How long til you see benefits?

How long til you see benefits?


Everybody is different man, you’ll read a lot of different stories but some basic things to know is sometimes when you think it’s over or you feel good, sometimes you’ll get more PAWs symptoms randomly. Don’t let it discourage you. Luckily for you, you’ve only smoked for 4 years. For me it was 12 and I’m 29. I’m almost at 100 days and I’ve dealt with a lot of PAWs symptoms from headaches to body aches to random pains in my body everywhere off and on. Weird shit man. But just know no matter the severity or length of your symptoms it gets better slowly. You’ll begin to get your sleep , appetite , and energy back slowly. Just know it’ll get better man. It helps reading these stories and chatting with others who go through it all. I know it’s helped me especially with anxiety


After 30 days you will feel so much better. Let the smoke clear.