Poor mofos drivers afraid get sued to death. Look how fucking scared he is to even touch her, America is fucked

Poor mofos drivers afraid get sued to death. Look how fucking scared he is to even touch her, America is fucked

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Ok, there are alot of reports. I am totally confused and would like an explanation please. Thanks in advance!


Ight we need the news article for this one




TLDR: she was arrested.


The important question though-- was she put-down at the local vet clinic?


I have no glue.


I have some if you need it


He's not allowed to have glue anymore, not after what he did.


Then you'll never get the charges to stick.


Wait till we render her


chose the wrong day to stop sniffing glue


And did he get tested for rabies?


Yes - they called her a boomer and made fun of her orthotic shoes.


Thank you


Thank you!


Thank you, my good sir/ma'am


TLDR; Florida


Nuff said


good, what a bitch


I think she’s crazy.


Bitches be crazy


She was also drunk so that adds to it




Its possible, but i could imagine being blackout drunk, waking up in a car with a man with those tatoos, and thinking "Where the fuck am I and where is he taking me??" and trying to fight my way out. I don't drink like that anymore, thankfully, the closest I came to something like this when I did drink a lot, was "waking up" from being blacked out, while I was banging on some random metal door to let me in. I thought I was at my house. I have vague memories of talking to someone at another door at the same street, and later woke up after I pissed myself in a Dunkin Donuts. Would I have physically fought anyone in that state, for not letting me in? I don't know, but I was knocking on that door for a while.


Can't imagine how you arrived at that conclusion. /S


The choking was was a clue. But the biting really put it over the edge.


$15,000 bond for trying to kill him. If a man did the same it'd have been at least ten times as much, and if it had been a minority they'd never have seen daylight again.


And charged wirh aggravated battery. I'm in no way qualified to make judgement calls about court rulings but it did look like attempted murder to me


When you lock your hands while they’re around someone’s neck... you’re strangling them... should have definitely been attempted murder but likely went with lesser charges as there’s a better chance she will actually get charged for it. It’s fucked, she should be headed to prison.


she’s also screaming for him to die at the beginning.


But was she prosecuted ? Did she face jail time. Being arrested does not mean very much, you can be arrested and be out walking 30 minutes later.


She is already out on bail.




She was charged with a felony.


But in the end it wasn't even a hard punishment. If the guy did it he'd get prison and his life would be ruined.


TLDR: Florida


Thanks- I won’t click on Daily Mail links. That hate rag deserves to die.


Biting?! I'm sorry but no. Male or female, if a stranger tries to BITE me, they are getting laid out.


Well then the women from twoX and their ilk are gonna tell your boss you are a woman beater and tell customers they employ a woman beater. Good luck!


"allegedly strangled", yea, totally not clear what was she doing from that video


its just legal tippytoeing


They can't outright say "strangled" due to liability issues. It's not that they don't believe the video. It's that they don't want to be sued to death.


Damn she looks like a karen crossed with a devil


She is patient 0 of the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.


Thank you. The Uber driver said he would never hit a woman due to his upbringing, not fear of getting sued.


And shit like this is why we need to stop pounding idiotic ideas like that into kids heads. If some crazy fuck is attacking you, protect yourself


For real. I've got 2 sisters and my parent's raised me to not start fights and only hit second!


Don't start them, finish them!


That's what my Grandpa taught all of his kids and grandkids, "don't start no fights, don't lose no fights"


Looking at all the people watching, and doing nothing, understand that no one is going to help you, so take matters into your own hands.


Grab that bitch and throw her ass on the curb already! "Stop biting him, ma'am." That helped not one bit.


I hear you, but still. 6 foot 200lb black dude and under no circumstances could I ever hit or even make aggressive eye contact with a “disabled” old white woman with no consequences. Either way, I definitely would have bopped her crazy ass and then be sent to jail/sued/get fired.


Same as you, that lady would have gotten an elbow to her face, sorry not sorry


He could at least get out of the car. This guy was being a complete idiot.


For real he just sat there and let her choke him. You don’t have to hit her, but you can pull her arm away from your throat, lol.


When they're trying to pry her hands off him he says "it's fine, it's fine". Yup, definitely an idiot.


Noteworthy. I'd still be hitting her.


So he's a moron..


Honestly, he was probably weirded out. Consider, he's picked up a fare. Daughters get an Uber to pick up drunk mom. Drunk old lady spends the drive passed out in the back. Suddenly, she wakes up crazy, screaming and attacking you. WTF? You pull over, a crowd gathers. You're a guy, brought up to be nice, had two sisters, and you especially don't want to be punching drunk old lady in front of everyone, especially while on camera. You try explaining things, don't wanna strongarm her. Then she fucking bites you. That's it, time to get out. But yeah, most of us would probably punched her clock. This [link](https://www.wfla.com/news/pinellas-county/family-of-uber-driver-attacker-claims-she-doesnt-remember-why-she-did-it) says she doesn't remember why she did it. She's likely an alcoholic whose last memory was sitting down for lunch with her daughters and then waking up in a stranger's car. Fucking fight or flight circuits kicked and she assaulted the Uber driver.


>This link says she doesn't remember why she did it. She's likely an alcoholic whose last memory was sitting down for lunch with her daughters and then waking up in a stranger's car. Fucking fight or flight circuits kicked and she assaulted the Uber driver. That, or she's one of those people that try to attack Uber drivers so that they defend themselves, and then sues Uber for "assault".


That's a great way to wind up dead.


Use of force is a thing. A good pop to the nose would bring her to her senses I bet


Extra TLDR: They list the attacking as “allegedly” even though the incident was recorded and witnessed by a group of people that have little to no reason to lie. The older woman fell asleep, then sprung up and started attacking the driver out of nowhere, screaming about her daughter and throwing curse words around. Cops labeled her as under the influence of alcohol. My guess is she woke up with no clue where she was, and thought she was being kidnapped and that maybe she thought the driver was going after her daughter. The man didn’t defend himself because he was raised with two sister and told never to lay a hand on a woman. Take from that what you will. His take away from the ordeal is to “Stay away from Uber, it isn’t worth the risk for extra cash.” As a former driver myself, I strongly agree. Postmates pays more. Uber took away the riders access when they heard about the incident. So she’s not putting any Uber drivers in danger. Edit: Fixed a mistake.


>They list the attacking as “allegedly” even though the incident was recorded and witnessed Protecting themselves from claims of libel until a verdict is rendered by a court.


This... I wish we lived in a world where people didn't get outraged so easily or at minimum at least looking into things a bit more.


Bro, I'm keeping that one in the back pocket. If I really wanna fuck with somebody who's an uber driver I'll just get a ride with them and then punch them


>Uber took away his access when they heard about the incident, even though he committed no violence himself I think you misread. Uber took away the *riders* access and is working with the driver to prosecute.


If there is no verdict its always alleged, you can be liable if the accusations are wrong. So out of customs they mark every crime as alleged in the news


The article said they took away the riders access. Not the drivers.


My sister would have called me a moron for not knocking that bitch out


Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.




Her lawyer: "She is just showing affection to the driver by hugging him from behind"




Ikr, lmao deflated skull real quick for attacking an clearly non violent innocent person


Also this might be the guys only source of income. Now he' keeping his job, and maybe get a settlement from a lawsuit. Not worth the minute of satisfaction of getting revenge.


At a certain point it’s not revenge. It’s self defense. That point happens when she’s choking him btw. He could have avoided getting bitten.


Haha, get a load of this guy. Thinking you can keep your job even if you defend yourself


Fr fr


I get that but, when he still gets choked people say stop 5 times, I would probably turn to self defense. Not to beat her but to get out of this car sooner then he did.


Honestly I think it was just panic, absolutely he should have got out of the car quicker but in a situation like that the solution really might not be so obvious. Clearly he was afraid of some sort of repercussions that could really fuck him over. I've never been in a fight in my life and I can't say I wouldn't be panicking just like him if I was in that situation.


Who said anything about revenge? Pretty sure it falls under self defense when someone is choking you out from behind and trying to claw your eyes out, and you'd still win a lawsuit with this video.


It isn’t revenge to use force to stop someone from choking and/or biting you…. That is self defense. If he popped her once in the head, so he could get out of the car safely, perfectly reasonable


100%. Last time this was posted I said this and got downvoted, but even though he’s in the right if it comes out he defended himself I would expect whatever ride sharing company he’s with to drop him immediately due to optics. They would probably pick him up later but he’s not able to work for some amount of time. It’s sad, but true.


He didn’t mention being worried about his job, just that he was raised never to hit a woman under any circumstance


Well that is toxic masculinity for you. The toxic in this case is the bacterial infection he’s getting from her nasty ass mouth.


Agreed. Serious bodily harm or death would be her reward.


This lady is 55 years wtf! She looks 75 lmao


She's likely an alcoholic. Getting blackout drunk during the day isn't going to be a one-off. And alcoholism, as most other addictions, will prematurely age you.


Or dementia with Lewy bodies. They mention she was asleep in the car just before this and violent sleep episodes is a fairly common symptom. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070516192116.htm


They also mention she was drunk


Right? Everyone wants to play doctor, no one wants to read the article. I think it's Lupus related.


It's not Lupus, it's never Lupus.


I'm going to go with rickets.




Good point. One would think the family wouldn't offload an afflicted person on Uber and not inform the driver, but I could def see that. Hmm, reports indicate she knocked his phone from his hands which indicates better coordination that one would expect with Lewy's. But it could have a result of flailing arms. Seems as though that info would be revealed by the family afterwards.


I hope he sued lol


I thought you said "I hope he gets sued lol" for a sec there, I was boutta tell you to go fuck yourself but I realized my stupidity.


That is a nice way to put fuck you to nice guy without getting downvotes




It's more likely he was less afraid of legal repercussions than he was getting fired by I Uber. Same reason fast food workers dont fight violent customers even when they're legally within right to defend themselves. Doesn't. Matter McDonald's will still fire your arse.


I can see he's afraid but the lady literally trying to kill him. The case where someone is trying to murder you and you can't fight back as self defence?


You don't understand, for as stupid as it sounds considering how pro self defense the south tends to be, how anti it is hurting women in any way shape or form. There's a decent chance had he punched her even once he would've been the one arrested instead of her or some other guys would kicked his ass for touching a woman. I've actually had this exact argument with my mother before who is a lawyer. When I said equal rights equal fights if a woman hits me I'll hit back, and she I kid you not responded with so you just want to hit women then. So yeah when women are involved in a physical altercation it complicates everything since people I guess see them as weak and because of that we're not allowed to touch them.


And that is fucked if i punch a guy and he hits me back i deserve every bit of it and we just defended himself, i hate it when men view women as someone who can't do wrong or hurt others (like that fucked up plotline in SWAT where one of the guys was/is okay with shooting people but when they find out one of the bad people are a woman then it's this big moral crisis for him, like what the fuck changed? Nothing did)


Such a weird as generalization that isn't considering the reality that this incident is clearly being recorded with a crowd seeing what is happening.




Not even, literally just remove the arm and step out of the car. I honestly don't understand what took him so fuckin long, that was the most infuriating part for me. JUST FUCKING MOVE AWAY.


Agreed, I’m definitely at a loss with this one..


He had the fear and behavior of the people I know who are on probation. He had his hands up as proof that he was not engaging in any way. Something about the way he conducted himself said "I"m not going back to prison and I'm not taking ANY chances."


read the news report. he was raised to "never put his hands ona woman" poor sod still listened to that shitty advice right up until a little piece lf his neck was taken. so. still infuriating as hell. but there is your reason


Yup, I was saying “for eff sake get out of the car, dumbo!”


exactly, it probably could be claimed self-defence. And sue her for assault, he was saying he coulnd't breathe, yet she still choked him. Yikes...




“It’s fine, it’s fine”


It's all fun and fine until the bitch starts biting.


same, there’s certain vids i see that make my asshole quiver from how uncomfortable they make me


I’d slap the Karen out of her!


Seriously. People need to learn their rights.


I consider myself a passive/submissive/non-violent person. But I would have knocked her the fuck out. At a certain point it's just pure self defence.


On what fucking drugs was she what the fuck


The craziest drug of them all Florida


Police said she drunk


“America” Season 3, Episode 91 : “Granny tries Uber Eat”


“Granny Tries to Eat Uber”




Hey its like his joke but worse


If you read the news article, it's because he was raised to never put his hands on a woman. Not, because he was scared to be sued.


Then he was raised by an idiot. If a woman is choking you, and especially biting you, it's OK to put your hands on said woman. Nobody is saying he had to deck her. But sitting there with your hands up while you're getting choked out is not an effective solution.


Nah man America is fucked didn't you read the title


I read the title five times, I still don't know what the fuck it means.


Seriously, like wtf is that word vomit?


Its reddit man everyone karma whores and make up stuff to get more attention


Every country has there fair bit of lunatics it’s just not America


I think America is fucked because half the population can't put a sentence together better than this fucking nonsense. > Poor mofos drivers afraid get sued to death. Jesus christ.


And this is why that stupid adage needs to die. Never say never.


Fuck that shit, she needs a good punch to the head.


Everyone in this video is a fucking idiot


"ma'am let go of him. Ma'am"


She said "lock the door" as if he's driving a cop car which doesn't allow passengers to open the doors lol Childlock can only be activated when the doors are open.




It's the only way he won't get deactivated.


The Daily Mail article in another thread has a quote from the man stating he would never hit a woman due to his upbringing. There was no mention of deactivation although he said driving for Uber wasn't worth it.


How is removing her arm hitting her


Read the fine article. I believe the words were rather "lay hands on" instead of "hit" or "strike". The driver seemed averse to any physical intervention on his part.


“Lay hands on” still usually means hit or push or something. I mean he can’t mean that he won’t touch a woman under any circumstance. Removing her arm isn’t an aggressive action


Self-defense, when legitimate, is almost never punished. It wouldn't be worth the backlash Uber would receive from firing him for defending himself. It's clearly on video, open and shut case.


Question, if youre living paycheck to paycheck, can you afford to miss a couple weeks of work before they reinstate you? or months off work and legal fees in case they dont? Sure, he will get his job back at some point, but will he still have a roof over his head when that happens?


Full disclosure, I have no idea how the Uber (or any other similar service) system works. But wouldn't the rider (in this case, the zombie grandma) have to report the issue in order for Uber to find out about it? In which case, if this old bitch is choking/biting you, while you have witnesses and video evidence, you might as well knock her ass out if it's going to get reported anyway... I guess? If she's arrested, I don't see how she'll get access to her cell phone to report anything. Only way Uber HQ would find out is if any video went viral and made its way back to them (which seems plausible in this scenario since, ya know, we're watching it on Reddit). Either way, the whole situation is odd to me. I don't want to bash the driver but he was showing FAR too much restraint AND WHY DID HE JUST SIT THERE WHEN HE IS CLEARLY STRONGER AND ABLE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR?!?!? Especially when the biting came into play. As far as I know, that woman could be riddled with disease and if she's sinking her teeth into me drawing blood. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That wouldn't last long (but I don't see a scenario where I, or most anyone, would let it even get to that point).


The way you start your comment makes me think you are Dwight K. Schrute.


A lot of faith in other people they will turn the footage over or provide a statement


If you read the article about it it's because he doesn't believe in hitting a woman, nothing about afraid of being sued like most people on here believe. Post has a shit title basically


Yeah, dude didn't need to hit anyone. He just sat there and took it. Sitting there with his hands up while she bites him. Lady is crazy and dude was dumb.


……she a fucking zombie or something….?




At her age she probably already did and is just coasting.


Holy fuck I hate everything about this. Fucking DEFEND YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter if she’s a woman or not, if someone puts their hands around your neck that is a direct threat to your life. And the fact that people are just standing around not doing anything just shows how absolutely pussified everyone else is too. This is infuriating to watch Edit: to all the people out there saying he did the right think in this situation so he didn’t get sued, YOU are the reason why this shit happens. Because if people knew they they’d get rocked if they put their hands on someone else then they would think twice before trying to STRANGLE someone. You people are what’s wrong with the world. Edit 2: this is for all the smooth brains out there https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R0IUR4gkPIE


It’s called the bystander effect. They’re waiting for someone to jump in and help, but it usually doesn’t happen so they just stand there.


This is not the bystander effect. This is "im not getting bit and choked by that crazy bitch" mf was on his own


One well-placed fist to her jaw would smarten her right up.


I figured that was usually a thing where it was actually dangerous to help. Like breaking up a fight between 2 big guys or a car on fire etc. so people are anxious about jumping in. I'd have no hesitation opening the door and dragging the lady out.


Same. There was no actual danger to the bystanders. If that insane old woman was a huge biker with bulging muscles, then yeah, I can totally imagine being hesitant... I imagine it would be pretty easy to just drag her out, and hold her to the ground, until police arrive. Especially when she’s in a sitting position like that.


silver lining: your comment has 268 upvotes


Nobody wants to get sued because our legal system is so fucked


You can sue anyone for anything. If this bitch tried to sue him for defending himself, she would end up paying his legal fees. Not that fucked. If you sue frivolously or when you are clearly in the wrong, it opens you up to counter claims.


No doubt she's in the wrong but everyone else in the video handled the situation very poorly Blokes too scared to do anything though he wouldn't get in trouble for defending himself and all the witnesses are just standing there watching and yelling, not helping in anyway. Everyone else in the videos pisses me off more than the fucking grandma


Eh I think the woman still pisses me off more but it was really hard watching everyone do norbing


Let me quote "Ma'am let go of him. Ma'am." *A woman said calmly*


Why the fuck was no one helping this poor dude? Someone open the car and pull that crazy bitch out!


Why dafuq didn't he get out in the first place


Pretty difficult to do that when someone has locked their arms around your neck


Throw arms off, jump out. Fairly simple


these people are witnessing a murder and they’re fucking filming what fucking pussies help him




Reality is regularly stranger than fiction


That guy is fucked in the zombie apocalypse.


The US has a mental health epidemic. Just another crisis we will likely ignore. Throw it on the pile with the rest of them.


Seriously looks like she might have undiagnosed dementia. It's not at all unusual for dementia patients to get violent like that.


Pretty sure she just tied one on real heavy at about 9am. Got wasted, bartender called Uber and put her in the car, passed out, woke up and starting attacking her driver.


She’s crazy but he’s an idiot


Excellent summation.


I like how nobody is stopping her but the moment he hits her ppl will jump in


To be fair I was getting angry then I saw this line from what he said in the article "I let it happen. I didn’t put my hands back on her because I have two sisters and I was raised to never put my hands on a female". I was raised the same way as did most people however this witch tried to kill him and if somone is assaulting you they are a fair game no matter if it's a woman, man or an alien. You have to defend yourself 🤦‍♂️


Don’t see what this has to do with America. People are crazy everywhere. Unless you’re referring to tort law which would clearly absolve him of any wrongdoing if he turned around a smacked Karen once this video was provided


I’d give her 1 star.


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Why… why didn’t he just get out of the car?


“Oh noe, crazy bitch in the back seat…better just wait in the front seat in the most vulnerable position possible.”


Yh let me just sit getting strangled and bitten for a minute and 30 seconds instead of just getting out of the hold and then getting out the car don’t know what this guy was doing


This guy is a idiot, seriously. Why not defend yourself.


lol okay bullshit. Afraid to get sued? There is so many cameras and witnesses who seem on your side. This dude just don’t have it in him


There’s an alternate approach to these situations that many of us in America subscribe to. No, it isn’t shooting them. That’s on the other end of the spectrum. You see, nestled comfortably in the middle is the theory that not enough people have been punched in the face. Very simple. In this particular case, this woman is acting like this, because her brain does not associate certain decisions and behaviors with the risk of getting punched squarely in the face. A simple knuckle sandwich is quite a deterrent. Even with lawsuits and all that, most people don’t want to get socked in the kisser. I think in order for America to return to its kinder gentler self, we must put down the internet and begin punching each other in the face when appropriate. And if you are someone that happens to get punched in the face because you were acting like a fucking whack job, thank the person, because now you are better equipped mentally to deal with life’s problems.


This is pathetic. Pull her arm off & get out of the car, it's an old lady ffs. There are cameras in their cars, this makes no sense to allow her to do this.


How is American fucked because this guys a chump?


It's reddit, best way to get upvotes is to shit on america