. There are 330 million people in the US. You share a BDay with nearly 1,000,000 people in the US alone.


Last year I was finally old enough that some of my new hires were literally half my age.... it made me feel old as shit. I wonder how Tom feels about playing against people half his age.


fresh blood for Tom the vampire


Tom Brady vs Jack Brady is gonna happen, its gonna be some next level Star wars shit


Gonna be one hell of a super bowl after that week 4 Patriots vs Bucs game with Cam winning the game for us.


Yep. It's gonna be crazy with 7 rushing touchdowns for Cam, only 4 interceptions, 3 receptions, and 13 passing yards.


Hey… a win is a win and you just gotta take what Cam gives you. Sometimes it’s a rushing TD… sometimes it’s an easy ball in the dirt..


Ok, that made me laugh. I’d like to see that.




Sounds so patriots fitting


Except that Belichick will start Newton for that game…


Tom Brady against my daughter would be an even larger age difference. (Since the subject was “largest difference in age between a starting QB and someone who is not a starting QB”.)


Brady vs newton is the largest skill difference


I'm sure Cam has beaten the Patriots at least twice.




As far as who RBK wants, probably Mac honestly. Even though he probably won’t start week one, it’s absolutely not out of the question. He could annihilate the completion in training camp. It’s unlikely but could happen. Slightly more likely, he could also be second in line and start in the event that Cam is injured or he loses the job by week 4 if it’s obvious Cam is not giving them the best chance to win football games. The honest answer is nobody knows what Bill is thinking or what Bill will do. It does appear Josh is heavily invested in Mac but that is most likely Bill’s order. Every thing that happens at 1 Patriots Place is a smokescreen as far as I’m concerned until we see Mac in gear competing against real NFL teams.


Right Brady as a rookie was eventually going to start but Drew Bledsoe injury sped that up


Bill wanted Brady to start tho but Bledsoe had just been signed to a deal and since bill was a new coach with a mediocre track record he wasn’t really in line to do what he wanted


Not a rookie a second year player but the point stands.


I forgot , it has been over 20 years 😏


It's to rouse up some rabble.


Kraft wants a happy ending.


In just glad I have this day and the next day off work lol. Requested those as soon as the schedule dropped!


By week 17 I'll bet Jones is starting. Unless Jones just sets the world on fire this training camp, Belichick isn't going to start him until after week four at least because why put him under a microscope like that?


No shit.


Mac Jones with the game winning touchdown to Hunter Henry! I can see it now!


Brady is going to assfuck us so hard it will become legend. 50+ point win for the Bucs and I will love every second. Brady should have retired a Patriot. Bill still wont care that he had no plan post Brady and will spend more time ballwashing Cam postgame after he throws for 74 yards and 3 picks than he ever did for Brady in 20 years.


Took a glance at your comment history and dang, you are literally *the worst* type of sports fan. The kind that gives all Boston sports fans a bad name. I'm cool with you just going full Buccs, please.


I honestly believe Brady would have had a career ending injury if he played for the Pats last year.


why? the o-line was fine.


Why? He's the best at avoiding those types of hits