Do they do drug tests for dominos worker? I had a interview and I wanted to know

Do they do drug tests for dominos worker? I had a interview and I wanted to know


I’m an AM and it’s pretty common for people to come to work high lol


Yeah but if you're an AM, you also got drug tested😂 (at least if you work for corp)


No. Dominos could not run if they drug tested. We regularly used drugs on the job.


If you test negative, they’ll know you’re not right for this job.


Lol Domino's would cease to exist if they did


Yeah they do, they make sure everybody is high and knows how to get high before each shift


No testing. You'll be fine. The walk-in will soon be your friend


Yours doesn't have cameras?


The store I worked for only had one camera. Facing the register from the store looking out. Person behind counter (handling cash) was in total blind spot


I was not drug tested when I applied/got hired. They only ran a background check on me which took a couple weeks.


Hellllllllll nahhhhhhhh man. We make pizzas everybody high out here.


Lol my store would only have 2 people still working if they drug tested.


maybe for corporate. Not at any franchise Ive worked at.




At corporate stores only AM's and above take drug tests as a condition of employment although HR can come drug test the entire store at anytime. Happened once in the 4 years I've been here.


I've seen it happen but for very specific occasions so you should be good. 1) driver hit a dab cart next to the dispatch station, then got into a car wreck. + Complaints from customers, as well as employees from other locations about how lit the staff was. = Head of security saying we have to now bc it technically is policy. 2) when I became an AM. It's required for anyone wanting that promotion to get it if you work for corp.


My franchise does hiring tests and randoms. As a smoker myself I generally pass potheads bit not anything else


Ours does on site ones directly after hiring


lol cant believe they test everyone as they've been known to be too cheap to do so .. makes me wonder how the AHC health insurance requirements are affected them in both corporate and franchisees no one on here talks about the stores P&L's and that effects of AHC on the bottom lines


I’m a manager and have not got drug tested


Only managers I believe. I was drug tested when promoted to manager but not when I was hired as a csr. But just that once. Never again after.


Pretty sure we all work at dominos because we smoke weed and do drugs. Just go to work presentable and ready to actually work.


What drugs are we testing?


only time we (my franchise/my DM) being the “we”) drug test is if we suspect you are high/drunk and *it is affecting your work quality*, or if a delivery driver gets into an accident and they (the delivery driver) is at fault, we are legally required to drug test. if you refuse a drug test in either situation it is an automatic termination. but otherwise, no, we do not drug test. if we did, my store would literally lose every employee but two lmao


Yes just to make sure that you are always on them to deal with the job