[USA Today] Peter King cooling on the Indianapolis Colts as a playoff team

[USA Today] Peter King cooling on the Indianapolis Colts as a playoff team




“dont talk about…Playoffs???”


Yeah I'm just hoping we make it to week 1 lol


I'm just ready for the season to start at this point.


He overall point is pretty reasonable imo, but Leonard is, at most, our fourth most important player. Wentz, Buckner, and Nelson are all more important, but 3/4 of those guys are unvaxxed so that doesn't really change much about what King said.


I might disagree on Nelson, you can find a serviceable guard out there to get you through a game or two and you might not notice his absence that much (if Fischer is playing). You can’t easily find another player that can make game changing plays like Leonard can. Our defense didn’t get good/solid until he showed up.


Leonard and Nelson are pretty close, but I personally give Nelson the advantage because he changed the culture of our entire OL.


Culture sure, but day to day I feel like Leonard is easily more important. It’s not like the culture goes away just because Nelson misses a couple games.


You can find a serviceable guard, sure, but replacing the best guard in the NFL ain't so simple.


I’m not saying he’s not, but if Kelly and Fisher are healthy, you can stick a mediocre guard in there and we would be alright. Guard is like the 5th most important position on offense and is drafted as such. Leonard is like our QB on defense and only Buckner is more/as important.


Paye is at least the second most important player on the defense already by that rationale. DE is the most important position on the defense and is drafted as such.


No, he could end up being that, if he becomes a stud. But Leonard is an all pro and one of the best in the league AND in one of the most important positions.


ILB is not an important position any more than Guard. It just so happens that we have the best guard in the league and a top-3 ILB. They're both difference makers in terms of what they can do on the field. That's my argument for throwing "positional value" out the window. Good players make big plays.


Oh come on, the difference in the defense when Leonard is gone is game changing, he takes over the mid field. The only person more important is wentz.


DeFo is more important, did you see that game he missed last year? Jesus.


It's almost like they're both incredibly important to our team lol.


Nelson isn't vaxed either? fucking hell... Edit: I'm stoked for the season to start, but this team has certainly done nothing but make me lose hope the closer we get to it starting.


Of course it’d be preferable if they (along with everyone else eligible) got vaccinated (please go get your dang shot people), but if that won’t happen, I’m at least hopeful that this most recent bout will convince our unvaccinated players to follow the NFL protocols more closely.


Doesn't really matter how tightly they follow the protocols bc as soon as they leave the facilities they are going right out into the public. And I'd bet money they don't wear masks wherever they go.


There were photos on Twitter of Nelson maskless in a restaurant a few weeks ago


This shit literally reads like a white moms Facebook group at this point. Get a hobby folks. POV: Vaccinated since able to be


You mean, he didn't try to push the food through his mask like he should have? Don't get me wrong, maskless in many places is pretty obvious in terms of the individual downplaying the effects of COVID, but in a restaurant... it's kinda necessary if you eat there.


It wasn't a picture of him eating or sitting at a table maskless. He was standing and taking a picture with some other guy, and honestly I only knew it was in a restaurant because the tweet said that's where he was.


Same tbh. These guys are gonna lose games they should win because of missing key players, just like last year.


The difference is that this year it’s self-inflicted and our team leadership doesn’t seem to be able to put their foot down.


Our team leadership are the dip shits that are too stupid to get a fucking vaccine


Pretty much everyone is now that we know we have a bunch of anti vaxxers in a league that’s made it clear that there will be consequences for their decisions.


He has a point, too many key players not vaccinated.


Everyone should cool on this team until they get vaccinated. King is correct and the team is an embarrassment right now.


We will run all over that soft seattle D and oure D-line will has Wilson running for hism life all day. We win this game out right 27-21




This is about sports ya baby


Peter King is a boomer who probably pees sitting down


Unless you have a urinal in your home, that is the best way for a man to pee.


Fax, no printer


I knew before I even opened that it was going to be that fucking blowhard whining about vaccination status.


The one thing that isn't clear to me is whether a player on the opposing team who tests positive for Covid the week after a game creates close contacts for every unvaxxed player on one side of the ball. That's completely outside of a team's control. That could mean, for example, our entire offensive line missing a week's practice (Braden Smith and Glow's vaccination status are unknown - but Fisher, Nelson, and Kelly are known to be unvaxxed).


Just in: Peter King doesn't play for or against any team so....whatevs!


Incredibly safe shot but even more incredibly pointless shot for young and healthy individuals. Everyone will come to this same conclusion eventually


So it is pointless to not get vaccinated because you can spread it to other people who it may impact? Got it. Not to mention people who are young have believe it or not died or experienced long term symptoms.


Vaccinated people still spread it, and why should it matter if I spread it to people who have the choice now to be vaccinated. Young and healthy people die but at incredibly low rates, no more dangerous than many of the other activities they engage in or diseases they can get


If you are vaccinated, you are far less likely to get it which means you are far less likely to spread it. There are people who are immune compromised who the shot doesn't benefit. Some you may even know. Also kids are not vaccinated. These people do not have a choice. We are still collecting data on the long term impact on kids who get COVID with symptoms as well. It is incredibly selfish to not get vaccinated. And if people do not get vaccinated, we are more likely to get a variant that completely breaks through and will be at square one again. Said variant could also be more deadly for people regardless of their health. This is part of why it is critical. Almost 2 years on this shit and some people still don't get it


Far less likely to spread it is bull shit and not a scientific fact by any stretch. Why is it spreading so bad in Israel, the most Vaxxed country in the world who are going on there 4th booster? The shot does seem to lessen severity so that’s a good reason to take it, but none of your “social contract” reasons hold any water right now.


[the virus doesn’t mutate in vaccinated individuals and they are less likely to spread the disease.](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/science/science-briefs/fully-vaccinated-people.html). Please stop lying on the internet


The science is actually quite muddy on slowing the spread though if you really tap in to the literature. It’s actually really genuinely controversial. Whether it protects the vaccinated person is not, however. It definitely helps. https://publichealth.jhu.edu/2021/new-data-on-covid-19-transmission-by-vaccinated-individuals https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-021-95025-3 https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/07/30/1022867219/cdc-study-provincetown-delta-vaccinated-breakthrough-mask-guidance Here are just a few. All very recent. It’s not so clear about stopping the spread, and even the variant driving is complicated and works both ways as shown in second study.


Get out of here with your bullshit please. You are 50 to 60% less likely to be an asymptomatic spreader once vaccinated. I would be happy to provide you with source a to those numbers but I dont think it will matter to you. Let me know if you would like the link otherwise please kindly fuck off.


Lol how do they know that when they still don’t really even understand how it spreads and don’t even know if masks actually work. That’s just one study idiot


Don’t worry there are plenty of people who see your point, we just aren’t aloud to speak because everything the government and their cohorts say this time around is 100% true.


Yep u get bullied right off of reddit


Thank you. Nobody will be laughing but we’ll be the ones who look smart in the end for all this nonsense and hysteria