How do you think fair fight could be buffed?

How do you think fair fight could be buffed?


I feel like it should be replaced with a shadow move. It might sound crazy but Personally its so easy to dodge sarge while he’s invincible


Shadow Training helps you get a basically guaranteed hit every shadow form. But ofc people prefer Trusty Hammer


You mean experience


reset's health tbh more fair in the fair fight




yeah but what else is it gonna do to not be as situational as it is rn is it going to make the enemy the same health as sarge??


Just a small change: Sarge's leftover shadow energy will be converted to his health in the start of each round. (max 10% for a full shadow bar)


I think it should replenish sarge's health, it's a small change but it'll definitely motivate players to switch to fair fight.


Fair Fight could make Sarge regen half his hp when he wins but if he loses the opponent gets a small portion of health back kinda like a 15% hp restore


I think Fair Fight would be a fair fight, like equal conditions for Sarge and the opponent. It's either fight in Sarge's terms or the opponent's terms. Like if it's Sarge's terms, it would be like Sarge's boss battle in SF3 where the first round is just pure skill/no shadow energy. And if it's Opponents terms, Sarge would lose his health and fight with equal terms with the opponent. Like if the opponent has 60% health and 10 fractures, Sarge would fight in their level with 60% health and 10 fractures. Idk